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  1. I believe Louisville KY gets the bbq, pie, and hotdog.
  2. If this is the wrong place for this please forgive and redirect. I see some speak of their significant others in here and as a fellow survivor I understand the difficulty of having a romantic relationship. I’ve not been all that great at it. I wonder how you have been able to pull of this extraordinary task. That was a merit badge I was unable to attain. I like to think I have come a long ways in personal growth as it pertains to surviving, but as I step into a new venture with a lady I feel the old stuff come in. It gets cloudy at best. just curious. I feel comfortable putting this here
  3. I think it’s a catch 22. On the one hand I don’t want someone to capitalize on what has been a life (for me) of constant struggle and just really hard. To say the least. on the other hand the motive to vet, at least in appearance, is to minimize damage to the insurance companies. So that process alone will come with its own darkness. This whole thing has been draining but we carry on.
  4. I ‘like’ that you spoke my mind, but I dislike that it is the experience occurring. that being said, all wounds being splayed open, broken identity being run through again, I would welcome this in my case (with proper notice) on more than one occasion, due to the multiple investigations into the man that molested me, I would hope this time I wouldn’t be told to go home and just forget about it. who trained these people? thanks again for coming from the deep of your gut. It is helpful.
  5. In short, what does this all mean in terms of BSA exiting bankruptcy? My curiosity is in wondering about going back to court on a state level, continuing on with one of the original lawsuits. You all are so helpful. I’ve been loosing ground in the area of understanding what in the actual…. (Curse word) is going on. I will say I can read at a higher level than a fifth grader, as long as there are pictures to accompany.
  6. Thanks for this. Thank you for your foot work. At first read it feels a bit gut punchy. And it still really does. The action of taking a moment, in the heat of a case involving sexual assault on children (I like truthy statements) (and ending them in Y, or why?) to recognize the birth of so many soul deaths is not only tone deaf, and dumb, but really a shed of light onto the actual mindset. Sad really. That was a perfect opportunity to an apology that could have been felt. At times I wish these proceedings were in person. In that fantasy I picture us all showing up for court, silently and in m
  7. As usual I’m late for the party. Me over here trying to get into a zoom town-hall that’s been moved back again. always a brides maid, never a bride.
  8. I hope the play the “imperial March” score from Star Wars when the Judge walks in tomorrow.
  9. Re: punish the actual perp , not the overall good organization. when referencing a ‘warped society’ I imagine that includes the overall good organization. In short, they hid and covered up the truth of years of sexual abuse brought by adult men, in the overall good organizations uniform, onto young boys. That is not an overall good attribute. We are as ugly as our worse crimes. Society is afraid to look at, talk about, let alone examine child sexual abuse. We, the abused, are not. We are merely talking about it as loud as we can. What is ironic about this whole thing is we are still
  10. Don’t forget those Dutch oven cobblers we all use to love. That is until Dutch oven and anything scouting was synonymous with abuse. I can’t even remember why they were called Dutch ovens. Oh, and then there were the eggs in a basket. In all fairness silence of the lambs ruined that one for me.
  11. “The body keeps the score” is amazing. I also recommend “waking the tiger” David Levine. “emotional intelligence “ also has some great insights.
  12. Ugh. Rather than reply to a particular post I’ll just put in on the thread. I’m an amateur at best when it comes to forums. first I’ll state again how I am much impressed with the level of maturity from the survivors responses here. Seeings how most of us are stunted in many ways and have had to fight to learn How to communicate on this topic. And survivors we are. There is no need to victim blame / shame either. We have done that to our selves for all the years that led up to this. Ohh… the things we have gone through on this road that was thrust upon us. From 15
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