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  1. Thanks, Kahuna. The issue that we're running into is that our CO says they are not a 501c3 and as a result we've had problems being able to accept donations that have been offered to us. Any other ideas on how to work around this?
  2. Does anyone have experience with setting up a "Friends of Unit XXX" as a 501c3 to be your chartering organization? How difficult and costly was it, and how do you operate?
  3. Gour0, don't know where you are in GA but it appears the Atlanta Area Council has one for Wolves/Bears at their camp in Covington. I am in Florida and think my council will have one but they have yet to confirm. For a backup, I started looking for the next closest council where I could find one and that was where I finally ended up. Like you, I found others for Webelos but not for the younger boys.
  4. Agreed, they all need a chance to do this. We even have our Tigers doing it by the end of the year. Will 6-8 year old boys be perfectly polished at this? No. But, what is of more importance to what our flag represents, a colorguard that is slightly crisper, or flag ceremonies that teach all boys respect for our country and its symbols along with their place as citizens?
  5. Evmori and others, I'm with you, I'd like to know more about this research. Even if they found a correlation between advancement to First Class in a year and retention, did they validate which was the cause and which was the effect? Pushing the FCFY program would indicate that they assume that boys tend to stay in the program because they earn First Class in a year. However, couldn't it also have been that the boys more likely to stay in the program (better Scouting skills, more support at home, more enthusiasm for the program, more active troops, etc.) were more likely to earn Firs
  6. Hmm, our Cubs camp all winter in South Florida, never knew it was a problem. We've been out on days when the temp doesn't even reach 80... What badge does that earn you?
  7. OGE, great question. It's so many things, isn't it? Does it oversimplify to summarize it as putting others before oneself? That encompasses a lot - doing good turns, taking responsibility, assuming extra duties with a cheerful spirit, putting the greater good first including the troop or patrol, helping the out new guy even if he's not popular, supporting leadership, never grumbling - just doing the right thing!
  8. Eagle92, I agree with you that "rushing through" the program is less than ideal and that earning Eagle is not the be-all and end-all of the program. Plenty of youth who never earn Eagle have life-changing experiences. But allow me to play devil's advocate... I wonder what the retention rates are for Scouts who have earned Eagle by 14 versus those who have not. I would like to think the former would be more active in and would contribute more on the whole to the program. The equivalent of this AoL requirement would be to require that all Eagles be 17 1/2. That would ensure we kept
  9. I think everyone agrees that under the current requirements this youth cannot earn AoL. The reasons given seem to focus on why he should not cross over to Boy Scouts. Why are we equating the two? Rules are made to be changed, not broken. So let's shift the conversation a bit. Let's look at the requirement. Be active for six months since finishing the fourth grade or turning 10. This lad has been told he hasn't "earned" the award yet. He has done everything within his power to do so. What he hasn't done yet is simply be older. Is that really much of an accomplishment? Why do we h
  10. Those boys can no more be Boy Scouts right now than my grandmother can be. Neither the DE nor anyone else can change that. They can be Webelos visiting a troop. Buffalo's suggestion is excellent for many reasons and seems like a perfect solution if executed properly.
  11. First off, good luck - reading this and your other thread you will have your hands full. Glad you stepped up to the plate though, it can be a great opportunity for you, your son, and all of those boys who otherwise may not have it. I agree with the others that it is unusual for the crossing Webelos to be taking their money with them, even if there were individual scout accounts. Your pack should have some bylaws. I would look to see if this is mentioned there. Unless it is, I would be resistant. Alternatively if there were any committee meeting minutes (as a previous policy decision,
  12. I'm with the others on this - I'm not a trader myself. While colorful or unique patches may be cool, you'll never find one on my vest or blanket that I didn't earn. That being said, I'm a veteran of a world jamboree. There the interest was not so much patch trading but uniform trading. I came back with some nice souveneirs. However, there the US uniform was a currency that devalued through the week because we were a large contingent with probably more uniforms per scout on average, so the opposite of the scarcity situation that was described can happen. I would say, even if he th
  13. This is similar to some issues discussed in other threads but different enough that I've started a new one. Suppose you have a Scout who all throughout the program has been one of those exceptionally high achievers. His Webelos 1 year he is 9 when he starts 4th grade and because he has an early birthday turns 10 in September. During the summer and fall he completes all requirements for AoL except for being active for six months since his birthday. (This requires some work with the Web 2's.) No question he can earn AoL in March and is eligible to cross over then. Pack tradition is
  14. I'm scheduled to take WB in a few months, and I have a related question. Can ticket items be initiatives that we already have in progress at the time of the course? I'm a CM but have some ideas that I plan to work on with the district and council that will also benefit my unit at the same time. I would be doing these things anyway, with or without WB, to contribute to the local Scouting community. By their nature, even if I start soon they will be in progress but not yet complete by the time of the course weekends. I'm not going to hold off on starting these things just so that I
  15. As we go through the 100th anniversary year, I'm considering trying to do brief capsules of some kind on the history of Scouting, covering a decade in each monthly meeting. In other words, the first month something on the foundation and on Scouting in the 1910's in the context of WWI; the next month the 20's, and so on. By the end of the school year we would be to modern times and at graduation I could put the focus on the future. Or if every decade is too granular perhaps I could cut it down to half a dozen spread over time. This might be pictures, skits, stories, etc. to illustrate w
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