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  1. Were your respective Councils keeping you, in the field, updated about these numbers? Over the past year, I saw news reports of Councils blowing off talk of "legitimate abuse claims" against them, even while claims were being filed, logged and publicly noted on sites like AIS.
  2. My wild guess is they looked at the total liability assuming a low end number of 2500 or so, given the landscape on 2.18.2020. Based on other cases, if they were thinking each claimant would receive $250,000-$500,000, that's $625M-$1.25B and doable through all contributing sources, including insurance. Given the financial, community and political might of some LC's I've looked at, I'm sure a number of them did make contingency plans and have them ready to roll out. For a number, I'm guessing those plans included asset protection transfers, but who knows.
  3. In fairness, very few people anticipated this number of claims. They could've gamed scenarios for 20,000 on the highest end. Then, when the storm cuts loose and the flood of claims came down, there simply weren't enough white boards to do much good as the water rises and washes away the X's and O's.
  4. Through the last two years, have you guys received any trickle down news or tactical planning from above? This whole operation, as illustrated by the non-plan Plan - little detail, no commitment from LC's, completely misreading or ignoring the other side's likely reaction -appears to lack any sophisticated risk management/tiered A, B, C contingency planning. Am I wrong? They have high powered big law with them so I don't get it. From a purely survival and business planning standpoint, it amazes me if they weren't "gaming this out" for a year or more.
  5. These are the claims filed and now a part of the case. Unless and until someone winnows them, whether that be the insurers in the sooner scenario or the Settlement Trustee in the latter, this is the number. As many have said, let's say it's 42,500. Is that going to make a big difference? At this point, the discussion has passed well beyond what the BSA is giving and the survivors getting. The BSA and LC's totally blew the opening salvo, have insulted and enraged the survivors and, frankly, failed Scouts. They managed to piss off the insurers in the process. As several have now said, this
  6. I understand the notion that if money is good, more money is better, but the TCC's lead firm (in particular) doesn't need this money. They have a spate of other cases and made oodles well before this one. I have met Jim Stang and interacted with him and John Lucas, the two main attorneys. They are earnest, extremely smart, uniquely qualified for this case and frankly the best of the best at what they do. I believe they are deeply troubled by this case and truly dedicated to assisting the survivors. I will also say, the BSA and LC's have managed to get their heads and hearts further into the ga
  7. I know this helps nothing and no one, but when I understood what they had/hadn’t offered and what they didn’t bring to the table (LC’s offer), I wondered if any member of their legal team warned them of lowball whiplash. It’s the most classic case of poor optics and stumbling out of the gate negotiation strategy I’ve ever seen. Also notable, TCC counsel said the Plan was in no way no how reviewed by or negotiated with them. That’s just plain stupid. My opinion.
  8. I can be naive, as you well know, but is there no one who foresaw the high likelihood of this very backlash from the non-plan Plan they filed? It’s too late to run back with whiteout and a red pen, but they really and truly hung everyone out on this. Too be further gullible, any chance they got the message?
  9. Honestly, I think the message was misheard, but I understand the reaction. What was said, to closely paraphrase was, "go file now because the lawsuits are the only way to put pressure on them to come to the table."
  10. Right. So why does that spell the looming demise of all LC's, given the number that are closed and politically locked tight?
  11. Point of clarification. Do you take that to mean file in and across the broad universe of LC's and CO's or just open-states? I don't know many PI attorneys that will gin up in the closed states, unless I'm missing something. Well, I don't know many of them period, but that's another matter.
  12. Thanks (assuming you're talking to me). I understand that sentiment. In the name of full disclosure, I'm an abuse survivor in this case. For years I've grappled with the pride I have in my Scouting accomplishments (Eagle, Vigil Honor, Medals, OA Officer...) and my utter despair and disgust at what happened to me and others. It was all compounded by too many disclosures and discovers after the fact. If you want to read more about my experience, feel free and invited. Perhaps you've been following along. I don't say that to put a light on me, just so you understand the depth and duration of
  13. In case anyone else was looking for this. Sorry I didn't look more closely earlier. ____________ The Official Tort Claimants Committee (the “TCC”), appointed by the Office of the United States Trustee and the official representative of all sexual abuse survivors in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy case, opposes the Boy Scouts of America’s (“BSA”) chapter 11 plan filed today in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. Under the plan, BSA seeks a release for itself and its 253 local councils for the sexual abuse of more than 85,000 individuals from 1930s through 2
  14. D-oh. I recall the TCC's reply to the plan was posted somewhere in here. That's what I meant. I will look for it. Thank you.
  15. Are there any materials/specific court filings that would help inform us prior to getting on the meeting? Thanks for this.
  16. Thanks for following up and digging further into the program. I wasn't able to do it today.
  17. Last point on this unless someone else interjects something constructive to advance the topic. As a teacher, that is simply not consistent with reason. Here are two examples why. In a driver's ed course, one of two modules making up the training focuses on learning to drive (offense). It trains student to focus on one of two critical aspects of being a good, safe and effective driver. In the same course, there is at least one other critical component, namely, "looking out for the other drivers" (defense). The elements include road awareness, alertness (as with offense), evasive maneu
  18. I'm not sure what this is about. Apologies.
  19. Here is a link to this course. http://www.erinslaw.org/for-teachers/ I've quickly reviewed the site, pull down tab content, assessments of the program, the Texas law regarding its implementation and a few of the founder's videos. Excellent information, including how to identify signs of abuse, engage children who report or show signs of abuse and report instances of suspected or reported abuse. I see nothing about preventative measures to identify inclinations toward sexual abuse by adults toward children or older children to other children. I will go further to see what I can find,
  20. That's rich. I'm sorry. Wait while I: (1) call my psychologist to see if she can cut through my apparent delusion and disabuse me of what I thought was an unvarnished emotion and motivation; and (2) see if my psychiatrist has a corresponding psychotropic to treat the condition. NOW I will be as serious as serious can be. Seriously and genuinely. Are YOU serious? There must be another thread to start or something, because I thought we're talking about training Scouters to help prevent abuse in the ranks. If your course is better, please share it. Can anyone assist me or shall I further blo
  21. Not my question or invitation. Let's see the goods. Open wide the doors and allow in the unfortunate, ignorant, unskilled and misinformed hoi polloi. I'm dead serious. Please video the course, scan the materials and make both available via weblink. I would appreciate the opportunity to view, review, learn, compare, contrast and understand what I am missing. Regardless your low opinion of BSA or YPT, if you care about kids, as you say, you will share the better tool with those who do, as well.
  22. I remained puzzled. Are you referring to YPT or any/all BSA training? If YPT, is the program/course you teach preferable in content and presentation, such that you want to package it and make it available to all? I'm not being (totally) facetious. Since I am not familiar with the course title you noted back when, I may have misperceived its content and goal. The puzzlement goes not only to the subject of training, but why you persist in Scouting rather than start your own venture.
  23. Please come out of the penalty box. [Ping] Penalty Time served. I have waved you out. Skate on, brawler...
  24. Thanks for the info. My family and closest friends call me Rhino. (Not RINO, btw.) I am an accomplished public speaker, though that's somewhat irrelevant to the overall question of whether this would add value.
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