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  1. I believe we're talking of two different types of tech school. On the one hand would be a tech program at local community college such as diesel mechanic or dental hygiene versus going to Virginia Tech or MIT
  2. Yes, at least in most places. We had some canned corn come into the Food Bank -- most without labels. We stuck three labels together so the Xerox could print three-up. We cut the Xeroxed sheets into thirds, and enclosed a "label" with each bare can. Problem solved according to the big boys downtown. Hmmm, if you've the space, add an order blank to the label?
  3. My visiting friends and I stopped at a McDonalds while on the road. Inside were a small group of Scouts accompanied by two adults. It turns out they had done the opening flag ceremony at the Roundtable. Anyway, my friend was teasing them all because they had skipped the Klondike this year. Excuse was that it was too cold. I caught the tailend of this as I reappeared. I asked the adult facing me if he was the Scoutmaster. He shook his head, and pointed to the gentleman across from him. I gave that second man the most heartfelt, 'Thank you for volunteering' that I could. He seemed to
  4. Isn't there a town in Minnesota where everyone is above average?
  5. You will almost always have a core group that is truly interested in being outdoors. Have a well-skilled ASM invite them by invitation only (because he feels like it) on some outings that won't cost them much but are truly woodcraft. Hopefully, they will have such a great time that word will spread and a growing number will put away their computers and pick up their hike staves. In teaching knots, you also have to teach the useful applications. What's this knot good for? Why this knot and not that one? If I want to bundle these poles together what knot works best and prove it. Many will b
  6. Walt himself was a Boy Scout (T'Foot), and promoted Scouting most of his life. He apparently had no problems with Scouting. Put bean counters in charge of anything and that thing will sink to its lowest common denominator
  7. Doubtful!. mbcounselors really don't have that much wiggle room. Bird feeders, birdbaths, trees & shrubs enhance bird observation; bird houses not as much. Besides, building a nesting box for a wood duck is one of the possibilities specifically mentioned for the fish & wildlife mb. The nature mb also allows building a birdhouse.
  8. if uniforms and gear are going to be handed down to future Scouts, then why not just have the troop buy everything by keeping all the money?
  9. Hey, ScoutMom: This winter is getting many of us down. We may all feel better if we have a Spring this year
  10. I agree with what has been said. Announce a two month leave of absence. Tell them you need to fit in with new job and to get new home squared away. Well, a month and a half anyway. Also inform as needed that you are not in charge of fund-raising. Whenever someone suggests a camping trip immediately respond with "Sounds good. When can you start the troop's fundraising program to make it happen?" Make this a constant & immediate response.
  11. I watched about half of their 39 minute video. The program seems to be rigidly structured and adult led. With church membership declining, I don't see them as a growth area. I wonder if they're going to sell Trail's Life popcorn?
  12. maybe by looking at Trustworthy, Loyal, Obedient, Brave, or don't we teach by example anymore?
  13. Probably because "head 'em off at the pass" gives better results than "try and pick up the pieces" afterwards. Also fewer ruined reputations of those caught out. Successful businesses do this; it's called scenario planning
  14. Yeah, jblake, this is one reason we promote Rent-a-Scout over most of the typical fundraisers. The troop doesn't get involved except for the cachet of "yes, he is a Scout, and is trying to earn money to have his own Jet-Ski at summer camp (Ha-ha). Legally, each Scout is a self-employed businessperson. Each chips in about 10% of earnings to a disabled, homestay parent who is willing to act as dispatcher The troop's main involvement is to urge, strongly urge, merit badges in first-aid, personal management (hooray!), and all the home repair ones. We also urge taking the baby-sitting course
  15. yeah, Fred, and one of the purposes of non-profit Scouting is to go camping -- with all that that implies. You can fundraise for camping fees, troop equipment, etc. I have this letter from the IRS: One of the purposes of the Scouting program is to instill self-reliance ixxxxxxxxxx. You indicate that one way of doing this is to allow the xxxxxx to earn their own way as opposed to depending on others, including their parents, to fund their individual scouting participation. To further this self-reliance, you are proposing to allow the xxxxxx in your Pack to raise monies throu
  16. There can be so-called private benefits if the fundraiser is used to further the stated goals of the organization such as camping fees, dues, uniforms, handbook, workshop fees
  17. Guess it depends if you have to use a step-stool, or not
  18. Right now, as I look out the window, Scouts should be making enough money shoveling out driveways to last them the entire year of Scouting
  19. I certainly appreciate putting in that extra dollar. Selfishly, it's sometimes about me feeling better by getting the show on the road rather than sitting at the station arguing about who should have done what
  20. No serious problems; just tell them the law says no ISAs. However, it all depends how you pitch the plan. You can announce a funder specifically to reduce summer camp fees. You tell everyone how much camp will cost, tack on 15% for contingencies, explain how much each can realistically earn, and that they must make up the difference out of pocket. Most of all, promote the specific camp as a worthy goal rather than just something to do. If all goes well, some will bring in more than they need; their camp fees are fully earned along with some camp options. The kicker, and it's important, is
  21. The problem is that Scouting has become monetized. You can no longer go camping with kit you find around the house; it now has to be top-rated name brands or you won't have any bragging rights and even risk being laughed at. I can picture it in my mind's eye even now: Daniel Boone is gliding swiftly along the forest path. His feet, cushioned in merino wool socks, point his Salomon boots straight ahead. His Arcteryx backpack carries enough freeze dried meals to last the journey. As the sun sets, he starts to think about how good his Big Agnes will feel...
  22. While camperships are fine, giving a backpack to a deserving Scout may get you into trouble unless (1) every Scout gets a backpack as part of troop's camping/hiking program, (2) the backpack prize is announced ahead of time for showing most Scout spirit, winning Scoutcraft competition, organizing the orienteering segment at Camporee, etc.(3) the backpack is awarded to best speech on the importance of the Personal Mgmnt mb. Otherwise, since said backpack also has a non-Scouting use, is where you may get into trouble. It's been my experience that the Scout best at selling widgets is not the s
  23. Nothing wrong with troop fund-raising to fund HA. Funds just have to be applied equally to each Scout that is qualified to go, although in these days and times, I suppose each and every Scout could justify a campership. These rules apply to unit fundraising, which means sub-units such as patrols and individuals have slightly different rules
  24. what's to evaluate? You either choose to follow the law, or you don't. ISAs are not allowed
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