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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/mormon-church-boy-scouts-sex-abuse-arizona Here come the lawsuits against the charter organizations.
  2. Maybe the Council or district can get the local blm chapter or lgbtqxyz group to " vet" the mbc. This wokeness will drive scouts, volunteers, and charter organizations away. How much do you think the parents and churches will put up with. Commence with the flaming and down votes.
  3. This may have been posted before. If so, my apologies.
  4. Good question. qwazse, Injecting your bias on how to do a lashing or how to gather and use tender is much different, I hope you would agree, than injecting your bias on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  5. Think about the topics in the proposed requirements. They may not be sensitive to you but to others they may be very sensitive or even offensive. Your lack of sensitivity to their sensitivity is neither diverse, equal or inclusive. All people do not think the same way. I would hate to see the BSA turn into one big groupthink.
  6. No one can teach this MB without injecting their own biases (major, minor, micro, or whatever the new buzzword is, conscious or unconscious, perceived good or perceived bad) into the instruction. Therefore you are influencing on very sensitive matters, and that is why I say it is up to the Parent or Guardian.
  7. It is not my place to teach or discuss any of these proposed requirements with anyone's child. This is the responsibility of the PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Therefore, if implemented, I will require one PARENT OR GUARDIAN of each Scout to become a MBC for this badge and teach their individual Scout. This is such a powder keg how could anyone feel comfortable with teaching something like this to another persons child. There are so many different political, societal, moral, etc. views that this would be impossible unless the goal is for everyone to think of things the same way, which would also be i
  8. Just saying. I have to admit that, “Having both awards as a female now places Van Straten in an even more elite group nationally”, bothers me just a smidge.
  9. And then there is this. https://www.wbay.com/2020/12/09/green-bay-teen-is-areas-first-female-eagle-scout/ Ava is a member of the national inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts. That class will be named in February. In addition to that honor, Ava is the recipient of the Gold Award from Girl Scouts of the USA. “Having both awards as a female now places Van Straten in an even more elite group nationally,” reads a statement on her accomplishments. Males do not have this opportunity. Cultural changes indeed.
  10. https://www.axios.com/boy-scouts-america-90000-sex-abuse-cases-f53d9d90-bbd0-460d-aa97-82782a03d991.html Talking about the charter in this article. "Andrew Van Arsdale, one of the lead attorneys, called sex abuse an " unspoken norm" in BSA, per CNN." THIS IS AN ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING LIE. There is no shame among these vipers.
  11. Under a Biden-Harris administration, I doubt it. The BSA is too easy of a target not to make an example out of at this point. They won't be able to resist.
  12. Yes, yes they do and when I asked the same question to the second in command of my Council (both of which shall remain nameless) he said that the Council has already done so. Will it hurt? Yes. Will some units lose charters? Probably, but it is the right thing to do.
  13. Don't forget the Baptists. We are major in the South. 😁
  14. Don't know yet. We will find out on Monday. If we are not recharted the Troop will probably disband. The press for the BSA is bad right now and I don't know anyone interested in chartering a Troop.
  15. All of our Troop assets were obtained with funds raised in the name of Scouting. So who does the redeploying for Scouting use in our local area?
  16. I'm sure this has been discussed before but I believe there was a change in 2018. In the event of a Troop dissolving who owns the assets. Troop bank account, trailer, chuck boxes, tents and all the other stuff that has been acquired over the years. I always thought the CO owned the Troop and all of its assets but now I'm reading that the Council might have claim to some of it. Our CO has given the Troop a place to meet and nothing else. Not a dime. The Troop has acquired everything on its own. I just need a clear answer as to who owns what and what they can do with it if
  17. My COR got a call from our CO, which happens to be a First Baptist Church, this morning. The Executive Pastor has seen the referenced article and now the CO wants me(Scoutmaster) and COR to meet with the Executive Pastor and the church's lawyer. Not sure how this will turn out.
  18. I agree and I discourage the "First class in a year" mentally.
  19. The point is that Scouting is not a race, it is a journey. It is a disservice to a female or male Scout to simply rush through. The journey is there to build friendships, comradery, self-esteem, self-worth, self-reliance, social skills and all the other things that come with spending time doing something well. I do not agree with attaining the rank of Eagle in such a short time, whether they be male or female.
  20. Will this mean that Philmont is no longer open for treks until this is settled?
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