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  1. You could add chartering org, or personalize it with the names, if your awarding after the fact.... But yes, what you have will work just fine.
  2. Yessir, nestled between Aberdeen, Bel Air and Perryville.
  3. That's a great idea, Ill have to comb the filing cabinets to see what records we have. I'm hoping the church will give us some space to display it.... its vey big. Id love for everyone to be able to see it outside of the scout basement, which doesn't get a ton of outside traffic. *Only one person suggested selling it, and that was rejected strait away. Monetary value is not something we are considering.
  4. Is that the Virginia Patch ? The picture didn't get a great shot of it, and the flag is at the church so I cant go look it up at the moment.
  5. I cant really answer that question, As I just "arrived" a few years ago. But to clarify, its the World Brotherhood of Scouting held by the Canadian/US Scouts. I know that the troop used to send the boys up every year, with it alternating sides of the border they held in on. the first patch on there is 1974 I and it goes up until 2013. One of the Scoutmasters is still around and he still goes up every year.
  6. Good Morning ladies and gents, I am involved in a Troop that has a "gently used" troop flag, that we just replaced. We thing its from the 1960s. Made of Linen and has embroidered Letters. With patches from the world Brotherhood campouts ranging from the mid 70s to the 90s. The committee has discussed what to do with it, and other than rejecting the option of selling it, we are not sure how to proceed. We know we would like to clean it up and Display it. Several locations discussed have been: City Hall, The church that is our Chartering Organization and others. SO #1 what is a safe way to get it clean, so we can preserve it? and #2 what is a great way to display it, so that we can show pride in our history and recruit, and inspire the scouts. Thanks again, Yours in Scouting, Robert Hynes
  7. That's a great idea. I will definitely bring it up to the group. We have a meeting with the local churches to try and engage the local population. We have fliers going out to the schools. We had talked about arranging a night to have the Weblos visit, but on ONSITE meeting at the Cub Pack would do wonders as well.
  8. I agree that the program will sell the troop. But right now we don't have a program. We are just standing up. Committee is in place , Scoutmaster is ready and willing. We just need the Scouts. The problem I was describing, is the other Scout Troop in the area currently pulls from our Cub Pack and its Sister Pack as well. So we would be elbowing in and possibly taking some of their numbers. No conflicts yet. Hopefully everyone will cooperate. The point being introducing Scouts to as many Young People as we can.
  9. As a Scout I was drawn towards adventure and stayed for the community Service. The OA was a large part of what kept me in Scouts as an older kid. The Camaraderie that the Scouts had and the Leaders had along with the relationship with the community. As an Adult I want my Children to have access to that experience. I enjoy being a part of an organization that builds up the community and are role models for others to emulate.
  10. Wow, that's great that you get to pull from 2 Packs. I'm finding out that some units get a little territorial when you show up and start recruiting in an area where they previously had a monopoly. But well do the schmoozing part and well see how it goes. We have our Commissioner and District Executive assisting as well.
  11. We have our Commissioner and the DE involved. But I will have to get some emails out to get current info on the treks. It would be great to have some on hand for the open house.
  12. Wow doubled the size ? That's great! did the numbers stay up for the duration of the year ?
  13. Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions, I appreciate all the great input. I am leaning towards a static campout setup for the potential Scouts to check out. The committee has equipment from a few years ago before the Troop had to fold. So it shouldn't be too difficult to get something going to peak some interest. Does Anyone have any flyers for the High Adventure camps ? Philmont Scout Ranch High Adventure Base Florida Sea Base ? Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve ? Thanks again. Robert
  14. Good Afternoon Scouters, Our CO currently has a Cub pack that feeds the local Scouting Troops. Its a small town and we have about 20 Cubs spread across our dens. There is interest from inside our group to stand up the Scout Troop with support and encouragement from our CO. There was a troop previously that folded about ten years ago. To gauge interest and set our net as wide as possible we plan on having an open house for all our perspective scouts. The Pastor of our CO is spreading the word to all the local churches without Youth Groups and we are in contact with the local LDS church to see if we can persuade some of their members to continue in Scouts as well with the LDS withdrawing. The local elementary and middle schools will be sent flyers and the PTA will support us. I have read about an ideas to help with recruitment, for a school talk or open house Setting up a "campsite" with tents and stoves and a canoe. What have you found to be effective at triggering a sense of adventure ? Selling the soon to be scouts that Scouting is for them ? STEM ? Outdoor Excursions ? Merit Badges ? Thanks for your time and suggestions. Robert Hynes
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