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Campaign hats from national

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Does anybody know if they can endure rainwater? As in, will the brim be ruined after exposure to rain or can it withstand the rain without becoming crap instantly? I wouldn't want to buy one and wear it in rainy conditions only to find that it will be $100 down the toilet.

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Buy the plastic one if you are worried about the rain.


Buy the diaper and press board if you don't.


Or, you can simply let the hat take on a character of it's own like they did originally.


I have an oblong shaped head that when I put the hat on touch only in the front and back. Within a half hour it would give me a headache. Eventually it got wet in a rainstorm, it conformed to my head but if you take a flat brimmed hat and pull the inside front to back it will put a nice curve in both sides.


I love what the hat has become and hated it when it was new.


Of course I bought just a $30 knock off and put the insignia on it along with leather hatband. Seems that I get more compliments on my hat than those with the flat brim and diaper. :)



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I have two Smokeys. One that has been "used and abused" in that when I received it for completing BA22 back in the day, I had less than 30 minutes before it got soaked. I love it as it has character, especially after being shot at by the Germans (don't ask, let's just say A) I know why BSA wants 2 folks on the range and B) I know why we won WWII ;) ) This is my 'field cover."


But I also have one that I keep in the hat press and has a plastic rain cover I bought at a country western store highly recommended by oneof the state troopers I know. Bring the hat with you to get the cover to get the exact size. This is my "dress cover."



BUT what I have recently done with the field cover is spray it with thestuff used to waterproof suede boots. No discoloration with spraying, but I have not used it in the rain, yet anyway. ;)

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