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  1. Hi Mollie! I too am a rural Venturing Advisor. 1. Yes, Venturing is about the journey. The Crew learns the good he bad and the ugly of planning their own activities. For example if they plan a trip that is a distance away and everyone wants to go when it is being planned. But when the time comes to pay for them to go on their wonderful trip and they don't pay they don't go.If they pull it off by some miracleand go when they get home, they sit down and critque what went wrong and what went right for futue reference. 2.Venturing is Flexible in some areas.Bronze awards can be modified f
  2. "I will get flamed for this one, but my view is strongly against co-ed scouting. Any organization in which a substantial portion of the activities include overnighters should not include young men and women. Such only invites sexual misconduct, and would leave the sponsoring organizations exposed to liability. I fail to see the wisdom in making it easy for young men to engage in sexual relations with young women. " Tortdog- you seen to think that all young men and women have sex on the mind. But guess what? They do they know how to control their urges.In all the activities I have do
  3. I have a coed Crew that also is close to our troop. And we have the same CO and most of our committee members are the same. When we have monthly committee meetings we are on the troop's agenda. The crew helps out with training since most of the troop is 1st or 2nd yr scouts. The 1st yr scouts came to Council Jamborall last October. They stayed in our camp. The oldest scout in the troop is the SPL and is 16 and is also a crew member. Do you have Crew Leadership in place? I know you said that the crew is small. We are small to but we have a President who is also the Admin. VP. A Prog
  4. Last Eagle COH went to was cool, one of our Crew , Toby, was recieving his Eagle. The family planned it at the Scout Cabin about 12 miles out of town. All the scouts love going there they have their own campsites a way from the cabin. The Crew helped serve hamburgers and hotdogs on the deck of the cabin. There was a table with all his scarves from Cub Scouts, pictures of all his scout activities from Tiger thru his Eagle Project, his mom put out his patch collection and all the projects that he had made while earning Merit Badges.She also had a scrapbook with letters from all the people who we
  5. The troop my son is in has a young man who bridged over with the Webelos after getting their AOL.He was in 1st year patrol and the patrol leader. His dad who was a ASM told him that he got Eagle by the time he was 13 he'd take him to World Jamboree. He went to summer camp and got some of his merit badges last summer 3 months ago he turned 12. Last week he has his BOR for Life.At his SMC the SM ( who also does the Eagle support) told him (with his Dad and the Advancement chair--me )present that he is not to do a Eagle project until he turns 13 and to enjoy being a Scout instead of running
  6. The Crew that I am Advisor to went to our Council's Jamborall last October. We choose to camp in the family camp area.Because we had better access to the bathrooms. We are a co ed crew and the plan of action for camping is the girls on one side of the camp and the boys on the other with adults in between. We had the new Scout patrol come over the day after us and they set up camp on the opposite side of the camp cook area. So they kids where in a triangle configuation,with adults in between. The crew and Boy Scouts did not go over to the "Troop Area" with out an adult.But they all did go up to
  7. A girl can not recieve the Eagle. But they can recieve all the other awards. The system starts with Bronze in several areas, then it goes to Gold and then the Silver which by the way has a eagle on it. There are also two other award programs, one is Ranger which is outdoor skills, with a basic core group if you do half of the core requirements, you recieve your Outdoor Bronze.Then there are electives to do for the Ranger. Rangers have been known to help out troops and packs with programs. The other award is Quest which is a sport based award. I haven't had much experience with it yet,
  8. nldscout, The Chartering Organization is the Latter Day Saints , ( Mormon's). My Council is mostly Mormon. We spent most of our Council Jamborall telling people that my Crew had girls in it and yes they were allowed to do activities. We did sleep in the Family Camp area, just to help keep the peace. YIS Lana
  9. The troop that my son belongs to would be in big trouble with out women. Our CC is a woman as is 3 of the committee members. At most of the troop meetings there are more moms helping out than dads. There are at least 5 single moms who jump right in and help including myself. We usually help with the younger boys. Unfortunately, we have only one older boy ( high school age)the SPL- the next oldest boys are the 2 7th graders, one is a Star and the other is almost a Star. So 3 boys with 20 newer scouts. So the parents check in with the SPL and he tells us where we can help.Our troop is boy ran, t
  10. My son is dual registered but so is all the troop. We combined with the LDS troop because of there were not that many boys participating. The boys are all dual registered so if one kid rides with another troops car on the trip permit, he is covered. When the boys went to Summer camp 220 miles away the boys went as one troop even though they were from 2 saved the kids money since there were enough boys to fill their camp site. And they all had a blast.The LDS troop has their own Committee but so do we. Town troop Committee is more active working with the boys, but the Church boys parents take o
  11. We just went to University Of Scouting this last weekend. One of the things we hear over and over. Use your resources!! And a Eagle Scout is a big resource no matter what the age. The Troop here has a SM that hasn't had a son in a troop for over 25 years. In fact alot of the committee don't have sons in the troop. But they are great resources and living in a small town far from the Council we use what we have. One thing for sure, we never have to worry about 2 deep leadership!!
  12. Our Committee Chair came into my work today and asked me if the Crew members are to be registered as Troop members. I told her no-except for her son who is the PLC of the Troop. I also told her that the Crew except for,her son and one other boy,are girls and they can not be registered in a Boy Scout Troop. She also asked me if I knew or could find out the BSA policy on family members going on Boy Scout activites with the Scoutmaster. (ie, family members- the whole family wife and 2 girls a sophmore in HS and a 5th grader and now a 3rd girl who is a senior. and not just one or two campout
  13. Hi All! My Name is Lana. I"m the Advisor of Crew 440 from Burns,Oregon. We are in the western most part of the 7 Rivers District of the Ore-Ida Council. I was also the Advancement Chair for our town Troop 440. I was supposed to be the Assistant Advisor when we started talking about putting a Crew together for the Scout's Sisters. I went to our Council Pow Wow/Scout University to get more info on Venturing and Advancement. But by the time we drove home the 3 hours home the Crew was the Troop's treasurer's and my Crew. Her son, Toby, had just finished his Eagle Review and was getting ready
  14. My daughter, Brandi,who happens to be the Crew President is getting ready for her Crew Review for her Gold Award. (She got her Bronze last month but we haven't given it to her yet.) Some of the committee members of the Crew would like for her to be awarded it at the Blue and Gold Banquet. Last year it was our first activity as a Crew.This years banquet is going to be a combination of Pack, Troop and Crew. And our District Exec. and various other dignitaries will be there.Which is fine with Brandi since she has been active in Committee meetings and worked with both the Cubs and Troop and the Di
  15. The Crew I advise is Coed. We started out in February with 5 girls and 1 boy, who was a Senior and just got his Eagle and turned 18.Our Officers except the Treasurer were and still are all girls. These young women have done a wonderful job. The young man has just left for the Air Force.And we now have 8 girls and 2 boys, one is the ASM of the Troop who pops his head in to meeting so see if he needs to know anything. Since the Troop meetings are the same time as Crew. The President of the Crew has just got her Religous Bronze and has qualified for her Gold Award in February.Up until the begin
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