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  1. Thank you guys for posting your replies. It was very helpful. All the boys had a good time. The Webalos did not buy the "Magic Fire" (http://www.globalserve.net/~codyak/campfire/magicfire9.htm #3) but the little ones took it hook, line, and sinker. We added kid story tell and joke telling (the tigers really don't get it yet) they were all funny. Thank you again
  2. Hehe I'm The BALOO trained person... I was thinking about a talent show of some type. Magic tricks, sole songs, sole stories and Jokes...
  3. fotoscout, 4:30 is the start of my part of the planning for the night. I believe that we are going to meet at around 1:00-2:00 for a hike, fishing or games. That part is being handled by another parent. But youre right about the Meal time, I'll scheaule that in thank you. The religious service is being done by the CO, a church and we were asked that all of the parents try to attain because we are trying to build our membership and because they do a lot for us with very little in return. I decided to do very little in the way of skits because, we do skits at most Pack meetings.
  4. Hi I volunteered to plan our Overnighter / graduation. I have never been a part of cub Scouts before this year. The only camping I had ever done was with my family and friends. I did a lot of reading on the internet and came up with this plan. Please tell me what you think could be done better, and what I might be leaving out. Link: http://members.cox.net/pack.81/campfire_planner Others are planning things for before the times I have stated and the next day.
  5. We are staying in town. We are going to the local zoo and aquarium.
  6. I have planned our pack summertime activities. I was thinking that we could invite some non-scouts for something like a round-up, to show kids what fun cub scouts can be. Have anyone of you had problems with doing things like this? Should we inform council of our plans? What about the insurants, it wont cover non-scouts on scout events, will it?
  7. Great site can't wait till it's all up and running . Keep us posted.
  8. Spouses don't qualifies as two deep (I believe I read that some where.) And yes we are going to try the chemical starter this weekend. But if that fails or seems too dangerous we are going to try the Hidden candle thing. #3 on http://www.globalserve.net/~codyak/campfire/magicfire7_8.htm#mechanical(This message has been edited by zippie2223)
  9. I always sucked at sports in little league. But I would always win a trophy at the end of the years for "Good Sportsmanship". I was a lot smaller then the rest of the kids. They looked at me as a mascot I guess because I was always cheering us on even till the bitter end (probaly because I did not keep up with the score and had no idea that we were 50 points behind.) The coach put me in as cornerback (probably so I did not get killed up on the line) and at nine, the QB rarely throw the ball. Well my best moment came when the QB threw the ball my way. I ran in front the receiver ju
  10. I have a few questions, thank you for your time. 1. We are about to do our graduation from tigers to wolves. I was asked to plan the gradation ceremony. I was reading up on it and a lot of people say to keep the applause to a minimum in lieu of cheers. With Cheers do you do the same one or two over and over though out the ceremony, or do you do a different one each time? How safe is a chemical fire starter found on http://www.globalserve.net/~codyak/campfire/magicfire10.htm? 2. As I said, we are going to be getting our Tiger badges on May 22, as wolves every parent does not h
  11. http://members.cox.net/pack.81/
  12. I was thinking that the kids in home school might be a value resource for the cub scouts and vice versa. Any ideas on how to get in contact with the parents that do home schooling in our area? I was thinking churches but there are way to many small churches in the area to get to them all. Any ideas?
  13. Hi I've been lurking here for a month or so, reading and learning all you guys have to offer. I started scouting last Sept. /Oct. as a Tiger cub leader. Had a pretty disappointing start as a cub leader. Loss half my den in January for different reasons. Wish I knew then, what I know now. Can't wait till next year. At the round up, when I was recruited, no one else raised their hand when they asked for leaders but me. We missed the New Cub Overnighter because it was the Friday night after I was recruited and I had no idea that it was going on (found out the Thursday before, at train
  14. I haven't been here long, but from what I gather about FOG is that he is like the uncle that plays "Pull My Finger" at the family barbeque. Then hands you a good piece of advice, and ask you what that on your shirt and plucks you on the nose when you look down.
  15. I believe the more important issues is that all three words are in capital letters.
  16. It does not say anything about decimation on NON-religious basis. Religion and lack of religion are two different things. As rlculver415 said, no religion = Only opinion.
  17. I joined at the New Cub Round up last year in October. I joined a pack that was/is on a decline. The year before I joined the CM quit in mid season and two or three dens fell apart or left to join other packs. At the first council meeting the council chose a new CM. Her heart was never really in it. The scouts we recruited at round up (excluding me) never got trained or started meeting for that matter. We had Tigers (my group), Bears, and Webelos 1 at the beginning of this year. Now the CM took ill and her Bear den fell apart and again we had to choose a new CM. He is the Webelo leader
  18. oppps... double post(This message has been edited by zippie2223)
  19. 40$ is for a five days camp. It is district run. 160$ I would just quit... We already have two single moms struggling to make ends meet. Damn I'm in a two parent working family and I would never pay 160$ for camp. thats us dollars
  20. Can my Cub Scout den do a fund raiser? We are a in a very economically poor area and a few kids are with single moms. They may not be able to go to summer camp, which cost 40.00$, this year.(This message has been edited by zippie2223)
  21. This was my first year as a tiger den leader also. I tried to do a shared leadership thing in our den, but it really didn't work. I assigned different achievement to each parent. Two of the parents called me the night before the Go see it and said that they did not have time to set it up (the fire station and the museum), so I throw together something real quick. I am in charge of helping the new tiger cub leader next year. I like the idea of canned meeting with contact numbers. We started with 6 tigers and ended with 3. I Loss one scout due to being expelled from school. I got the us
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