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  1. Since this relates to the nature, duration, degree and impacts of the abuse, I'm wondering if anyone looked at the point system metric from the RCC NM case. If so, thoughts? It more or less corresponds to information requests in the Proof of Claim. If you haven't seen the POC in this case, I would be happy to attach a digital copy.
  2. Got it. Personally, I think if the insurers get a crack at those claims, the number will be reduced. By how much, who knows. Will it be allowed, only the judge knows, as far as I know.
  3. I really appreciate that assessment. Since so many are in the time-barred bucket, yes, I am asking about how everyone gets something. The guys with live cases and/or in open states will get a running start at the insurers. We likely will not, at least have no momentum and a greatly reduced upside. That said, you gave me insight into the possibility insurers will offer something to ensure a clean break.
  4. You guys have an excellent grasp on all of this as to the BSA itself, what's needed to sustain programs, assets overall, and the relationship of the BSA and LC's contribution to the insurance side. When you look at the $6100 in Plan as proposed, overall assets - assuming the large property restrictions don't hold - what do you think would be fair to direct to each claimants. I know there is tremendous disagreement even among you, in part because it is so speculative and subjective. I am very curious and would welcome your opinion. Well, I'm most interested to hear from those who agree that the
  5. Forgive me if this is duplicative. The TCC and BSA reached an agreement for the production of rosters. https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/877749_151.pdf
  6. Having now learned my emotions have both gotten me in internal trouble and caused me to miss the trees for the forest, I'll endeavor to keep my hope in check.
  7. Looping back, then it is as to #2 that we time-barred people are up the fecal creek without a long-handled wooden implement to move agua. I think I got it.
  8. So, there are two components to a prospective award from the Settlement Trust: 1) BSA award component, as described; and 2) The "go fight the insurance companies" and see what you can get component. Yes?
  9. Although I would personally appreciate having a go at my abuser in criminal court, which would require a window, I know the burden on law enforcement, the state(s) to defend and the court system overall would be crushingly expensive if deluged with these cases. I have less problem with civil windows, though courts are impacted, partly because the other governmental players are not tapped or taxed as with criminal cases.
  10. I have not heard this. I don't think it's accurate, but I will ask. If so, I would think the number of cases in NY and NJ would have really exploded when they opened. If you're right, I could've sued in one of those two jurisdictions, prior to filing. Another inquiry for me to pursue. If that is true, every one of us with a pre-1978 claim which is a bunch, has a stronger claim and cannot be flagged as time-barred in the bankruptcy. Hm... I previously posted another of these from CHILD USA showing pending legislation and the like. This shows the changes.
  11. My first abuse was on my 11th birthday. The last just just before turning 17. I woke up to it all when I was 42. At the time, other boys/men in our Troop who had been abused by the same SM were identified by the Sheriff's Dept. lead investigator . They were in their 30's, but unwilling to talk about it much beyond acknowledgement and refused to prosecute. Not ready to countenance the whole experience and repercussions of coming forward. They could have initiated, as not time-barred, but they couldn't bring themselves to act. I understood.
  12. The number includes claims that would have been barred against civil suit in state court on 2.18.2020. Those were the non-starter cases for which the Chapter 11 was the court of last resort, unless/until SoL reform happened in the given state. No SoL's have changed, to my knowledge, over the past year so that would be the same today. As claims are logged, they flag the abuse dates, how much time has passed and the applicable SoL in the state(s) of abuse. That's my understanding how the number is derived.
  13. I may misunderstand how this is going to work (ya think?), but it seems ParkMan implied the BSA would pay each man regardless of time-bar. I take that from his statement, "...you are not in the category of people who will receive insurance payments." This could be me reading between the lines, again, which has proven a bad idea. I will ask someone who may know. Yeah. The number is huge. If, however, everyone will get something from the BSA, with $6100 as a baseline, some men will be very grateful. I think of the guys in prison, jobless, in need of medical care, and, etc.
  14. Opps. I guess this was deleted. 1804815587_RCCofNewMexicoClaimPointsSys.pdf
  15. You're right. I am frustrated, as it's defined. What I feel is very different, but you have no responsibility to relate or empathize. I can't expect that from you or anyone. With no previous familiarity in bankruptcy, I had no idea there was going to be a distinction between the money sources. I imagine I'm like the many guys who came in independently or through the "mining" process. If that weren't so, we wouldn't have 59,000 time-barred and 24,000 from open and window states, before more winnowing for fraud and whatever. Right? Those who came in with state counsel prep and teed up claim
  16. I almost said, "I am Pessimist, hear me whine," but resisted the temptation.
  17. I am Pessimist and that's all I need to know how to spell.
  18. Yup. Reading you 5 by 5. I think what I'm failing to communicate is that 59,837 men probably should never have been offered an opportunity to file unless there were caveats. I can only really speak for myself, of course. I'm an inadequate Demosthenese warning of the depth of pain that may be coming for many, if turned away or sent away with a token. I understand that may seem out of reach and/or exaggerated. I am just unable to articulate it without getting extremely morose and graphic. The insurers are coming for every one of those time-barred claims, regardless 60,000, 6000 or 600
  19. You are, after all, "Optimist." Equitable means "just, fair and reasonable." As others have articulated far better than this necessarily biased participant, what was put forward seems to fall a mighty bit short of that bar. I defer to them. Yes, it is subjective, but I am not imposing my "definition." Fair, just and reasonable is about context, which includes damage on one side and assets, ability and willingness on the other. How that shakes out, I can't say. On this topic, I got no table and got no way no how to approach the feast set before others. I'm sitting at my desk in the corne
  20. If it's being presented to the court for approval, I believe it must be. I'm not sure if anyone here has a running list, but there are a slew of consultants on top of the legal teams who were hired on various fronts including insurance counsel, property and asset valuation, forensic accounting...
  21. Gross or net? If the latter, who gets to set the definitions and accounting method?
  22. I can "get money" standing on the corner with a sign. As with other issues, you and I are not going to see eye to eye on this one. Eye to elbow, maybe [he said completely in jest]. Again, "equitably compensate all victims of past abuse in Scouting." Come and get it. $6100 ain't equitable. Add to it, 59,837 claims are on the block marked "SOL." We block heads aren't going to vote for this Plan, a manicured modification of it or for getting vertically reduced by 13". End game? Liquidation. End result? Zippo.
  23. Yes, amen, praise the Lord and pass the biscuits. (Again, to be clear, the only reason I'm here is I responded to the public invitations and inducement from the BSA. The impetus wasn't self generated and didn't come from an attorney ad, therapist, family member, CHILD USA, person of influence or otherwise. I am a freewill agent and used that agency to take up hope and respond by filing a claim. 100% my bad. It's on me. I should've known better.)
  24. Quite to contrary, I/we are lubing grinding gears in which we are stuck like so much meat being ground up to be spit out the exit tube. In this particular category, "I/we" are the SOL guys who got no SoL relief and, therefore, can't get no satisfaction. 'Cause you see I'm a losing streak. Hey, hey, hey. That's what I say...
  25. Again, personal and anecdotal, but my thoughts for what they're worth. I never wanted or even thought about suing the BSA or our church for the abuse I suffered. I wanted at the perpetrator. I started in 2003 and was already too late. I see your point about the runaway train that these look-back windows can (and do) create. I get it. For me, I would have been perfectly happy going after him in criminal and civl court. I say, lift all child sexual abuse SoL's against perpetrators and direct accomplices. I could prove that case, in part by expanding to include other victim/witnesses. Case O
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