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  1. I attended UoS yestetday. It was awesome, very I'm infirmative. I wish some of the sessions would have been longer....
  2. I never said I had a dui.....i posted a question under the post for whomever had the DUI. But thanks, badenp.
  3. What do you mean by compliently.
  4. I completed fast track, youth protection, safe trek, safe afloat and about 4 or 5 others already Including Tiger and wolf. Also taking UoS this weekend.
  5. I didn't have a DUI....so if there's anything in your background they do a more detailed check than that of what First Advantage or Lexis-Nexis would do? Anyways I contacted Council (local) today and they told me that I was approved. With that bring said, does that mean that I'm defiantly in as a Den Leader?
  6. Who do I check with? I asked the CM yesterday but they haven't heard yet either. I don't want to step on anyone's toes as they say
  7. How long does it take for an Adult Application to be approved and and for the Applicant to be notified if they were approved or not? Its been about 3 weeks since I submitted my application.
  8. This is a reply to Jason G.....So I turned my Application in and was told by the CM that the CC and another individual whom I think is the CO would be signing the application this week and that Council would have it by the end of this week. I was also advised to take register for University of Scouting. With this all being said, is this a good sign that I will be approved?
  9. I definitely changed my life around. Have earned an AAS and a BS since then. I have worked to hard to get where I am now. I see trouble I go the other way.
  10. On one application it says background checks are done by lexis nexus another one says first advantage. Which one does background checks. If its Lexis Nexis which one is it as there's Nexis Lexis that goes out to People Wise (a previous employer used this service and that's where my copy came from) then there's one for Lexis Nexis Court Link. I get that my sons standing would not be affected but on another note if i am denied leadership position due to a criminal history can i be banned from even being at the meetings or functions? Is there a listing of disqualifying factors for leaders? I have tried to post this numerous times but i keep an database error and it wont post.
  11. Hopefully this is in the correct spot. I have been asked to be a Den Leader. However I got a theft charge 16 years ago (wrong place wrong time) and 10 years ago an simple assault of which is false just got the raw end of the deal there due to the theft charge (the alledged simple assault occurred when working security and protecting my self). Along with my son I have been helping at majority of the functions and have filled in at a meeting already. I'm not concerned with being turned down as a DL as much as much as I am having my son who's 6 being removed from the Den and Pack due to. Y mistake, as well as me not being permitted to be involved with him in his Scouting of which would also devastate him. I do have clearances to work with kids through Dept of Public Welfare and also am an EMT and Volunteer with American Red Cross. Which way could this go in terms of outcome? Also do backgrounds only get pulled from Nexis Lexis or are other sources used as well? How long does it take to find out if my application was accepted once I submit it?
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