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Change in Scout Spirit from time of SMC to BOR

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My mind has turned a little mushy after a week of camp. I have a Scout who I've signed off for Scout Spirit right before we went to SC, but due to the timeframe we weren't able to have a BOR at that time. We just got back today and after his actions at camp, I wish I could take back the approval. (Tenderfoot to Second Class)


I've sat down with the SPL, CC and both parents to discuss his situation. We are all on the same page. But I can't find the specific wording I'm looking for to help me proceed for the BOR. I know the Board can deny the next advancement, but I'm also looking for the process and timeframe to show improvement or establish corrective action.


The Scout and I will be having another SMC tomorrow night to discuss his situation and we will also be having BOR's for the Troop.


Please point me to where I need to look to find this info.

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Scout Spirit requirements, along with Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review, "Blue Cards," six month Positions of Responsibility, and regular elections, are all Fake Scouting designed to keep a Boy Scout Troop adult run.


They are the very opposite of Baden-Powell's Scouting program.


Did you use the Patrol Method at summer camp, where at a bare minimum every Patrol camped in a separate, distinct area and cooked its own food? Probably not.


Summer camp is just summer school. Most boys do not like school, and some of them act out. School is the opposite of Scouting. That is why Baden-Powell detested what he called "canvas town" summer camps.


I assume that you discussed his behavior with him at summer camp when it happened, but you now realize that you suck at that kind of thing :)


In theory the "Board of Review" is designed to give the Committee a chance to judge your performance.


We all know that theory is a pile of crap, and that a BOR is really job interview business school. But you signed off on "Scout Spirit," and you had your "Scoutmaster Conference." Now you are saying that you are a poor judge of character and you want to use the BOR for a second chance to screw with the Scout's Second Class award.


In Real Scouting "Second Class" is merely a measure of the Scout's beginning mastery of camping skills. Period.


In Baden-Powell's Scouting the Patrol Leaders run the Troop. Adults have no "sanctions" and they keep order through the Patrol Leaders only with the force of their personal example. That is why B-P named the PLC the "Court of Honor."


Maybe your personal example is where you should be looking.




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Live the Scout Oath and Law in our everyday lives. That's 24/7/168. I'd like to understand where/how/why this Scout has stopped doing this.


Ask the CC to hand-select this board. You want your most experienced, wisest, empathetic folks on this BOR. Sit down with it over a friendly, yet serious cup of coffee. Explain what you see and why.


Set the BOR somewhere other than a meeting room at the Troop site. A picnic shelter at the local park comes to mind. Take advantage of the environment to create a low threat/low risk situation, where open-ended questions might allow this young man to open up.


Changes like this in attitude happen for a reason. Divorce, best friend moving away, Mom losing job, big sis going to college ... something caused something to happen.


When the why is out in the open, the "What fixes the problem?" gets a lot clearer.

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I seem to remember at training being told to be careful when signing a boys book since you can't take it back I personally think that asking the bor to correct my mistake in really not a good idea either

I'd talk to the boy at this point. he is what 11 or 12 and mention the behavior you found objectionable. He can work on correcting it by the time he is ready for 1st class. Also if the behavior was only at camp you might look in to what was going on maybe a lack of structure for the for the first time? or just tired by the end of the week? I think you have time with this boy. keep some notes and work with him through the pl or spl You might want to get their take on it as the boys normally know more about what is going on in the troop than I do.

Just my 2 cents.


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Yah, rkfrance, I wouldn't spend a whole lot of time lookin' for wording, eh?


You, the parents, and da committee are all on the same page. So yeh do what's right for the lad's personal growth. He can voluntarily admit his lapses and opt out of a BOR, his PL can tell him no BOR, his parents could tell him no BOR, you can tell him no BOR, the CC can tell him no BOR, or the Committee can hold a BOR in the way J-in-KC suggests and tell him no advancement and give him a list of things and a timetable to address 'em.


Which one is right for this boy? Whichever one feels most personal that you're pretty sure will get the points across that you need him to learn. I think the best way to think about it sometimes is "Who is the boy least willing to disappoint?" or "Who's approval does he care most about?" Whoever that is should be the one who expresses their disappointment, then gives him da opportunity to prove himself over the comin' months.


My guess is it probably isn't the committee. My guess is it's the PL and/or the SM. In that case, they should do the conference, eh? I think in most cases yeh save the committee for backup when a lad isn't "getting it" and needs a more official response to make him straighten up and fly right. Just MHO, though. Choose whichever way yeh think feels right for this lad.


And good job to yeh on keepin' high expectations and communicatin' well with da parents and CC!




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