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  1. Agreed. It's also more fun to throw big water balloons that small ones. It's more fun to hose guys down with super soakers when it's 102F in the shade than swim in the 89F lake.
  2. You are taking the Marxist definition of socialism....and a very narrow definition at that. If you look at the broader definition (see Websters) of socialism, it is when the government, rather than private enterprise, control industry and markets. When you advocate the government getting involved in "guaranteeing" income, that's socialism. It certainly ain't capitalism. Moreover, it is not what THIS country was founded on. The LAST thing people in this country want is MORE GOVERNMENT.
  3. We are very clear with parents when they are looking at our unit for their boys. If they are looking for a helicopter re-fueling pad we're the wrong troop for them. Ever since we adopted this approach we have seen zero families join our unit only to leave because we were too scout led. Set the expectation early and you can avoid problems down the road. However, but in for this approach took YEARS for us to develop.
  4. Exactly. Because if you slide in head first you're likely to turn in to Pete Rose, and who wants that? Am hoping BSA does not outlaw burro races before we get to Philmont because PETA says it's cruel.
  5. My kid just found out that he cannot attend summer camp this summer. He will be a senior next year and college visits can only be done during summer camp time, as he's heading to Philmont in August. I am going to show him this thread so that he can see that working at summer camp (or Philmont) during the summer is a GREAT way to spend his youth...and build memories that will last him in his old age!!! Thanks for sharing these thoughts. It is important for young folks to see that simple, non-lucrative decisions can have MORE of an impact on who you become than any paid internship at that Fortune 500 company can. As I always tell him, "I've never heard anyone say that they wished they could work MORE at the office."
  6. Rhetorical question, I know...but after all this time @@Stosh you can't really we wondering this. The answer is clearly the parents...not all of them, but more than expected.
  7. Same could be said for those giant water front "blob launchers". Those are intended to have similarly sized/weighted individuals use them; not 125 lbs Timmy launched by 185 lbs dad. Happens all the time, in Scout camps across the country.
  8. Had a similar issue two weeks back. Texas-sized storm front moving in over night. SPL and PLs got together and told everyone to pack up that night, put their rain gear on top so that we could bug out first thing and reduce the impact of the (torrential) heavy rain on our gear, etc. Morning comes, rain in the distance, the unit packs up and heads home. 4-5 Scouts did not do as their PL advised (they the PLs check again and reminded these guys SEVERAL times to get their rain gear out). Get to the home base and are unloading. Torrential rains had arrived. Everyone dry except the 4-5 guys who didn't listen. Had two moms come over and hold umbrellas over their little yum-yums so that they would not get more wet (they looked like drowned cats already, futile gesture on mom's part). SPL invited the moms to stay dry in her car. Told her, "I told Bobby and Timmy to get their rain gear ready five times since last night. They said they forgot to even pack it. Maybe getting wet now they will remember the gear next camp out." Mom went back to the car. I love it when the process works like that.
  9. Advocating the government guaranteeing income, that's socialism. When you talk about the government controlling markets, that's communism. Friedman said this about a socialism: "The essential notion of a capitalist society is voluntary cooperation, voluntary exchange. The essential notion of a socialist society is force." Friedman didn't advocate socialism. I call it as it is.
  10. If you are going to advocate socialism? Yes. There are plenty of countries that like that system. This country was founded on a different set of social and economic principles. We like them and don't want them changed. So, yeah, go to China where the government will dictate every thought you need if that's what you want. I prefer to have the government stay entirely out of my life...which is the founding principle of THIS country. I've lived in many countries in my life. I have disagreed with their politics, social systems, economics and many other things. I never advocated changing those countries to meet my personal beliefs...even when I lived in one for over 15 years. It was my choice to live there so I lived within the norms and mores of that society. I wish those living here would do the same.
  11. Had dodge ball are recent district event. Some scouters/parents thought it was an unfair game because the scout who were better at throwing and catching had an advantage. The referee for the event was also the archery range instructor. His reply? "Yes, this game favors those boys who can throw and catch well, just like archery favors those with good aim. That's actually how life is meant to work."
  12. I've seen another one that says something like: "I am old and sleep well in the back country. I am old and stringy, you are young and chewy."
  13. Let's face it, @@Stosh, her English is better than the English of most US teenagers. My Italian, on the other hand, might have actually been Albanian. It has been a long time since I've used it.
