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  1. For what it's worth, in the days after filing last February, people I know who work in this space and with/against the BSA in the past, were all estimating in the high range of 5,000-8,000 claims tops. If something got crazy, a bit over 10,000. This situation? I certainly never expected and suspected foul play in July. Just my reaction and sniff test. The "top down look [to] determine what we need to survive" goes to the heart of the emotional responses you get from me, the one (?) survivor claimant in the forum fray. The effort and offer from the BSA doesn't match their stated goal or th
  2. Naive though it may have been, I was very publicly offered the hope of "acknowledgement," finally being "seen" and receiving equatable compensation. As I've said in writings elsewhere, and will before the court, I did not ask for this and was not seeking it. I was invited, even urged to come forward and file. I discussed with my wife and therapist. Now, if $6000 is offered, it will be yet another trauma at the hands of the BSA. Some may not like that or put it in the psycho-babble bucket, but I'm telling you what I know, feel and am experiencing. I hope everyone sees that I'm not some "babblin
  3. Individuals stewarding a business, NGO, family and, etc., are caretakers and responsible. With corporations, that liability runs into the future, just as losses can be booked against future gains. Here, someone wasn't minding the house in the past and some may/will "suffer" in the future. It is 100% not fair to those kids. Agreed. Neither is it fair when a parent squanders their paycheck and the kids have to work and miss school, aren't given decent clothes to wear or fed properly. Actions/inactions and decision/indecision by those in with authority and responsibility have real world consequen
  4. I say, that doesn't feel like a pat on the head and the gifting of the aforementioned, "I'm sorry" and "Can I go back to my big salary and pension plan now?" (That last part might not be fair, but added it for a wee bit of flair. And, that rhymed so I'm sticking with it.)
  5. See above and I yield the floor and balance of my time to whomever you might listen, from whatever state or jurisdiction.
  6. Exactly. I've done a limited amount of research looking at the public filings of several Councils. Many list liquid, investment and real property assets at or well above that number. Some of them much more and the real property assets can be stated at assessment value, which in some states is the value upon acquisition, as in many years ago. There is an enormous amount of "money" there. Do I want to drain it to cripple the Scouts? No. Do I want to be insulted by someone turning inside out their pockets, looking at me with an innocent and quizzical look while hunching their shoulders
  7. Thanks. I do appreciate that. I feel like whatever I say, on this score, is not going to be acceptable (to you). I refer you back to several of your fellow Scouters and their responses to the Plan. They have more contextual credibility than I ever will. As I recall, a handful of them pretty much said the same thing I did. The one thing I will say, by way of a sideways answer, is: $6000? Seriously?
  8. I'll put a point on it. The AHC Chairman concurrently represents the Committee and is the President of a LC's Board. That Council, The Greater NY Council, has what I believe to be the greatest number of abuse claims, as submitted. Also, his personal LC has comparatively disproportionate wealth to many if not most other LC's. Someone in his "very large firm" represents the major creditor in the case. Can he or better, should he, represent those LC's with vastly fewer claims and substantially fewer assets? Is there such an LC represented on the AHC? I would hope so, for everyone's sake.
  9. I apologize for being so active today. I didn't sleep well and am a bit manic. As you suggest the proposed Plan leads me to fear the entire thing is on the verge of becoming frightfully attenuated. For me, and I am probably not alone among the abuse survivor claimants, I don't think I can bear several years of this. I rather feel like I was unwittingly attached to a team of horses and am being drug across the prairie. Granted, I could drop my claim and try to walk away, but it is not so simple as that. I am now invested in the process and the outcome, regardless my financial interest. The
  10. Incorrect. I did not ask for inside information to scuttle off to someone of influence working on behalf of abuse survivors. If you took it that way, I apologize for being unclear. I was wondering if you men have an interface that would allow a channel to relay some of the good and common sense suggestions I've heard articulated here. I am not a power player in this case. Far from it. I have thoughts, a voice and, eventually, one vote among tens of thousands. I don't influence a group of claimants, a single claimant or state attorney, or any member in a position of leverage. This what I
  11. Actually, he's purportedly or ostensibly representing your Council and all the others, as the Chairman of the AHC. If you want to remain beyond reproach, avoid all possible appearance of conflicted interest. Take it as you like. As I said, I was pointing out something that may be of interest. To me, whether as a claimant, attorney, spectator or person interested in the future of Scouting, it's worth noting. Perhaps he was the one and only option to chair the AHC and be the lead negotiator in contexts that include the major creditors. Again, what do I know...
