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  1. In 2019, the YMCA of the USA reached a settlement with several victims of sexual abuse who had filed lawsuits against the organization. The lawsuits involved five victims who had been sexually abused by a former YMCA employee in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the 1970s and 1980s. The victims alleged that the YMCA had been aware of the abuse and failed to take appropriate action to prevent it. The lawsuits also alleged that the YMCA had a history of ignoring or covering up incidents of sexual abuse by staff members.
  2. 82,000 claimants in BSA Bankruptcy. I guess when an organization has more claims against it.
  3. It is difficult to talk about, until you do. A lot of us are exactly like you. We might be in different stages of dealing with our trauma, but we are all alike. Talking about what happened will help erase any shame you might have and help you realize that there was nothing you could have done. You are a survivor. What you survived was not only physical but mental trauma and just like seeing a doctor for physical trauma a mental health professional can help you with your mental trauma. DM me if you wish,
  4. As long as individuals or groups try to paint a picture of Child Sexual Abuse in the BSA that is not the truth, then these untruths will continue to be called out. That is the minimum that those victims who have died or have gone down deep dark holes as a result of their abuse deserve.
  5. Number one this is not a lawsuit it is a bankruptcy initiated by the BSA to avoid more lawsuits. Number two if the BSA was an open-sourced product then the local councils would be facing all the lawsuits and would have to make the decisions of whether or not to go bankrupt. Number three nobody targeted the BSA. Not one person has as a youth knew a pedophile in the BSA signed up as a member and allowed the pedophile to molest them so they could 50 years later sue the BSA. In fact, the BSA set themselves up with their history of cover ups and lies (BSA official testifying before congr
  6. I think you are being a bit presumptive. You do not know me or have any real knowledge of my mental state. I have no hate, not even against my two perpetrators. The pain of what happened is being brought under control by therapy. I have not asked nor will ask for you to do anything. Money helps especially for those who have had to pay out of pocket for professional help to overcome the trauma that was inflicted upon them. I know for a fact that some survivors have paid into the millions for help. Whose reality are we talking about. I do not believe
  7. You were called out because you have consistently tried to downplay BSA's role and responsibility by referencing such as: the social norms of the times that the abuse occurred, BSA is better at CSA prevention than other organizations etc etc. Once again, your words are like that of a child, I hit Johnny because Joe hit Johnny so I can't be that bad.
  8. It was 2 BSA leaders who raped me. Not my parents, school, church, society or any other youth organization. They were recruited by the BSA, empowered with authority by the BSA and I was indoctrinated by the BSA to obey their leadership role. Why wouldn't someone like me and others who have gone thru similar circumstances call out the BSA? The BSA had a unique role in what happened to all of us.
  9. A letter released by a Louisiana BSA executive to the BSA's national personnel division revealed: "This subject and Scouts were not prosecuted to save the name of Scouting."[32][33] The files revealed cases of collusion between the BSA and the Justice System, as in a 1962 Johnston, PA, case[34] where a BSA leader pleaded guilty to "serious morals" violations involving Scouts. A local Scouting executive learned of the abuse from a member of the local executive board who served as both mayor and police chief. Newspapers failed to report the connection to the Scouts because, as the executive wrot
  10. Bankruptcy is not technically over. Still has to go thru the appeals process completely and depending on the Purdue ruling might be back to square one. At that point all of the state courts where the cases that have been filed will start moving forward and I ultimately believe if that happens BSA will cease to exist. PS Not sure which side has been beating the deans horse. You obviously choose to ignore any facts placed before you.
  11. So I should send @Ojomana private message yet you choose to use this forum to try to correct me……hmmmmm
  12. I understand exactly where you are coming from, and I am glad that it works for you. As a child living in England when my father was in the Air Force, he had a black coworker/friend come knocking on our door. My 5-year-old cousin answered the door and shouted out to my father "there is a golliwog here to see you Uncle John". Luckily my father's friend took no offense but my cousin Tommy was told that what he said was offensive so he would not to repeat what he had said.
  13. If you are blind to what is offensive, you will continue to offend. I have a few years behind me and have watched society change over the course of my seven decades. What was said or attitudes towards people have changed because those who were offended spoke out. It started small and grew. I point out attitudes to those who offend CSA survivors hoping to expand their knowledge and hopefully change their perceptions.
  14. You have and you continue. If you do not have the will to research and continue to make erroneous statements than you are disrespecting all survivors. Yes, more of the claims are for incidents more than 30 years old. It has been established that men are likely to acknowledge sexual abuse that happened to them in their mid 30's. Because of that there is most likely a major number of cases in the past 23 years that occurred, but no claim has been made. A tremendous of knowledge is available on how to prevent abuse and how to treat survivors is available. Unfortunately, not of all of th
  15. Kind of ironic that BSA had a list of known perpetrators, but they would not voluntarily release the list to survivors. Yet one of the former BSA employees is now espousing that victims/survivors should go after the actual perpetrators. Imagine if 40 years ago I had wanted the name of my perpetrators (one of them is in the files) and asked about any knowledge they may have had about incidents in the time period I was abused. They would have roadblocked me and any lawyer I had at the time. I could of filed suit asking for the knowledge and they would have fought me all the way to the state supr
  16. Allow me to point out a few facts to you: Majority of claims involved BSA employees and volunteers at the local level and the courts had already established that the LC's were directly connected to national. For most of the abused due to their young age they had no recollections of their abusers' names. BSA would not give the troop rosters or other info to help anyone recollect. BSA did know what was happening hence the perversion files. Because of threats and feelings of shame/guilt a vast majority of survivors told no one or very few people of what happened to them. Eve
  17. All of what you say here is very disrespectful to survivors.
  18. From my understanding the lawyer from the AVA firm says he knew that mistakes had been made before the plan was passed but never spoke up. I say let everything stand as is and have those claimants sue their respective lawyers for malpractice. Might make more from their insurance than they would have from a valid claim.
  19. With all of the TCC and Coalition Town Halls explaining everything it seems like it would have been impossible to check that box not knowing the ramifications.
  20. One attorney Tim Kosnoff. But one attorney is not a movement...it is just one opinion.
  21. Yes, there was lawsuits prior to the bankruptcy, but the core point of the bankruptcy is the survival of the BSA. The bankruptcy took away ability to seek justice thru the courts in the form of lawsuits.
  22. But then for many blaming the survivors of abuse wanting to be fairly compensated is an easy way out for their explanation of all that is wrong in the BSA.
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