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  1. Not given any drawings or sketches. That would have helped! And I cant find any using the description given. Thanks for your advice
  2. I am from a newer troop with little to no pioneering experience. The scouts have decided to enter the Klondike this year with 3 weeks to go. We have zero idea on how to build what they are supposed build and many, many google searches turn up no results. Do you have any good pioneering resources that we can search for help? We may end up skipping this town I fear. Thanks!
  3. A lot to unpack here. Thank you. Maturity... That is one of our biggest challenges. Our oldest scout is only 14. Most are 11/12. We are lacking older scouts. It's not easy. Your two rules are great. And yes our adults do need to learn to step back. So this year in camp everyone has to travel together due to Covid restrictions. All the scouts and leaders have to move from one program area to the next as a group. Unfortunately, some of the responsibility that falls on the scouts will be lost this year. But at least we can camp
  4. Ah... Pooping and parents. Two things we haven't given much thought to yet 😉. I appreciate the insight on both topics Luckily we do have fairly nice bathrooms where we are going and latrines too. I never would have thought to switch tent mates mid week. But that was suggested more than once. Interesting. I can definitely see a benefit to it.
  5. This is our newer units first summer camp. (Last year we did virtual). Who decides patrols and tent mates? I have read that units have either adults or scouts choose for summer camp. Seems like its more the adults choosing for summer camp. What do you do? Give me your best summer camp advice. Thanks
  6. You nailed it. We are in bear country. Black bears. And we are talking late April when they are hungry. And the rules seem fuzzy to me and to our council since they couldnt answer my questions besides telling me there are grey areas. Our goal was to bring our newly crossed over AOLs to the council camp we plan to go to for summer resident camp. They can see and experience it. Solidifying their decision to go to camp, hopefully. No way can we expect folks to buy all kinds of equipment when so many are struggling. Geeze, we can just simply go camping as a group of friends, not u
  7. I can not find any details on the BSA site referencing rules for family camping and scouts BSA. All I can find is this under Camping... Family Camping "Family camping is an outdoor experience, other than resident camping, that involves Cub Scouting, Scouts BSA, Sea Scouting or Venturing program elements in overnight settings with two or more family members, including at least one BSA member of that family. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children, and Youth Protection policies apply." Looking at the quote I copied above, family camping may apply to
  8. Our council is requiring Troops to family camp at this time and it seems to leave some "grey areas". After a discussion with council today and hearing "again, it is a grey area" I feel like few of our questions have been answered. I figured maybe someone here can give some insight. So our biggest question is can a parent tent with a scout? It is family camping, not troop or patrol camping. I understand that no leader should tent with a youth according to YPT. Would that rule hold during a family camping event? Can a father & son or mother & daughter tent together? What a
  9. Thanks for the replies. I like the idea of a summer picnic. I will run it by our committee.
  10. Is it in writing somewhere that cub scout camping counts? I can't find anything. Or is it assumed because the award says something like under BSA, so that includes cubs. If that's the case, does cub scout hiking, swimming, etc count too for the other awards?
  11. So what is everyone doing for a blue & gold dinner this year? We are looking for ideas. Here in NJ we are restricted to only 10ppl inside. Last year we had around 90ppl attend. We usually hold it the last weekend in Feb. We are thinking of delaying it until warm weather so we can meet outside or doing something virtually over Zoom. What are you doing?
  12. Our council doesn't have a pool, but this is a great idea! Thanks.
  13. Thanks everyone for all of the great points on this topic! I appreciate your advice. I do agree. This scout in particular really is not fond of nature, bugs, outdoor camping, etc. I have seen him blossom in many of these areas which is great, but lake swimming will be tough. He went in last year, but wouldn't go over his head.
  14. We are a newer troop with not much experience in how to handle the swimming portion of ranks. 2 of our scouts earned the swimming MB last year at camp. The camp let us know that the work on the MB can be used toward their ranks.... pass the beginners and full bsa swim test, etc. So what do you do in a year like this one when there is no summer camp? I can't see holding scouts back from earning rank because we are not going to camp and swimming. In addition, we have one scout who absolutely hates swimming in lakes. He freezes up. I have a pool and have seem him spend hours playing in
  15. I spoke with the council camping director yesterday and yes it seems the new rule of leaders not splitting weeks is proving a hardship for some units. It is tough, but we are figuring it out. Our scouts are excited to get back to basics and spend more time together as a unit instead of splitting off in every which way. (Units stay together in a 'pod' the whole week). Some are sad there will be no completed MBs, but at the same time are looking forward to an array of MBs being worked on. With blue cards handy and a list from camp/council detailing what skills go towards which MBs. For sure
  16. We are in NJ too. We have decided to not meet in person until July/August the earliest. We will have our COH virtually, but not sure what/how we will do it. I would not not have it. The scouts that earned MBs or rank need to be awarded sooner rather than later. And this is something uplifting during these times. Our scouts will guide how it happens, but I heard talk of dropping the awards off with the parents beforehand. Then when the award is announced virtually the parent can give it out.
  17. Our pack has had good attendance. We had 1 pack meeting which was a get to know you again type meeting and show and tell. Since them we broke into dens. Both our Webelos and Bears were missing only 1 scout. How are you reaching out to the families? For us, emails don't work well. Not many parents check on a regular basis. We text the parents. We are small enough that it works. I think den meetings seem better.
  18. At the camp meeting for unit leaders they did make it sound like it was a go, but added at the end that still needs state approval. Yesterdays meeting had a different vibe, but they are still planning on it happening. We are a unit that was already scheduled to go there so we are still moving forward with fingers crossed.
  19. Were you able to listen to the leader meeting last week? Zip line is a go, boating is approved and they believe they will have swimming approved as well. Shotgun approved. Working on rifle and archery. They seem confident they will have program areas open. No MB's, but they plan on giving a list of which merit badges the activities the scouts do can be applied to. Everything is done with your own troop/pod (CDC term)
  20. Maybe. My son has done so many Virtual MBs already. Our Troop is registered to go to Winnebago for week 2 so we are waiting to hear the details so we can make a decision. I have no problem with our kids going.
  21. Still awaiting more details. There will be no merit badges and it sounds like the troops stay together and work together all week. No specifics yet.
  22. The cub scout box looks interesting. I hope my council does something similar if they close this summer.
  23. Yes this really is a tough call for us. In one of the scouts folders the majority of the pics are from a trip to VA as an AOL. Again, which his mom took.
  24. It may be hard to talk to the scouts before the counselor approves their work. The pics their mom submitted are pics she took of them at the Klondike Challenge in January. I have seen them before as they were posted on social media and I was with her when she took them. I wish you were right.
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