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  1. I too do not want to minimize any truthful claim. Nor create a forest for a few trees scenario. But as a survivor/ victim myself, I have all my information as well as patches and all pertinent information. I also believe, after seeing the many ads on Facebook about how easy it would be to anonymously file a claim with no court involvement, that false claims would be a part of this. Those Facebook ads were brutal. The comments, ugh… I don’t agree, nor have I, with how this is going down. It is like being used all over again.
  2. They (BSA) have shown they cannot be trusted in the past by any cover ups that have taken place. Now they are trying to say the truth is false the false is truth. What is practiced at the top of an organization is what is learned at the bottom. I have to wonder if this bx is really scout like. As it were.
  3. When running their calculator the claims amount still come in as we are being told by council they would. Super super low. They just put a lot of effort into saying what’s already been said. It’s a really low number.
  4. As it applies to this bankruptcy. This is a very volatile time. Many of us here want to see this plan rejected. I am voting ‘no’ for a variety of reasons. Primarily because I couldn’t say no when I was being taken advantage (molested) of by a scout master at a junior leadership training camp of all places. They have since changed the name. I’m saying no to being taken advantage of now!!! I believe there can be a better outcome for those of us who were abused rather that for those who are trying to control this thing. Now is a time when we should be holding onto one and other. This is our s
  5. I’m pleased with my attorney. I had started working with them before the SOL in CA opened. We were in hopes the pending bill would pass and it did. The Gov. signed it and it went into affect Jan. 2020. My case was filed the following day. They walked me through a media report, then a forensic psych evaluation. Which was tough on me. Then the bankruptcy happened and we created and filed my claim. They have been adamant that any of the plans thus far have been inadequate. So they are consistent. When I feel like I need personal attention they reply to my email but I try to stay out of their hair
  6. Curious. Can we promote scouter. Com and the tcc townhall meetings on the various platforms such as HIS YouTube channel, during the q and a at HIS town halls and any where else we can to get other less informed survivors to be exposed to the truth of all this? Run on sentence, I know..
  7. Thank you for this explanation. At current I feel better about it. My attorneys have suggested I vote NO and have been of that mindset for a while now. thanks again.
  8. Thanks for speaking on this. My perception as this was taking place was that this “coalition “ was muscling their way into the bankruptcy and it left me confused and not feeling right. It continues to baffle and leave me feeling un easy. Never really made sense. If the TCC was a panel made up of survivors why would we need another panel of opposing survivors? Then it became clear as to what it actually is. It still leaves me baffled as to why we have opposing sides. One side being survivors with their feet in the fire, the other being a group of attorneys. How is this not abundantly clear to
  9. The Coalition of attorneys representing abused scouts is now pushing media coverage of their getting 1 (one) survivor on the executive board.
  10. They are, In a sense, making legal advice. Yet I think it important to read the Notice: at the bottom of their web page which states this not legal advice.
  11. I believe Louisville KY gets the bbq, pie, and hotdog.
  12. If this is the wrong place for this please forgive and redirect. I see some speak of their significant others in here and as a fellow survivor I understand the difficulty of having a romantic relationship. I’ve not been all that great at it. I wonder how you have been able to pull of this extraordinary task. That was a merit badge I was unable to attain. I like to think I have come a long ways in personal growth as it pertains to surviving, but as I step into a new venture with a lady I feel the old stuff come in. It gets cloudy at best. just curious. I feel comfortable putting this here
  13. I think it’s a catch 22. On the one hand I don’t want someone to capitalize on what has been a life (for me) of constant struggle and just really hard. To say the least. on the other hand the motive to vet, at least in appearance, is to minimize damage to the insurance companies. So that process alone will come with its own darkness. This whole thing has been draining but we carry on.
  14. I ‘like’ that you spoke my mind, but I dislike that it is the experience occurring. that being said, all wounds being splayed open, broken identity being run through again, I would welcome this in my case (with proper notice) on more than one occasion, due to the multiple investigations into the man that molested me, I would hope this time I wouldn’t be told to go home and just forget about it. who trained these people? thanks again for coming from the deep of your gut. It is helpful.
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