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  1. My gut feeling would be that the garment is an official uniform component and a lack of one authorized patch doesn't entitle you to wear a bunch of unauthorized ones. Would the Uniform Police be cool with it if I put a bunch of wacky patches all over my tan uniform shirt and wore it that way to Scouting functions, so long as I removed the purple fleur-de-lis first? That said, I've never even been part of a unit where the leaders even expected the members to wear the officially-required pants as part of their uniform. Policing the officially-optional uniform jacket would be the last thing
  2. I recently unearthed my box of Scouting memorabilia from when I was a boy. Included was a copy of the official insignia guide, (copyright 1986, printed 1993). The publication had this to say about jackets and jac-shirts: That's all it said about that. No pictures or diagrams or anything. So at least at that time, there were various types of jackets that were considered an official but optional part of the uniform, and a certain limited set of patches was officially approved for wear on the jackets.
  3. Thanks for the helpful notes everyone! I'm definitely open to being a den leader, though if there's another willing parent in the den who has been a Cub Scout parent before I'd be happy to defer that responsibility to them because they'll probably have a better sense of what to do. The pack's new parent orientation is in a couple of weeks and we'll see what comes of it. I like FireStone's viewpoint of uniform and insignia as a conversation starter. I'm not interested in being ostentatious with it or anything; it's all about the kids, and if I can use my experience as a positive example all the
  4. Interesting. I figured there'd be some rule against wearing a uniform that was discontinued before any of the youth in my unit were born; would be less "uniform" looking that way. But if it's allowed...well, a Scout is thrifty and buying new clothes unnecessarily is bad for the environment, so I may just keep the old one.
  5. Nice to be here! I just enrolled my son in Cub Scouts for the fall when he starts first grade. I was a Scout myself as a boy, earned my Eagle award some 20 years ago. I tried my old uniform shirt on and it still fits! But then browsing the web I learned the uniforms have been redesigned a couple of times since then. Oh well. Looking forward to going on this journey together with my son, and helping the pack go however I can.
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