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  1. I have had simular luck here in the local thrift stores while looking for a cub scout shirt for my son. I have been able to run across no less than 15 cub shirts and about 5 or so scout shirts. (Unfortunatly none that will fit my son) However, I got all that I could find and will gladly loan them to any of the kids localy that can use one. Had better luck (size wize) getting him a shirt off Ebay though. James
  2. Amen and many more prayers for everyone in the Gulf Coast area affected. Already made my personal donation to the relief efforts. Got my Cubs and Boys working on rasing donations to help out. James
  3. Welcome to the Forum!! From sunny (and still hot) Utah.. Spent some time back in Pa/Jersey back in the 80's and made a couple of trips into Jersey with the scout troop from the Naval Station in Philiadelphia. Great place with fond memories. James
  4. Eamonn Acording to the FAQ's on the National OA website "Once a person youth or adult has completed thier ordeal they are considered members of the OA for life ireguardless of the program in scouting thier in" Got that same answer from the Lodge Advisor here locally as well James
  5. Capella - Welcome Congrats on your new troop. Wish you lots of luck. While I'm new to LDS Scouting myself, I am not new to starting new units. Back when I was a Unit Commissioner I helped start several new Troops. (Before moving to Utah) My first piece of advice is seek out the help of your Unit Commissioner they will have a miriad of sources and contacts that will be invaluable. If you don't know who this is contact your District Exec or District Commissioner (council office should be able to assist you with thier numbers). Second IMO trying to do a weekly fundraiser is a bit much (
  6. My congrats to your son and you. Always good to hear of another young man joining the Eagle ranks. Congragulations James
  7. Welcome to the group......... Sounds like you definatly have "scouting" in your blood. Glad to have you, James
  8. I agree, the term of office should be decided upon by the PLC or the troop as a whole. Years ago when I was a UC I had a couple of units that Used 1 year for terms and that seemed to work out well.
  9. Many years ago in my old troop we had the same problem. One of the ASM's took on the project of researching and displaying all the old ribbons along with help from several of the boys in the troop (including the historian). What they came up with was several very nice homemade frames that they placed all the ribbons in by year with a brief write up giving the dates and history of the ribbon. We were able to hang these in our meeting room for everyone one to see. It was a great way to document some of the history of the troop and helped the boys to see they were continuing the "linage". Ja
  10. Welcome, glad your hear.......... Always good to have another view and more ideas..
  11. Here in the past few weeks since my return to scounting I've had some pretty good luck finding uniforms for the boys (and a few adult ones) at various thrift stores around the salt lake valley. Might want to add those to your shopping area's if you have any locally. In the meantime I'll keep my eyes open for what your looking for. James
  12. Welcome to the forum......... Glad to have ya!!
  13. Welcome and good luck to your son with his board of review. James Eagle Class of 1982
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.... Much appriciated
  15. Welcome Jon always good to hear from a fellow EMT out there. Its great when our skills can be put to use in scouting. (Been teaching first aid to scouts now for well over 8 years. Take care James
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