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    Anyone hear of Raise Craze?

    I stumbled across this 'no sell' fundraiser. I didnt delve to deep into it. Looks interesting, but scouts provide community service just to be good scouts. Any thoughts on it https://kindness.raisecraze.com/no-selling-gen/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign_C-1819SCHL&utm_content=ADSG-64BYSTFR--AD-8RSA----receTI2O0dY1YY91K&utm_term=%2Bboy %2Bscout %2Bfundraiser&gclid=Cj0KCQiAk7TuBRDQARIsAMRrfUbWELgJoYxAksANe3ZcymIcYPndLZwwNHszsID9riBi1_GNg42uQxwaAnSNEALw_wcB
  2. karunamom3

    Tent set up question

    At summer camp two boys sharing a tent put down rugs & a tarp to avoid splinters in their feet, bugs and dirt inside. An older scout told them it was not allowed because the rugs stuck out when the flaps were closed. The two boys asked the scout why it's not allowed and he replied with because my mom told me. Is there a 'rule' or some tent etiquette that states this? It caused quite a controversy since 2 tents were set up this way.
  3. karunamom3

    Where would you go?

    And for us, a brand new troop & pack, this could really hurt. We don't have a lot of money to begin with. I keep thinking it will be alright and everything will work out in the end. Maybe that is naive, I don't know. I love scouting. My youngest is only a Tiger and already plans to get her Eagle so I have a long way to go with the BSA and don't plan on leaving. I was quite surprised the other day when a Scouts BSA scout said to me that it really doesn't matter what rank he is because BSA is closing soon anyway. I was shocked. His dad is his SM. I wonder what conversations they have had, if any.
  4. karunamom3

    Jamboree on the Air

    Yes! Our district made it a weekend camping program. We had 6 scouts complete the radio merit badge and 4 begin pioneering. We are in NJ and we connected to folks, some scouts, in Maine, Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Canada and Germany. It was open to cubs, scouts and venturers. It was cold, but lots of fun!
  5. karunamom3

    CO emblem on neckercheif

    Our new CO is a Masonic lodge. It was discussed at a leaders meeting... can we incorporate parts of the Masonic symbol into our neckercheif design? Specifically, the square & compass or just the compass. It would be behind & around a BSA eagle. Some concern was raised over non-masons wearing it, but it is not the complete symbol and would be in the background of the eagle. Any thoughts?
  6. karunamom3

    CO emblem on neckercheif

    Yes! We love the WSJ neckers we bought. Nice hefty size. Wish they didn't sell out so darn quickly!
  7. karunamom3

    Scouts Uniform & Halloween

    Welcome to the forums! 😃
  8. karunamom3

    CO emblem on neckercheif

    We put neckercheifs on hold because we had issues opening a bank account. But, our lodge is all for it. They even want us to create a second design to put on a special necker for the lodges 100yr anniversary next fall. In addition, we found out that the Grand Lodge of NJ has a scout necker design on file that has been used in the past. We are waiting for our contact to show us that.
  9. We had such a hard time with blue cards and summer camp. Most were missing, wrong, not signed (even though all requirements were marked completed), signed digitally, not blue, etc. Even after a leader spent 3 hours at camp a week later to try and straighten it all out there are still issues. After discussing with council they are not concerned. They do not like the blue cards and believe scouting is moving away from them. They feel the cards are more trouble than anything. (Not being received, digital signatures, lost, etc) They told us that if everything is recorded properly in Scoutbook then the blue cards are really not needed unless we, our unit, needs them. I was quite surprised at this because I have been told from day 1 to save every blue card for Eagle BOR. Any thoughts on this?
  10. karunamom3

    Doing away with blue cards?

    Barry, good point. I guess I am asking if anyone else got feedback like this from their councils. It was basically like as long as it is entered into scoutbook, blue cards dont matter and not needed. We were shocked honestly
  11. karunamom3

    Doing away with blue cards?

