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    Pack budget to den level

    I was a new wolf den leader last year. I paid for the den activities out of my own pocket, but our process is the den leaders can ask the Pack committee for funds to cover the cost. We do not charge den or pack dues, as we make enough money out of popcorn sales to cover pack costs. I felt it was my contribution to the Pack to pay for the den activities. And it was a fun experience.
  2. FuzzyFacedLeader

    Den Meeting frequency

    Thank you all for the responses. When I started in Sept., I didn't think there was any way I could cover the 12 characteristics and get the boys through there Wolf patch requirements with once a month meetings. So I set up twice a month meetings. This worked out well, and all boys received there Wolf patch. However, the rest of the dens meet once a month, the Pack does not follow the suggested themes, or do any den planning at the beginning of the year. They also don't require wearing complete leader uniforms, and no uniforms are required for women leaders. I've been through leader training, but it does no good when the Pack leadership ignore a lot of the rules. Thanks again.
  3. FuzzyFacedLeader

    Den Meeting frequency

    Hi, this is my first post. I have been a Wolf Den leader since Sept, 2003. My Pack only has Den meetings once a month. The Leader information indicates den meetings should be held weekly. Please tell me what other Packs are doing. Thanks.