  14. Ciao Giulia E benvenuto. Dirò prima che il mio italiano è peggio che il vostro inglese . E 'stato molto tempo da quando ho usato . Per lo più solo nei ristoranti ora . Ci sono due adulti che lavorano qui con Scoutismo. @@Cambridgeskip E @@ianwilkins possono essere in grado di mettere in contatto con alcuni dei loro Scouts. Vi auguro tutto il meglio. Ciao.
  15. I found @@Stosh's t-shirt... https://www.teezily.com/old-man-with-scoutingskills
  16. In a free-market capitalist country like the US? The wage you are paid is determined by the market...not the government and not your employer (directly). The employer relies on the market forces to dictate his costs for materials for his product. The choice of production facilities dictates the price for labor. The skill set of the workforce dictates the market for the labor. NONE of this should be governed by the government. I think you're in the wrong country. If you are looking for the government to secure your income for you, might I suggest you go to a socialist country or, perhaps, China. There the government is willing to pay you what THEY think you need and provide the services THEY think you need. Here in the USA, we leave it to each individual's ability to make something of themselves and to secure their own future. Well, at least we did prior to 1998.
  17. @@Stosh, in a previous life I was a football (soccer) referee in Germany, England and the US. Did a few international youth tournaments too. Comparing the parents from these countries and how they react to other players, teams and match officials I can tell you -- hands down and a few light years distance between first and second place -- the winners of worst, most vocal and abusive football parents are the Americans. It is not even close. Second would be the parents from the north of England. Manchester comes to mind, Nottingham less so. Easiest of the lot would be the Germans, because if you can point to where it is in the rule book they go home quietly because, well, you showed them the rule and that's good enough for them.
  18. @@Eagle94-A1, I always find the changes to requirements and such interesting. I recall the "all at once" SMCs you described but, like you, I could have sworn those were done away with soon after. What a mess those were. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but also sounds like the SM is beginning to be receptive to change. That is always a good thing.
  19. Yeah that will be interesting because you guys really upped the ante on the time/money investment just to volunteer.
  20. Never heard that. Where is that stated? We don't do a single SMC and BOR for those ranks for the obvious problems you ran in to. But he should review the requirements and the dates in the book as part of the process. Clearly. Hopefully this was a learning experience for him. If it were my Scout we'd hold off on his advancement until he "tested out" of those things signed off by mom. I would not want this kid going to another unit as an example of what we produce unless he met the standards all other Scouts in out unit have met. Yup. Right hand, left hand issue. We went to SMCs twice a month with BORs are month's end. We do go outside this schedule if the number of rank advancements gets too high or if we need to make sure the Scouts are not waiting too long for their rank.
  21. ???? It is YOUR duty to assure a basic income. The government should have nothing to do with you and your income. A true free market capitalist does not want government anywhere near their income or the market.
  22. I really don't what to say. Let's stay on topic of this OP. You have a Scout who as completed his requirements. You have adults not following the requirements or processes. You have adults adding requirements in one place in order to sign off on requirements in another. You have a Scout who is trying to follow the process and rules, but you have adults changing the rules. You have a Scout how turns 18 soon and is looking for resolution to his problem because the adults are being unreasonable. It's not about character. If it was one might ask about the character of the adults changing the rules. Its' not about trust. If it was one might ask about the trustworthiness of the adults who don't communicate their thoughts or intentions. It's not about loyalty. If it was one might question the loyalty of the adults who are not supporting a young man who has invested a great deal in their program already. The irony of you continuing to banter about what the program is about and what we are trying to achieve as adults, flies in the face of what these adults are trying to do. You don't build the character of a young man about to make Eagle by eroding his trust in you and sabotaging his hard work. I'm going to stop my part of this discussion. You either don't get it or are so far away from how I would want my boys represented by adults that I can only say I am glad your mindset does not exist in my unit.
  23. Curious, what are you going to do? Will the ranks remain or are you going to re-review him to make sure he knows the stuff? The GTA gives you the cover, but honestly, the SM should have caught this. He sounds like he either has too much on his plate or is asleep at the wheel.
  24. I agree. Have a big sign that says "Adult Volunteer Leader Sign Up" and hang it high. Next time he gets involved simply say, "You're a natural. Why don't you fill out an adult leader form and make your involvement official?"
  25. Friedman never advocated setting a minimum wage that high.
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