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    Chartered Representative Training

    Ddrefke, It is great that your Council is considering doing COR training. There is National BSA Training Guide on Charter Rep Training. Question did you District get "Quality District"? If so your DE was supposed to visit each IH or COR in that year. If your DE is unsure of where to get the material perhaps asking your District Commissioner of your Council Commissioner to assist would be a prudent move. COR's are the weak link in the program and should not be. They are the direct rep for the folks how charter and own the units. If your COR IS NOT INTERESTED then you need to contact your District Commissioner and ask for some help. Hope this is useful. TheCommish
  2. TheCommish

    BSA and United Way

    I agree with both posts on how designated funds vs. general funds from the UW are dished out. It is true that if funds are designated for an organization that is not part of the UW umbarella, they agency gets the money (case in point Planned Parenthood). However, the local UW have serveral ways that they can de-fund a chariety and here are two ways it was accomplished here in Washington State. One local UW had an emergency meeting of the UW board, deliberated and then defunded the Scout. The local board did not ask for community input, a presentation by the local council zip, they just acted. The other county formed a "citizens advisory board", They meet talked, heard oral and written presentations from both the Boy Scouts and all other concerned entities. The decision was to change the UW policy as it related to non-discrimination for partner agencies. They gave all the agencies (Scouts, YWCA, womena care shelters etc) 1 year to sign or be defunded. In effect the same thing. In both cases the local media appualed the local UW for the inclusivness, and the ink war continues. I do not have an answer on how to move forward to not be miered in this, but I submit that we must spotlight the great things that Scouts do. An agressive marketing champaign must be undertaken to show the Scout collecting food at Scouting for Food, Scout O Rama (or any other name you have), service projects, act of heroism and anything else. We must understand the vocal few (and they are few in most cases) know how to use the press, they are good at it, and have lots of practice. The ink war can not be won on their playing field. I submit that by showing the Program is the best light we will get through this (inspite of court battles we will be mired in). Since the reality of it is that no matter how often we try to leave this baggage at the train station, someone always reminds us "oh you forgto this". Given that, we must move past money issues and concentrate on youth service, and volunteer support, by doing that we will move forward.
  3. TheCommish

    More news about you know what

    Of note as well as these on going issues. There is a Scouting Defense Fund being administered by Edwin Meese (Former Attorney General of the U.S.)and many of these issues are being tackled by them. The National Council for Boy Scouts has put there resources behind two efforts; The one was the New Jersey case which the U.S. Supereme Court confirmed BSA's right to association, the other is the issues happening in Broward County in Fla. (The ones that have problems counting). It is very difficult to live in a are where Scouting takes it on the chin as we do here in Wahsington State. What is equally troubling is that many denominations have turned there pias stare at Scouts and now are "judging". We can only do a couple of things, the main one is to vote, and also vote with our feet (and money). I encourage all the volunteers to ensure that there local Coucil is at the front of the media ink war, and are made aware of situations where these insitiuations make these decision.
  4. My son is in the process of selecting a back pack stove. During his pack inspection the REI stove was recommended, but talking to other folks there seem to be a split between white gas, butane, propane and the mixed fuel types. Any suggestions?
  5. TheCommish

    crossover to Scouts

    frankj, I can appreiate your frustration, but in Cub Scouting "Akela" is not only the Den Leader but an adult (parent)as well. It is hard for the parents to understand that when the boy leave the Cub program they enter the world of Merit Badge Councilor (i.e. the first job interview). I do have a suggestions for your turtles and you might even be able to rope in some of the parents so here it is; Do a parnet meeting and tell them you are setting up a "Webelos Activity Pin Fair" for the doing the required pins the boys need. Tell the parents they need to help teach some of the pins. Try to get your Pack Committee, COR and Unit Commissioner to help as well. Do a training session with them, schedule the day, and have pizza afterwards. If you do this and some still do not get the Arrow of Light, but have done everything else to cross over, at least you have done all you can. For your future WEBELOS that are coming up, you might want to suggest they do a pseudo Boy Scout New Scout Patrol, this lessen the shock and get the boys moving as a team, including advancing together. Hope it helps.