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  1. NateMom

    Derby Car

    Thanks for advice guys. I will defiantly do things different next year. What made me mad was giving the first 8 cars more than one time down the track, but since their computer wasn't working and they where just doing brackets with use of a cell phone camera then my son being car 49 out of 50, they only gave it one shot and it malfunctioned.That was the end of that. They said they weren't going to let him try again. Another pack said that he was more than welcome to come race with them in the summer to see what it does. Perhaps we will go do that to see what the car should had done.
  2. NateMom

    Derby Car

    That's exactly what happened to my sons.
  3. NateMom

    Derby Car

    My sons pack just held a pinewood derby event. When we built the car the tires where fine and rolling. I gave it to be weighed in and the car was passed on to be placed on the table with other cars who where racing while we found seats and waited. During the race they had so many issues with software and decided to use cell phone footage to declare winner. The first 6 cars raced 3 times for testing cause malfunctions, then next 6 raced twice. My sons car was 50th out of 51. When they put his to race it was only car that the wheels malfunctioned and his didnt make it down the track. We didnt know why till we picked the car up and the back wheels that were freely moving where somehow jammed into the wood sides and stuck. When we noticed we asked if he could get his car to go down the track again and they said no and ignored us. Now my question is since BSA wont allow axels or spacers to prevent this I need suggestions. I dont know how it got jammed up in the car like that, because there was no problems the whole 3 weeks we had it. Like I said we dont care about winning and losing we just wanted to see his car make it to the end and if other cars went down more than once well he should had that chance.