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Summertime Den Meetings

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Just wanted to know how many others are planning on having den meetings during the summer. If so...


1.How often? I am going to do every other week

2.What will you do (requirements or fun stuff)? we will do fun stuff ie. belt loops/pins

3.What is your rank? We will be Bears (grooooooooowl)


I am a firm believer in 'year round' scouting.


Just curious,


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As far as I know none of our dens will be having regular meetings during the summer months.


We will be having 1 or 2 Pack activites each month.


June - Minor League ball game, Rocket Shoot

July - Pack Family Camping, Fishing Derby (tenative)

August - Cub Day Camp, Pack picnic


Boys & their families are encouraged to work in their handbooks during the summer months.


I am the Tiger Den Leader. My boys will be moving on to Wolf with their new leader!


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Heh, heh! Groooooowl! I love it!



I really don't have much experience with Cub Den activities, so don't consider these comments authoritative.


I'd have a bias towards doing activities that take advantage of summer weather and the outdoors.


The Cub Pack for which I'm UC did a day hike a month ago, and I met them at a city park with a firebuilding competition ready to be performed (boys raced to build a fire to pop a balloon) and then they roasted hot dogs on the fire they built. Lots of fun, and these activitie met requirements for the WEBELOS Outdoor badge.


Or do a day camp and set up tents and make lunch.


Or go swimming at a nearby pool.


It's easy to lose Cub Scouts over the summer, so I think you are making a great effort to keep your Den active.



I hope you will post the activities you conduct this summer. I'd like to hear how they work out.




Seattle Pioneer

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Our dens (except webelos) are not meeting during the summer but we have at least 2 pack activities planned each month.


June - Nature Hike (Leave No Trace), Day Camp

July - TX Rangers game/fireworks, swimming(rank and beltloop)

June - Picnic/Icecream social (rank requirements), Roller skating (belt loop)


We are also trying to plan a conservation project that meets the requirements for Leave No Trace/ World Conservation.


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Our pack has an event in June, July, and Aug.

Our den offered a den adventure each month - hikes, bike ride, BBQ, fishing, ... Having an adventure rather than advancement was the goal of these summer outings since many boys would miss them due to family vacations. But, pretty much any activity you do can count for something. :-)





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Our packs have summer activities: Day Camp, baseball night, pool party, etc. Plenty to do. Den meeting meets at least twice a month (one of which is the Pack's actvities above). We work on requirements from time to time, but mostly we concentrate on having fun!

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Our Pack continues to meet weekly. We just change the time to 1 in the afternoon.


May: fishing next week

bike rodeo the next week


June: 7 -- each den work on whatever they choose

13 -- raingutter regatta

this week is day camp

28 -- each den work on whatever they choose


August isn't scheduled yet. But we are wanting to go to a local State Park for the day. and have a couple of meetings.


I am the Webelos leader and will tell you that we are going to work on requirements. Until the boys will work on requirements, I am not scheduling any extra fun. I have 1 boy that is 1 requirement short of his Webelos rank and been short the same requirement for 4 months.

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Our Bear den will be meeting twice a month during the summer. Plus the pack is meeting once a month for a summer time activity.

In the den meeting we will be building bird houses, learning about local birds and how to identify them, then a hike/bird watching. We may learn how to identify local fish then going fishing.




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We're going to cut back to 1 Den meeting a month, but extend the length of the meeting. I figure if the Den is going to bother interupting family summer plans, we would make it worth the effort. So, the July and August Den meetings will go from 1 till 4 pm. Warm, but a good chunk of time for outdoor skills like tents up and down, nature walks, service walks, etc. Plus, we'll schedule some out of the sun time to cool off and construct a new Den Doodle and Den Flag. We'll also do 1 Den trip each month. Once to a hiking/camping/climbing equipment/guide store; and once either to the zoo(animal park), to the library for storytelling, or to the county fair. Our county fair has a nice openening flag ceremony and an oudoor non-denominational service for a closing. Along with the Den schedule, the Pack will: march in a Memorial Day Parade, do a campfire/cookout in June, a AA baseball game in July along with Day Camp, an overnighter at the end of August, and march in a Labor Day parade.


Just as busy - just different!


Along with hitting a few achievements and Electives, we'll make big strides toward Leave No Trace, CS Outdoor Activity Award, World Conservation Award, and the Summertime Award.


jd(This message has been edited by johndaigler)

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Hey! We're Webs II!!!


I'm so excited about this summer. My boys have earned their way to Resident Camp.


We will have den meetings 1x a month at the end of the month and it's up to the leader as to what they will cover. I think that in June we will talk about and prepare for camp. We just earned our religious emblem (the WHOLE den)!


Any here's what is planned so far (school here starts back Aug 11th):


June - Advancement/Camp out, Aquarium visit/Camp out

July - Cub Scout Twilight Camp (like day camp but from 5pm - 8pm), Resident camp (8 webs I & II and 2 bears!)

August - not planned anything yet. We'll probaby decide at the next committee meeting what we will do.


I think this summer is going to be really fun. My boys are Webs I (will advance in June to II). They are a fun group. A little loud, but I think they all are.



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We are planning to meet every week except the week most of the boys are at day camp. I'm a big fan of year-around Cub programs too! We realize that boys get busy with vacations, sports and family activities, so that some weeks we won't all be there, but meetings will be held anyway. It helps to keep the momentum going.

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We don't do den meetings over the summer but we do have Pack events;

June: We will have a Crossover Campout

July: Fourth of July Picnic and Fireworks and Cub Day


August: National Kids Day Fair, Campout outside our

scout hut and a possible bowling alley lockin


Being on a small military base, we found it was just easier to do pack events over the summer



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