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  1. Thanks for your helpful comments. I think I need to speak one on one with the parents and reiterate that the awards are given when the work is done. We make a calendar that has the month's "do at home" assignments, and a list of the activities that are done as a den. Worksheets, kits, crafts etc. are all made available to each boy. So in theory, any activity badge can be earned independent of the den. Yes, 12 boys is a big group. In the process of building a pack, (a year ago we were at 20 boys, this year 43)by necessity, the Webelos den is both 4th and 5th grade boys. My 5th grade boys all joined the pack mid year, so we weren't set up for a second den. They will cross-over very soon, (they wanted to earn their AOL and needed to be in the den for six months) I do have a remarkable assistant and we alternate planning the curriculum monthly. One person plans and sets up, the other supports and helps. Also, we have two parents scheduled each week to assist. We utilize learning and activity stations and the boys work in teams on the projects. It's amazing to see them cooperating and helping each other. Thanks again,
  2. I have a large Webelos den (12 boys)and a full calendar of Webelos activities each month. A few boys come one week and not the next so they miss out on any activities done during the den meeting. When it comes time to award their Webelos activity pins, I don't award if the work has not been done. Same goes for projects assigned to do at home with a parent. If the work is not done, the award is not earned. Don't get me wrong, we make every attempt to keep things fun and hands-on, (not like school). I don't want to dampen enthusiasm for Scouts, but I expect the boys to "do their best" and that means doing the requirements to earn the reward. My dilemma is at pack meeting, the one or two (or three) boys who's attendance is spotty, don't get something and this is leading to hurt feelings. I have one learning disabled boy and we adapt the program for him so he can be successful, but he's there EVERY week, never misses. Any ideas?
  3. I want to use this tag line on a banner to be carried in our local Independence Day parade. but I want to be sure of the correct phrasing. Is this correct? The banner will read "A Cub Scout Celebration - 75 Years of Fun, Friendship and Adventure!" The banner will also feature the 75th diamond logo. I thought I read this somewhere, but of course I couldn't find it when I needed it!
  4. Does anyone know where I can find a good quality Cub Scout 75th Anniversary logo clip art? I've found a few, but when enlarged, they lose clarity. I want to use the logo on a large banner in an Independence Day Parade our Cubs are marching in.
  5. JDickerson

    Advancement Ceremony for whole pack

    Most of the boys have earned their rank and have received their badges already and are ready to move to the next group. A few boys who joined the pack recently will be getting their Bobcat.
  6. JDickerson

    Summertime Den Meetings

    We are planning to meet every week except the week most of the boys are at day camp. I'm a big fan of year-around Cub programs too! We realize that boys get busy with vacations, sports and family activities, so that some weeks we won't all be there, but meetings will be held anyway. It helps to keep the momentum going.
  7. JDickerson

    Advancement Ceremony for whole pack

    I'm looking for a short and sweet, but meaningful advancement ceremony for my pack. We are moving all the boys to the next grade dens at the end of May, so the boys have the complete summer to start on their next rank. Any ideas?
  8. My pack is sponsored by a church, so we get boys from all over. It's not a "neighborhood" pack where the boys meet at a den leader's home or at school. As a result, we often have parents bring one or two younger siblings to den meetings while they accompany their Cub Scout. Sometimes these children are a distraction, sometimes they want to do "what the big kids" are doing. And they ALWAYS expect to be served the snacks and treats. Is there a policy about this? I know some families have no alternative but to bring little ones, and I don't want to alienate anyone with a strict rule. Any ideas?
  9. JDickerson

    Cub Scout historical photos sought

    Many of the images are copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission. I asked and got a zip file of the images with the request to give credit on the program to the editor of the photos.
  10. JDickerson

    Cub uniforms are rank!

    Our unit has someone who "scouts" out the local thrift stores for gently worn Cub and Boy Scout uniforms. He then makes them available to new Scouts for a very nominal price. He also finds adult uniforms. This helps keep the costs to families reasonable. We also encourage the boys to "pass on" their hats, neckerchiefs and such to the younger boys as they advance. Wearing a uniform and its identifying color neckerchief is FUN for our boys! We encourage uniform wearing by rewarding the boys with little tokens like beads.
  11. JDickerson

    Cub Scout historical photos sought

    Does anyone know where Cub Scout historical photos (old uniforms, handbooks, badges, groups of Cub Scouts etc.) can be found? I'd love to make a video (DVD or powerpoint)presentation for our B&G.
  12. JDickerson

    New scouts that join at end of scouting "year"

    Our pack is planning to advance our boys into their new dens at the May pack meeting. We are also recruiting new Tiger Cubs during May and we'll introduce them at this meeting. We've found that keeping the pack going throughout the summer really helps retention for the coming school year. We also have a rally in September and again in January to recruit new Cubs. Really, a boy can start anytime, with no previous Cub Scout experience. He just needs to earn his Bobcat badge first. In my Bear den, five of the boys are ready to get their Bear at this month's B&G. One boy started in January, so he's not even close, but he understands he has three more months to earn the Bear. I've mapped out the rest of the school year to help him along using achievements not already earned by the other boys. The other boys will earn arrow points. This boy does not get a lot of support from his parents, so the den will help him along. We try to keep the boys in with their school-age peers, even though he might not earn a specific badge in the given time frame. Cub Scouts can still be a positive experience, even if he participates just a few short months.
  13. JDickerson

    Pack committee?

    I'm a third year Cub Scout parent. The first year, (my son's Tiger year) I was an involved mom, but had very little input on the pack's comings and goings. Midway through his Wolf year, our Cubmaster took his son and transfered to a different troop for his Boy Scout years. At this point, my husband and me took over the remaining pack - just six boys and started over with the leadership. We were clueless! However, the more we followed the guidelines in the leader's book - primarily setting up a pack committee, the better the program has become. Now we have over 25 registered Cubs and leaders. The pack committee meets every month and we really plan out the next several months. We're more organized and the boys benefit the most. My advice is to get your committee going, even if it starts as only the Cubmaster and assistant. Go to your boy's parents and insist they help out. I found the main hesitation was "I don't know what to do". This is overcome by getting training - on a council or district level.