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  1. For me earning First was harder than moving on. Morse Code was a struggle. So was getting the 100 yard swim signed off as we never went to council camp -- always DIY. Merit badges were easier in comparison; more quickly done at least. Our adult Scouters always had some Scoutcraft to pass on as most had been in the military (idea: bringing back the draft will thus save Scouting). There was no Eagle project requirement. Current Eagle projects I view as more classroom than some of the merit badges under discussion (fill out workbook, write proposal and hand in for "grade", write complet
  2. Moose: It's not that hard. In October the PLC tells everyone summercamp will cost $250. They tell everyone they need to save $25 per month or $6 per week. Here's the gear list; go to Scout shop and price it out; talk to the others about cheaper sources. Here's the fundraisers we've planned between now and then. Even pricing out the foodlist for the upcoming weekender would be good training. Compare prices at Grocery A with those of Grocery B. For info on loans and credit cards, send them to the nice lady at the bank. For stocks and the stock market have them take Junior Achievemen
  3. "For this reason, basketball players should learn the rudiments of budgeting, planning, and how to balance a checkbook. " Ha-ha-ha! Your version of basketball seems to be a lot different than what I played in school. We just wanted to stomp the other team. The basis of Scouting is education: PLs teaching the newbies their knots, troop guides shepparding them to first class, and lets not forget the instructors. Otherwise, going "camping" resembles recess -- run around all day, play baseball or touch football, eat out of a can; not much Scoutcraft because no-one taught them in a mini-cl
  4. Having fun in the woods is great stuff. However, one purpose of Scouting is to develop the mindset of approaching adulthood. It may seem a long way off, but some of us are slow learners. For this reason, Personal Management is one of the more important merit badges on offer. Way too many families are living paycheck to paycheck (or worse), yet their homes are chock-a-block with the latest bling. If they had learned the rudiments of budgeting and planning, they may have been better able to weather the economic storms that appear in all our lives. The only change I would make to Per. M
  5. You might try a cleaner called MiraZyme. It's supposedly full of enzymes and stuff that eat or convert microbes, etc. I've not tried it myself, but a source I accept had mentioned it. WalMart may stock it.
  6. See if they'll buy into the concepts of conservation and sustainability. Many times, we've found we can camp for free in a usually inaccessible (as in not open to the general public) part of the nearest state park or forest. In return, we provide a half-day of conservation type work at the park under the supervision of park staff -- so it's also learning and training. If we do a good job with the volunteer work project, camp staff will frequently show up later in the day to lead a nature hike or give instruction in star gazing, etc. These hidden spots frequently have better fishing, swimmi
  7. and the "free" car wash where you depend on donations
  8. Sometimes you'll get paid in money, and sometimes you'll get paid in "stuff" that you'll need to flog at the CO's semi-annual yard-sale. In a truly depressed area, the target customers will be: the small business owners (window washing, bathroom cleaning, pick up the trash and sweep, stock shelves, babysit their kids, do chores at their homes), afterschool care & activities for schoolchildren until the parents get home from work, selling crafts online, selling food & drink at festivals and sports venues, monthly paper drive...
  9. You Do.. Trails End has a Place to set up Personal Sales online for Free which you can advertise the Link Year Around. Your Unit Members can announce your sales our Personal Facebook accounts. I Announced our Sales On Facebook on the Local TV Stations pages for Free. I announced It On Area Radio Stations pages for Free...They even announced it for Free on Air all Day Long. I announced it on the City's Facebook Page for Free. I made a Flyer in JPG form and I Shared it on Facebook..And People Shared it on their pages..I shared it in Area Facebook Trading Posts... We had No p
  10. True, the kids won't be involved. But, your troop needs to get off the ground with the camping program you've designed in your mind's eye. Perhaps your CO could use an extra $40k per year. If you spearhead this, you could see that the kitchen gets its commercial grade sinks, send the entire kitchen staff to servsafe, buy the tents the troop needs, fund some Cubs activities, etc
  11. If the parents won't help, maybe you can find some Girl Scouts. There will be two sales periods -- before the game, and after the game. Where the hot spots may be: "Alright, admittedly tailgating is much easier when you have a car but at Ohio State it doesn’t matter! Between the Ohio Stadium and St. John arena you will find all kinds of vendors available to feed you, entertain you and generally get you excited about Buckeye football. Want a free poster, yep, it’s there. Want a free burger from Wendy’s, on this day, you could have that too. How about a cardboard BuckeyeÃ
  12. Many drunks are lonely. They will either tell you to buzz off, or they will try to put a ten into your Scouts donation can
  13. If the dive bars don't sell food (hamburgers, etc) , the barkeep will probably welcome your barbecue vending just to keep the customers on the premises. Unfortunately, this idea will be limited to adult Scouters and their spouses, although the Scouts can help in the kitchen
  14. This may be cheaper: Ohio State University Extension offers ServSafe® trainings across the state that fit every organization's needs, using a variety of training methods. Targeting restaurant managers, school food service, nursing homes and other food service personnel, the ServSafe® training program is the industry standard for food safety education. Family and Consumer Sciences Educators are certified instructors through the National Restaurant Association and offer classes in the following counties. If you are unable to find a class near you, contact Linnette Goard, Field Speci
  15. The Food Protection Program of Columbus Public Health offers workshops on food safety. Each class is designed to promote proper food handling procedures to prevent foodborne illness. SERVSAFE: MANAGER’S CERTIFICATION COURSE This course is a detailed study of food safety procedures and prevention of foodborne illnesses. Developed by The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, this HACCP-based course gives participants national, state and local recognition as certified in food safety. Location: Columbus Public Health, 240 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215 Cost: $150.00
  16. He does have the Ohio State University. Do they play football? A quick search tells me the Naval ROTC has a lock on stadium cleanup. However, they may be willing to subcontract.
  17. Catering is not easy work; it just looks easy. Selling barbecue across the counter on weekends, combined with weekend lunch delivery to the local businesses sounds like a winner. It will still be hard at first until everything shaken down. Many daycare were required to have kitchens. That old Kroger may still have its kitchen I would probably skip pizza as there are already pizza shops in the area. To get your initial launch money, I would hit up the clientel of the dive bars and the beauty shops. Several merit badges can come out of this. Not just cooking, but finance, salesman
  18. the CVS near my Mother will rent out a stall in their parking lot. A couple guys try and sell their cheap imports there every time there is a community yard sale. Maybethe troop could go door-to-door collecting cast-offs and then sell them?? Saturday morning is traditionally the best time for this
  19. Your CO's kitchen may just need a 3-compartment sink plus a separate hand-washing sink to be kosher
  20. If you've been getting good write-ups in the local paper, then go into the dive bars with an official looking Scout donation cannister (Council need not know that it slipped your mind)
  21. Kroger prides itself on being part of the community. Even though "your" Kroger is shuttered, they may let you use the commercial kitchen in the deli department
  22. the grocery stores are still empty? Maybe someone could start an indoor weekend flea market
  23. Sounds pretty grim. Off the top of my head there is bagging groceries for tips, weekly window washing service for the businesses. Do you have access to a steam cleaner? Steam clean about five feet of sidewalk in front of each business; do this in the wee hours. Later, ask the store manager if he'd like his remaining filthy sidewalk spruced up for a donation to the troop. You may do better with rent-a-Scout. Scouts work in at least pairs to clean garages, basements, attics, store backroom; wash first floor windows, small painting jobs, weeding, walking people home with their groceries, wat
  24. Please tell us a bit about your part of the inner city. What businesses exist in it?
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