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  1. Let me start by saying I was tapped out twice and never even went to Ordeal ... I kick myself to this day for not doing it ... I know that the first time I saw an OA ceremony, I was enthralled by it. Even though I am a devout Christian, I am also (according to my adoptive parents) part Native American. When I had the opportunity to join OA, I saw it as a chance to learn more about a heritage that has fascinated me since I was a child. Yes, I am aware that many Native American tribes have polytheistic beliefs, but I am also grounded enough in my faith as a Christian to not be effected
  2. Unfortunately, the wife has put her foot down ... for now. With a baby on the way and me working on my MBA, I guess she wants me at home as much as possible (understandable). I will look into starting after my MBA is done in June
  3. I am in a similar situation as the lady needing to turn pants to shorts, except I'm a *guy* looking for leader uniforms I have gong to the posted website and submitted my info and have also added some to eBay, but I am hoping to find some more. My info: Shirt size -- 3XL Shorts size (pant length) -- 50 or 52 (30) If anyone out there has anything, let me know! THANKS!
  4. Looks like the site has had some improvements compared to what I have been reading about.
  5. FIRE AN SPL?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This has to be one of the most rediculous things I have ever heard/read! I am on the side of the people who said to sit him down and talk with him. Yes, as SPL (or any other member of JLC for that matter), they are expected to be an example to follow. Unfortunately, we are all human and make mistakes. Personally, the first incident is a sit-down with the Scout (w/ or w/o parents, but at least with the SM and an ASM) then an apology to the troop. The second incident is suspension from Scouting activites other than meetings for a period of time. The third
  6. Why am I waiting? Good question ... Well, I am still currently in school (working on my MBA) and I have a wife that thinks I spread myself too thin as it is I have contacted my local council and awaiting word on possibly getting involved as a Commissioner. If that doesn't pan out, then I will start hunting down troops in my council that I may be interested in joining as a volunteer or even an ASM. BTW, anyone know where you can find uniforms in "Big & Tall" sizes cheap (used uniforms, etc.)?
  7. Well, I may not be as old as some of you, but I am definitely pretty far removed from involvement in Scouts in general
  8. Well, I may be a few years removed from Scouts, but I will give my thoughts of what "Scouty" is: "Scouty" is going on your first camping trip coming in scared to death and coming out ready for anything. "Scouty" is going on a hike and talking afterward not about your feet hurting at the end, but what you saw and experienced along the way. "Scouty" is Swimming The Mile and even though you are the last one out, your troopmates are there to cheer you on and congratulate you when you finish. "Scouty" is seeing an emergency and instead of panicking, you are calm, know what to do
  9. EagleinKY hit the nail on the head! I know when I was in Scouts, getting the next rank was important. Once I passed First Class, I started driving towards Eagle. Earning Eagle was one of the proudest moments of my life, and I carry with me many of the things I learned in my journey. As for "getting Eagle just to have it on your resume", I don't think you can do that without feeling a sense of pride for Scouting and the things you learn there. On a more personal level, I recently put my Eagle on my resume and it helped me land the job I just started 3 weeks ago.
  10. Hello there! My name is Russell Wright. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Indian Nations Council) and have been a lifelong resident of Oklahoma. I earned my Eagle Scout in 1992 and I am hoping that I can get involved in Scouting again in the near future.
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