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  1. I may be wrong, but I think that the majority of the 83% have been more concerned with the financial aspect of the reorganization and BSA did not enter bankruptcy to get input into Youth Protection. Any youth protection improvements are just a byproduct (though needed) to the BSA program. I am quite sure that the total expenditure out of the over $100 million only a couple percentage went towards crafting new policies.
  2. That may have been me. I never told anyone for 50 years. If no one was told how would the parents know? Much more is known today and I personally know much more as I have come to grips with what happened to me and how the trauma has manifested in my life.
  3. And that is why I said past 10 past 5 and past year. However, an asterisk denoting that most male victims may not come forward for the next 10 to 20 years.
  4. You are correct there is a big difference. Do you think a drug company or any company wants warnings on their product? No never but past actions or current sometimes necessitates such actions. Discussion and ideas can make things better. I know for a fact that survivor members of the YPT committee read these posts and some ideas may be brought forward for incorporation. If I float a solution or a recommendation whether it is something more direct or making parents more aware I might just be part of the solution. Alas your "nuff said" is not part of a solution. There can never be enough s
  5. In the auto industry it is called the NHTSA safety reports (1 to 5 stars) and in the pharmaceutical industry they are called "Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels" (Drug Warnings). I am sure I can find more examples.
  6. I think this is an imperative thought. In the BSA history has taught us there was. I am presuming you were over the age of 18 when you were in the military as I was but a child in the BSA does not get to make his decision to join BSA. He may have a desire to join but it is parents who sign you up yet the victims are the children. Hard statistics based on history should be presented to parents when they go to sign up their children should be given to them including the details of 82,000 claimants in the bankruptcy with the distinct possibility of many more. The rate of incidences in the pa
  7. Both of these are the crux of the issue. Will it work or won't it? The amount of time (20 years or so) is the program worth it to take the risk? As a survivor this is what I wrestle with in forming my pro or anti views. This is why I am on the fence. I first hand know the devastating effects of CSA. I now have contact with many other survivors when just a few years ago I thought I was the only one. I correspond with others who's lives have been more upended than my own and believe there are countless others who no longer dwell on this earth because the pain was more than they could bear t
  8. I feel like I am on a school playground and instead of answering a question I get the question asked back to me. No I do not work with abused kids as a scout leader. Are the kids you work with abused in scouting?
  9. Having the ability to see more than one opinion, good or bad. Do you work with kids who were abused in scouting?
  10. Are you talking about Scouts who were abused in BSA? The gentleman worked in law enforcement before he worked for the BSA. "Experience is the hardest teacher. It gives the test first, then the lesson." Excessive Child Sexual Abuse within the BSA was the test but I do not believe all of the lessons have been learned.
  11. This is why I said you are burying your head in the sand. The former Director of Youth Protection says scouts are not safe. I am sure that he had access to more data then you have had (unless you are in a position above or equivalent to him in BSA national). So why don't you want to believe him? Maybe in your small slice of BSA life you have not come across any issues and that in itself is good however I think your experience is a very small piece of a large pie. Asking me for how much adult experience I have had in BSA is like me asking you for how much experience you have had in b
  12. I understand it makes no sense to you and as I have stated before I am on the fence. The fact that I and others are on the fence makes this discussion worthwhile. You have had a great scouting life and I am happy for you but a lot of us had exactly the opposite. Barry the above statement makes these discussions relevant. Believe or not believe it is up to you but please do not stick your head in the sand. that fuels the anti BSA discussion.
  13. Of course, there is two sides to the fence. Offering good to the community does not absolve one from its sins. As far as schools well you would not have to ask too many people about closing them and you would find an opinion for closing. Why is home schooling on the rise (and it was before the pandemic)?
  14. Reactions to a post says a lot about people. I do not understand the sad face. Is it because it is a sad situation or is it because I am looked at upon as a sad person?
  15. You see it is statements such as the above where I have my doubt if BSA should continue on. Leaders such as @skepticwho want to deflect responsibility away from BSA makes the BSA a dangerous place for youth. I was in the care of the BSA at the time of the assault upon my body, the perpetrators were active adult leaders of the BSA end of story. What transpired afterwards only added to the damage. It is and was the BSA's responsibility to keep perpetrators out of the BSA. After they were caught (if they were caught and most were not) it was the BSA's responsibility to keep them out of an
  16. From someone who is on the fence as to pro/anti BSA it also would make sense if you said the opposite. The BSA has ruined so many lives how could any one be in support of it?
  17. I wasn’t really sure on the image. Thanks for letting me know.
  18. Not sure why I was deleted previously but the Catholic Church vs BSA of who was worse in CSA is like: "THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK" Both are equally guilty of not protecting youth!!
  19. My point is that you most likely have met someone and they never revealed it to you. If you had met me 5 years ago I would have told you about my abuse. My not telling is more common than survivors who told when the abuse occurred or even 10 years later talking about it.
  20. If nothing else, please take from those of us that are survivors that those you love and cherish may be victims but will in most instances not tell anyone.
  21. So sad to say something like this. We are not talking about a cut on a young persons knee. What does this actually mean?
  22. This is the great "tell" in how so many feel about the abuse. If not you it would have been someone else or should I say so many feel that someone would be abused and better them than me?
  23. My original question was: How many ruined lives are acceptable to add good morale decision makers to this world? Followed after a no answer reply so I asked: Why do you find it so hard to answer a basic question? I get the above "800,000 expected victims have not come forward". So I guess the 82,000 is acceptable because 800,000 did not come forward. Wow!! I really am starting to feel as if myself and all other survivors (and the thousands who did not survive) were just part of the cost of doing business as the BSA worked to to add some good morale decision makers to thi
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