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Troublebetween our Cubmaster and myself.

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I'm sorry, but I do not understand how your taking control of your den will "destroy" the Pack.


I understand there is a conflict between you, the CM and the Committee. However, if you confine yourself to your job of Webelos Den Leader and let the Committee do it's own job, how will the Pack be "destroyed".


Or did you take the Committee Chair position too? You did say you volunteered for the position.


If you truly are concerned that this Pack is on the verge of self-destruction then you have an obligation to contact both your COR and your UC and let them know.

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Have you tried to discuss your concerns with the CM?


He might not even notice that he is taking over your Den meeting or he might have some other concerns about how the meeting is being run. I think its time for the two of you to sit down and discuss this.


Also I don't understand how the rank of previous leaders has anything to do with scouting. It's great that your previous leaders achived the rank of full bird but scouting is seperate from their job in the military we are all parents and leaders here and their rank in the miltary world should not have anything to do with scouting.


If you aren't comfortable sitting down with the GM maybe it's time to get the COR or the UC to sit in with you.


It is only 6 months and we all need to remember that we are there for the boys.Good Luck!

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I think that Eamonn gave you some sage advice to follow. I would only add that this program is for the boys and they can detect trouble among the adults. Six months may not seem to be a long time but if your boy has a bad experience in cubs he will be turned off to scouting forever. So if you and the Cubmaster can not come to an agreement then you owe it to your boy to find a new pack and let him enjoy his final year in cubs, don't expose him to a 6 month battle between adults who can't act like adults.


This kind of problem is all too common nowadays and one main reason we keep losing kids and have trouble recruiting new adult leaders.

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The conflict between us has been noticed by several of the parents and it is making some uneasy. The CM is not one to work behind the scenes to work out problems. He tends to make them public, whether or not they need to be. The indcident with the last CC is good example. It should have been handled quietly between the two adult members. Instead, the CM scheduled an emergency committee without the CC present. Told his side of the story.


I will continue to push for him not to be present at my den meetings, but not at the point of open warfare.


alexsma - You are correct, military rankings shouldn't have anything to do with Scouting. Then again, when a member of the Pack has a direct input on your success or failure in the military, you are going to normally act different when they are around as opposed to us "regular folk". At one time we had the Air Wing Commander in our pack. Our sons sold popcorn together a couple of times. He asked me "Are you in the AF?" "No, retired Navy". "You're not going to be sucking up?" "Not unless you can get me a raise in my retirement check" "Good, I'm tired of people nosing around me". We got along well after that.


No, they wouldn't install me as CC. "We want someone who will be around more than 6 months" I volunteered to stay a year. "We would really like to have someone with an active child in the pack" What does that have to do with anything? "Being a den leader and CC is a lot of work" The Ass't CM is a Den Leader. "We think myself of the Ass't would be the proper choice" Why?

I could have kept it going all night but had to leave for work.


I do not want the rest of the parents to stay away. 3 of my 6 boys entered Cub Scouting at the Web 1 level. The parents are new and I want them to see how a den runs. That's the only way we can grow new leaders.


Tonight the CM gets sent home from the Den Meeting.



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Yah, in da bigger picture your problem is the greenhorn committee. Your committee needs some ballast, or it will get rolled over by whoever is willin' to blow and storm.


When you look for a troop, look for a troop that has that kind of longer-term leadership ballast that can deal with da stormers like your CM.


Good luck tonight. Keep us posted.



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Non issue tonight, he didn't show. In fact his wife didn't bring their son until 10 minutes before the end of the meeting.


The Chair for the B&G came up to me: "The CM told me I could not send emails to anyone without running them through him. What is his problem and when are you going to straighten him out?"


Popcorn Colonel was right behind her with the same email story.


I got the same look your dog has when you talk to them. Head tilted and the "What are you talking about?" expression.


CMs Wife came up to me "You are not to send any emails to parents without running it throught the Cubmaster first"


Houston, we have lift off.


My response: "That is not going to happen. I will send emails to who ever I want to. End of story. Have a nice evening!" She immediately pivoted on her heel and left.


I gotta get Batman and Robin together for a talk with the Unit Commissioner. This is just about ready to evolve into something really ugly.


Starting to feel like a one armed paper hanger.


(This message has been edited by standerson)

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Mr Anderson,


Please PM me.


Somehow, this does not sound like Pack 1, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Even so, I want to be sure.


I'm retired from Mother Army, and have access to other volunteers who are also retired from Mother Army. At the very least, we can co-miserate with you.


Depending on where you are stationed, I cannot believe your Pack is the only one in the area. If you have a micromanaging battalion XO who wants to run the whole program, the best thing may be to take your Den and sign on to another Pack.


There's also the option of having a quiet word with your Installion DPCA/Youth Activities folks. They're always interested when someone is acting out and not helping kids have great program.


PM me, pls.

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STAnderson, Hold your ground and good luck. Keep the boys in mind at all times and remember the Cub Scout Oath and the Law of the Pack in your dealings. Might be usefull to have them printed out and hand to every parent at your meetings.

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You certainly do have an insteresting situation.


The advice offered here has always been good, well thought out, and in most cases, appropriate.


Here's a slightly different approach, that might encourage some dialog between you and the cubmaster.


As you plan your den meeting, invite the cubmaster to lead one of the activities. You could even give him a choice of which activity to lead.


When you approach him, let him know the goal of the meeting, the goal of the activity, and how it will ultimately help the boys in their scouting journey. (It wouldn't hurt to let him know you're following your "job description" in the meeting planning either.) And offer him the opportunity to run that select portion.



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Hey Its Me, hey Ed, you're in luck! I've got some popcorn right here... (pop! pop!) My son's troop has decided to sell the dreaded popcorn this year, for the first time in several years! I'll ship ya a box of butter/butter light...all for the low, low price of...what was it now? (rummaging for order form)


(yech, after years of popcorn kernalling for the pack, I have come to hate the stuff! The fact that his troop historically hasn't sold popcorn was a big draw! :(


Sorry there standerson - back to topic now.


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