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    7 years as a Scout and proud to have my brother beside me as an Eagle. 20 years in The Army and its a huge transition from training Soldiers to leading Scouts. Very challenging but I will persevere .

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  1. roberthynesii

    Veterans in Scouting

    Good morning to you. As a current member of the Army and an active Scouter trying to maneuver his children through the great program that is Scouts, I would prefer to leave the achievements to the scouts. As an Eagle Scout I get to where my square knot, and there is already a Military Affinity for NESA Military members. I don't know. I just prefer the recognition go to the scouts. Great thought though. Id love to hear more input from the field. Rob
  2. roberthynesii

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Its very sad that the Girl Scouts, instead of seeing a challenge to better their program to attract the types of girls that want to join the BSA they just sue.... So disappointing.
  3. roberthynesii

    Hello... Mobile, AL

    Welcome! Great to see new additions. Any Previous experience in Scouts ?
  4. roberthynesii

    What would you do?

    Being and setting the example is a hard road to walk. Hopefully we can drag the parents along, while providing a great example for our Scouts to follow. Sometimes it works and other times........
  5. roberthynesii

    What would you do?

    Sir, I hope you are joking. I would never deposit a scout in an Uber, Lyft or taxi and consider it good.
  6. roberthynesii

    Questions about scouting

    Sir, If I can offer advice. Cubs is a circus... a wild ride with kids bursting with enthusiasm. If you cant make a den meeting one of the other parents can and should step up and handle things. When you get back they should be able to tell you what was completed or not. What level are you helping with ? I have done Lions which was a crazy adventure with some very excited kindergartners. Boy Scouts needs to be Scout lead and as an Adult leader why are you tracking what requirements are completed and which ones are not? It would help the troop and the Scouts, if the parents have questions about advancement to ask the scouts in question. If that fails then they can ask the scoutmaster to pass the info on to the PLC. and Welcome to the Forums. Rob
  7. roberthynesii


    Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you!
  8. roberthynesii

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Camp Royaneh San Francisco Bay Area Council Camp Silverado Mount Diablo Silverado Council Camp Lindblad Mount Diablo Silverado Council Camp Horseshoe Chester County Council
  9. roberthynesii


    Thank you Sir! Thank you. I appreciate the comradery for sure.
  10. roberthynesii


    Thank you Sir. I am grateful that so far that my sons have enjoyed it.
  11. roberthynesii


    Eagle Scout from Lower Lake California. Troop 44. Left Home to join the Army and came back with a family. My oldest boy crossed over from Cubs and had a great year at summer camp and earned his Scout badge. I am trying my had at the committee and want to make the Scout program as enjoyable for my kids as it was for me.