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  1. Isn't the denial of access to schools etc. because of our position on the homosexual issue a denial of our right of free speach? (depriving us of access due to our beliefs). I also remember somewhere that homosexuality isn't a protected class.
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    Johnsned has the right idea, but I used tootsie rolls. I gave one for the uniform (the troop neckerchief was enough, which was all the uniform when I was a boy, but that is another story), one for a full uniform, one for a Scoutbook, etc. The tootsie rolls are the small ones. They keep for ever (I was told that they found some in one of the pyramids, just kinding)they are inexpensive, you can buy them in bulk, you can use them of basic rewards and the damage to later meals is reduced.
  3. I say wear the uniform. In our council the uniform is required wear while traveling. I think is has to do with insurance. I certainly understand the concerns of a few louts who would assault a 12 year old boy, but those same louts won't go away because we aren't wearing the uniform, and what does that say about free speach and the 10th point of thee Scout Law.
  4. I agree with may of the comments since I last visitedand I am not against change if it is good for our most important asset, the young men we are supposed to teach and serve. I would like to see a syllibus. It might be helpful. I am only concerned about loosing sight of what Scouting is all about in an effort to attract greater numbers of adults. Yes, I remember the Lion badge. It is great nostalgia but the program din't lose because we now have a 2 year Webelos program. The Tiger Cub program is wonderful, I only wish it would start at a younger age in order to get young men to under
  5. Why not use foot powder. For backpacking it also doubles as deoderant and can be used for chaffing in other places.
  6. Just a suggestion get the most current Backpacker magazine (The Gear Guide Review). It will tell you more than you may ever want to know about Boots, Tents, Stoves, Backpacks, etc. I will tell you that I favor the Peak multifuel stove because it is multifuel. Lately, however, I have leaned toward the new peaks: Xpedition, Xtreme and Xpert. They have a canister and are environmentally friendly. They also will boil water faster than any other stove (Xtreme) and are light. But, read the gear guide. Like any other piece of equipment where, how, how long and for what reason you use
  7. One of the best things you or the SPL can do to overcome the problem is to give your troublemakers jobs (responsibility) the old adage of, "busy hands stop the devil's work" is true. If they have to feel the brunt of uncooperative people it might substantially change their attitudes and behavior.
  8. One of the things you should keep in mind when buying tents is the GUARANTEE. Scouts by their very nature will be HARD on equipment. As a Scoutmaster I have always looked at whether or not a tent is open stock (read: always available) and what the guarantee is. I agree with some of the responses recommending Eureka, but that is not the only brand. Also did you know that the Scout catalogue has a Eureka tent for under $100. And there is no tax to pay. Campmor as has been suggested is GREAT for discounting to Scout units, but Sierra, EMS, REI and others will do the same. Now, on t
  9. I think that Mike Long makes many good points, but remember you cannot add to or take away from the Scouting requirements. If you can the Scouting requirements you may have a group, but it is no longer Scouting, maybe Awanas or even Girl Scouts, but not Boy Scouts. As for service project hours, Mike has already stated the service project hours are set forth in the Star and Life badges, Eagle however has no set requirement for hours. The Scout requirements provide that an individual create, plan and carry out a project, demonstrating service to the community and leadership. Generally a
  10. When I think of what is going on with Woodbadge I am reminded of the 1970's when Scouting became "Urbanized." Are we going to urbanize Scouting again? Maybe this time if we work on urbanizing Scouting hard enough we can completely kill the Scouting program. For those of you who want an urban program, how about the Boys and Girls Club. We already have enough things attacking our program, read 3 G's. Now we are attacking our own program. 3/4ths of Scouting used to be outing. Is it now leadership? Scouting has always been a program that taught leadership through the use of the outdoor
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