    Good to know that other summer camps are not giving cards. Thanks. I do know about the partials. So 2 of our boys missed one requirement for Astronomy. Before leaving camp they spoke with the counselor about it. When they learned a leader was going back they got it done and brought the blue cards back. The counselor marked the number as complete but didn't sign. I'm sure it was because he never does. It's all printed on the computer by the office staff.
  12. karunamom3

    CO emblem on neckercheif

    Thanks. It was our COR's idea! They just want to get the design approved by their district leaders.
  13. karunamom3

    merit badge sash q2

    My son thought I was crazy when I bought a large one for him. I asked him if he wants to remove and resew all his MB's and patches as he grows 😂. Discussion ended quickly.
  14. karunamom3

    Flag help needed

    Thanks everyone. Our CO has a flag we can use indoors! That saves some money. So based on some advise here we will get one for parades & a troop flag.
  15. karunamom3

    Flag help needed

    We need flags for a new troop & pack. What size American flag do you use for indoor permanent use (may be carried inside a short distance for the blue & gold dinner)? Do you use a different flag for parades or camping, if so what size? What size pole is good for parade use? Same size pole for American & troop flag? What size pack & troop flag do you recommend? Links! Who do you get your flags from? Any sources are helpful. Thanks!
  16. So, we are finally splitting from our pack & troop. Some of you may remember past discussions leading towards this moment. This will be a long-ish post. Backstory: The Troop is adult led/no patrols and has been struggling for 5+ years. Myself & 2 other families all crossed over boys this year in May. We have been trying since January, with councils encouragement and approval, to step into troop leadership roles and suggest/recommend/convince/encourage/insist upon boy led & patrol method to very old long term leadership. Council has looked to us as the saviors of the troop hoping we could turn it around and thrive. Every leaders meeting since Jan has been a trial. The troop felt divided. At the last leaders meeting in June we asked one last time... can we please become boy led and use patrol method. Yes to patrols (adult chosen & set up). No to boy led. We were told that they tried it and it doesn't work. (We have seen it successfully work in other units!). In addition, they informed us that they no longer want the linked female troop. 😖 We made the decision to leave. We chose to begin our own units (M/F) on the other side of town. Darn it would have been so much easier to go to an established unit in another town, but our cub families have truly become family with our kids hanging out all the time outside of scouts. We knew leaving town would divide everyone and didn't want that. We met with the troop leaders and proposed to them bringing their units (troop & pack) to the new CO understanding the troop will have new leadership roles & will be boy led. The old troop leadership is old & none of them have kids in the troop - for decades. Only 3 can go hiking or camping due to age. Anyway, we explained our thought of carrying on their scouting legacy by continuing with the same unit numbers, etc. Our new CO loved the idea of honoring the long term scouting family in that way. The troop leaders voted without much discussion. They voted to stay and carry on. It ended in a friendly manner with encouragement and ideas for us. It was nice. I stepped down as CM of the pack. I was told by the acting CC/COR (matriarch of the units) to take the pack with us since she can't handle keeping the pack going. That was a surprise, but great. The pack families are very excited & all but one are on board. So, I now find myself starting a male troop, female troop & family pack. The pack is the easy one. I am CM and running it successfully. We are losing 1 family with 2 kids and parents were a DL and the treasurer. That will make it tricky, but nothing we can't handle. Starting from scratch with no money. Hard, but we will do it. It's the two troops I need advice on. No money to start. 5 boys confirmed with transfer applications and 4 leaders signed on. *What should we be focused on?* None of the 4 troop leaders have long term troop leadership/experience, but all are 'trained'. We are getting the 5 boys together tomorrow for calendar planning, recruitment discussion & fundraising ideas. They are all young. The oldest is 12.5. All but 1 crossed over this May. 4 went to summer camp. None have reached scout rank. Also on our radar are meeting with the mayor (who is aware of our move and is supportive) and setting up bank accounts soon. *What else? Getting flags, boys have discussed neckercheif design, getting camping equipment, coordinating calendar with the CO and supporting their events when we can. Uniform policy. After September recruitment the boys can set up patrols, etc. Thoughts? Ideas? (As a side note * that one pack family that did not come with us approached the COR and the dad has stepped up to be the CM. Problem is all of the pack members, scouts & leaders, have signed on with our new pack already! 🤦‍♀️Not many people like him and do not want to work with him. I feel bad, but the COR told us to take the pack with us. I wish them well.)
  17. karunamom3

    Who gets the money?

