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  1. Hey thanks we will use that this year. It is all ways hard to get the tiger and the wolves to quiet down with the sign. This is more like a game to them then adults trying to make them shut-up.
  2. 1) What type of scouting unit is it? Cub Scout Pack 2) Do you feel you have a well functioning committee? It could do better, but heard of a lot worst. 3) How many members are on it and what are their specific assignments? 5 DEE-Committee Chair, COR Larry- Assistant Chair, to agree with the CC (his wife) Bruce- Treasure, Cub Master, Co-event Planner, Den Leader Glenn (me)- Assistant Cub Master, Event Planner, Den Leader, Web Master Connie- Just retired from Pop Corn Kernel, looking for a new one. (This message has been edited by zippie2223)
  3. I found this: http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/issues/9705/a-city.html
  4. twocubdad, "What is your CO's participation in all this?" Our CO gives our pack a place to meet once a month, they also let the council have a lot of council stuff there (Baloo training, Cub Scout Summer camp, and some over nighters). Our Committee Chairlady (she also acts as the COR) asked me to handle our own meeting places (she seems more involved in council level stuff). I have never meet our COR (the COR that is on the charter) and I have been at 90% of the committee meetings. I been think that maybe we should do an end around the committee chair to get to the CO and ask them myself
  5. The problem is the CO has no room for us to have our den meetings. They have there own classes during the week and they already do give us room for the pack meetings.
  6. John, "This is a very real problem in my eyes -- one that would have me looking for a new place to meet." I think I'm with you on this one, just to keep things less complicate. If I open this can of worms they may not go back in. Think I'll try Trail Pounders idea,the American Legion or the local fire station. Knowing that the rest of the group feels one way about god might inhibit kids feeling different then rest of us from speeking up about his own beliefs.
  7. The violence in this movie left me stunned for day after I saw it. It is definitely not for kids, I don't care how mature. JMHO...
  8. I meet with the church deacons and pastor after church Sunday about setting up a meeting place for my den. After a short Q&A session in which we covered insurance, two deep leadership, leave no trace, and religion, the pastor pulled me aside. He said that he would bring the matter to a vote before the council but he had some concerns about the religious part. He said that he could not support us meeting at the church if we could not mention that Jesus was the one true god and savior. I told his that we had to be religiously neutral, as long as we recruited from public schools. I told
  9. I have been having our den meetings at my house for a year. My wife just got a new job where she works nights. Pays well and we don't have to put the kids in day care, but she sleeps in the evenings. So now we can't meet at my house because sleeping with a bunch of second graders screaming in the house would be impossible. I checked with the CO and we can not have our meetings there. So I checked with the preacher at my church to see if we could meet there. He said that he will check with the deacons before he could bring it to a vote before the church council. My mom (shes on the churc
  10. I know I've been guilty of throwing myself into my work a little too much from time to time. I would even venture to say that most of us have. With a little reminder from THE BOSS (my wife), I always come to my sense and back to whats really important. But, that being said, sometimes its impossible to pass up that over-time, and skip the round table or committee meeting, or even postpone a den meeting.
  11. In our pack we have only two dens at this time (hoping to change that at round-up), both are run by men. As I look at the district it seems that there are more women leaders then men. I would welcome more women leaders because I believe they have an easier time with the little ones. Women are more arts and craft, and musically inclined. Just my opinion...
  12. I was going to send my son in uniform on school day. It might get the other kids excited about joining. In fact I'll get the whole pack to wear thier uniforms on school day.(if thats not to uncool for our webelos 2 group)
  13. One thing you said, "but I'm also expecting 4-5 parents to stay and participate. " In tigers all cubs needs an adult partner. And believe me 5-6 first graders are not EASY even with thier parents right there.
  14. FAMILY, Are you aware that if we died tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family we left behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives. And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more into work than into our own family, an unwise investment indeed, don't you think? So what is behind the story? Do you know what the word FAMILY means? FAMILY = (F)ATHER (A)ND (M)OTHER (I) (L)OVE (Y)OU
  15. When my boy and I first joined Cub Scouts I had to hear a lot of STUFF from people who really did not know anything about scouting. My Mother-in-law said that Cub Scouts made boy wimps. (This coming from a woman that spent most of her childrens life so drunk she could not take care of them. My wife and her sibling turned out alright despite her thanks to their grandmother.) I took some ribbing from the guys in fantasy football league. But what the heck do they know they pretend to be football team owners and most of them dont have kids yet. Most disturbing was a women that I work with,
  16. The reason I forgot Youth Protection was because I took it at home on line. But yes I took Youth Protection.
  17. A list of my training then a few Questions: 1. Leader Essential 2. Leader Specific- Tiger 3. BALOO 4. Stay Afloat 5. Swim Safety Questions: 1. How long before I have to take Leader Essential and BALOO before they expire? 2. Do I need to take Leader Specific every year? 3. What is Woodbadge? And why does it cost so much? (I heard over $200.00)
  18. When I first read this story, my little one was still sleeping so I went in and looked at him. A tear came to my eye. This poor family. You hear about this kind of thing a lot, freak accidents. But to be so young, my kids age, and doing something that we just did the week before. I'm at a loss of words... I'm not sure why this effected me so, but it has made me thankful for the little things, his silly little jokes, the fighting with his brother, the fight to get him to bathe now that its summer (for some reason he was under the impression that he don't have to bathe during summer)
  19. May god be with him and his family. My boy is the same age and it really hit home... ...Amen
  20. Pa. Cub Scout Killed by Falling Tree GARDNERS, Pa. (AP) -- A 40-foot pine tree fell in a state park, killing a 7-year-old Cub scout and injuring his father and another boy while they slept in tents during a father-son weekend. Owen R. Lentz, a first-grader from Camp Hill, was killed when the tree fell early Sunday, Pine Grove Furnace State Park manager Kenneth J. Boyles said. Boyles said the accident was "against all odds." The weather was calm, but the tree was diseased, he said. Owen's father, Lee Lentz, who was asleep in the same tent, was struck on the head. He was
  21. all boys received there Wolf patch" Good job. The boys really need to feel that they are work toward something not just meeting for the sake of meeting. "the Pack does not follow the suggested themes" Suggested themes are just a suggesting not the rule of law. I may be wrong but are there suggested themes for Packs? I though suggested themes were at the den level. "or do any den planning at the beginning of the year." This is the job of den leaders to plan the den meetings. I know I just spent two evening planning our den meetings for the next 4 months (all subject to change by
  22. First of all, hi and welcome to the forum. These guys and girls here really know what they are talking about. I found this forum a few months ago and they have been really helpful. With that said, our den meets three time a month as a den. Then we meet with our pack at least once a month, some times twice for pack events. Your den should be meeting as a den, not just with the pack.
  23. ok guys thanks. We will be giving it a go this. week.
  24. I was talking to friend who has a son serving in Iraq. He was telling how much his son appreciates letters from home. I ask him if our cub scouts could write letters to the soldiers and if he could send them with his next care package. Do you guys think that this is age appropriate for kids just becoming wolves? A parent was telling that the kids at her sons school had done this and most of them got letters back. The kids were thrilled. What do you guy think?
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