  12. Did I ask for information from the Ad Hoc Committee? What I did wonder out loud about is whether there are LC's that don't believe the AHC is representing their interests and if it has any real force or effect on the process. I represent myself as to my claim and have no formal professional role beyond that. Some may find this an interesting side note and others not. The chairman of the AHC is attorney Ricky Mason, also the President of the BSA's Greater New York Council. Mr. Mason's firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, happens to represent JP Morgan Chase, which may or may not have
  13. As a certified oddball and registered pedigreed odd duck, I'm onboard with the odd numbers.
  14. I almost don't know where to start with this, because it seems like I am repeating myself, ad nauseam. I'll try: 1) I'm not part of any "group trying to sue the BSA." Never tried. Never initiated. Never thought about it until all of this blew up however many years ago. I wanted to put a man in jail, take his house and assets and reputation, then burn down the house, sell the property and assets and give it all to a child protection charity. It's just little ol' me representing myself; 2) You don't know what, if anything, I continue to do or don't do in support of Scouting. Might want
  15. That sounds like a reasonably happy ending. I can foresee certain marauders drowning in their hapless attempt to recover the booty.
  16. Got it. Personally, I don't believe that, "the well runs dry in July," rhetoric. I've not heard anyone on the claimants' side verify that apprehension and it sounds tactical, to a negotiator's hears.
  17. I have sat at some reasonably significant negotiation tables, both merger/acquisition and legal settlements. In context and to scale, this is about as "In your face!" as I've seen, short of someone who simply thinks they have no reason whatsoever to give way or zero liability and are begging you to go to trial. It reeks of "I dare you," but what's the call? To wax historic and romantic, it's a slap in the face with a white glove. Still historic but less romantic, a head on a pike at the gate, perhaps? I have a thought that's been rambling in my head and fits reasonably well here. Whe
  18. As an attorney, I don’t take them that way. Well, nor as a claimant. It is the way it is.
  19. Is anyone here connected in a meaningful way to a member of the Ad Hoc Committee? I am curious if they have any real influence and if I am correct in my assertion that many LC’s consider themselves beyond the reach of its representation and influence. I know some do, but not the degree to which, how divided the group is, and etc.
  20. Yeah. You also have to factor in that the overwhelming majority of claimants have counsel. As I said, I don’t think many of us entered this process wanting to crush the Scouts. Some changed their minds, having seen the numbers and watched the behavior of the BSA and LC’s. Others are still so inclined, but unwilling to walk away with a token. And, a large group will be heavily influenced by attorneys who can’t be pure of motive with 33%-40% riding on way the cards are laid.
  21. I think you can pretty much convert that hunch to something resembling a fact.
  22. What news of that humiliation and torture exercise masquerading as a game of quickness and hand-eye coordination? I refer to the thing where you hold your hands above the other guy’s and try to move them before he slaps them silly? I was never very advanced at that, but did move beyond looking like I was wearing red mittens in all seasons.
  23. I just had a moment of silence for dodge ball. I will eventually recover from the loss. Cards and flowers not necessary.
  24. Are you implying that dodge ball is now verboten? I can’t imagine my early days of Scouting without welts on my face and body at the end of of each Monday night. The older guys who could whip it like that red ball was coming off a jai alai cesta were brutal.
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