    I know this is an older post, but this is what we do... We run our own food drive twice a year that benefits 3 local food pantries. We get quite a bit of cash donations usually between 800 - 1200. We buy $25 Shop Rite gift cards with the money and split the cards between the 3 locations. The folks that run the 3 food pantries all like the gift card system we established, but it was discussed with them first.
  18. We are looking to try a holiday wreath sale this year. Looking for recommendations on a farm to use. I have been eyeing 3 or 4, but hearing some experiences would be nice. Any to stay away from?
  19. karunamom3

    2019 World Jamboree

    Yes. My 2 cub daughters had scouts & leaders thank them for joining scouting. Many foreign female scouts went out of their way to talk to them & trade with them.
  20. karunamom3

    2019 World Jamboree

    Oh yes! Very different situation. My 6yr old had scouts approach her and give her things because she is so little. The older boys we were with called her our patch magnet. Lol
  21. karunamom3

    2019 World Jamboree

    I couldn't figure out how to quote without the picture 🤣 Anyway, we had quite the opposite experience as day visitors. My kids tried to keep a list of all of the international scouts they chatted with, but gave up. Way to many to count. It could be because they were obsessed with trading and would approach so many scouts. They (Cubs & Scouts BSA) were thrilled to get hugs from some Italian scouts who were giving out 'free hugs' 😀. Here are my 2 girl cubs with a lovely group of scouts from Namibia whom we spent about 30 min with twice.
  22. karunamom3

    World Jamboree Attire

    We went with our troop tee shirts & neckers and felt it was perfect. The kids had a blast and that's what mattered the most.
  23. karunamom3

    World Jamboree Attire

    Interesting that the comments are for activity uniform, but the votes are for the field uniform. We are going for 2 days and I have been debating on how to dress everyone. Thanks for this post.
  24. karunamom3

    How do camps accommodate girl troops?

    We went out of our council to camp last week. They seemed not very well prepared for females as some other camps are. At this time one bathroom/bathhouse had a wooden sign you flip Males Only/Females only and same with the changing rooms at aquatics. At a leaders meeting they gave the leaders instructions to talk with the scouts about knocking and not flipping signs while someone is in there. We wish they had dedicated male/female facilities like some camps do. The latrines have locking door stalls and so does another bath house so no male/female separation. Here was a huge issue we had. I attended as leader of our male troop. We had 1 girl from our linked female troop go provo. She was registered in advance, both male troop and female troop leaders went to the camp leaders meeting 10 days prior to camp start date where the provo girl was discussed in detail since she has a disability as well. We were told there would be a female staff member in provo. Did not happen. No female staff. There was 1 other girl there, but her dad was with her so she was ok. Serious YPT/female rules questions were raised not by us because we were not aware of the issue until after dinner. Other scout leaders in provo were concerned. We were told that National was involved, but that there is no set policy on provo summer camp staff. In the end the girl slept with female staff in a cabin and spent the days/ate with the provo troop. Not sure how we feel about that... was she lucky because she got a behind the scenes look at camp staff, had plenty of one on one mentoring, sleep in air conditioning OR did she miss out on a true camp experience. Our biggest problem, that took staff 2.5 days to figure out, was who was responsible for her in case of an emergency situation/assembly, staff or provo? In the end they decided to bring her directly to the main office during an emergency assembly.
  25. karunamom3

    Camp info packet

    Do you give your scouts an information packet about camp upon arrival? I have never been to Scouts BSA camp before, only on a cub level. I went to a leaders meeting for the summer camp we will be attending and they mentioned we should give a map to the kids in their 'packets' when they get settled in camp on the first day. I will say that I am not the one organizing the trip, but I will be there half of the week. I know they are not planning on giving the scouts anything. What do you do?