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fairwell canvas camp tents?

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I saw some of the nylon tents while at Camp Daniel Boone last year. They were sweet! They have a vented top, and screened "window" sides adjacent to each cot. The weather flaps (front and back) are closed with velcro, and just inside of that are screens with heavy duty zippers. The color is lighter than a scout shirt. I am fairly certain they are the same size and shape as the old canvas tents, so they will mount over extiting pipe frames.


I have pictures, but they are not posted online. These are very nice tents! I spoke to my council program director about them, and he said they cost about the same as their canvas cousins. Sure would be nice if more camps replaced the old canvas with these. In my opinion, they are a huge improvement.

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The mandatory national camp standard moxieman refers to reads:


"Each camper is provided with a minimum of 30 square feet of sheltered space for sleeping and storing personal gear. This does not apply to outpost or off-camp camping or unit-supplied tentage."


So you can have all the Scouts in bivy sacks if you want. But camp-supplied tents have to meet that standard.

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