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  1. I didn't mean yell as in anger or ugly! All I meant was really loud. Yelling doesn't have to be about anger. I had to learn to do that on a football field in marching band with a crowd talking in the stands/sidelines. I had to learn to 'yell' but it was not anger and I didn't make an ugly face. Sorry if this came across as an anger topic. It wasn't supposed to be. I prefer the signs up. Saying "SIGNS UP" loudly and be sure it is heard across a large loud room of boys and parents talking (we meet in a fellowship hall of a church) is difficult with out a good 'yell'. It is said
  2. I was not sure where to post this with so many topics. This one seemed more miscellaneous, so here it goes. We are homeschoolers. We have been in the local regular cub pack since Wolf, and are now Webelos 1. I am a very involved parent, but have a toddler to care for at most meetings so I cannot be an official leader (hubby works evenings), but I am on the committee. Our den leader is good butother leaders are ..... We are not always comfotable with how things are run or the lack of iniciative/enthusiasim (sp) for doing the extras. Unfortunatly for our area, there is not another 'local' c
  3. I agree with the previous posts. When my son was a Wolf we had a CM and ACM that were volunteers from the Troop. They would yell above the boys to get there attention. I have even heard of some using a whistle (ie Kindergarten Cop). Our current CM for the last 2 years is a quiet guy, he even has a soft voice, and has a lot of trouble getting the boys' attention at pack meetings. I have made it a point to go around and tap boys on the shoulders and say signs up (Cub sign held up means quiet). You definitely have to put your foot down and get the parents that are there to help. Sctmo
  4. I was wondering if the BSA was considering a program below Tiger Cubs? I've been looking (for personal knowledge of programs) at other scouting organizations in other countries and how they are run. Many have a rank refered to as Beaver instead of Tiger. It is a 2 year program covering 6 to 8 yos or kindergarten AND 1st grade. Canada's even covers 5yos as does the Daisy Girl Scouts (they say K or ages 5&6). There is a fear that adding younger boys inturn dumbs down the program. It doesn't need to be dumbed down, just start teaching them younger. The Cub Scouts are divided into dens/r
  5. I like the belt because it is adjustable. However you do need to watch how much is trimmed off the tail. My hubby (formaer navy) trimmed our sons as a Wolf and he is now on the verge of outgrowing it. He is a Webelos now with just the buckle and we don't want to buy a whole new belt. Can't they just sell the belting seperate too? momandscout
  6. What do you do with a pack for a Toys for Tots Drive? Do they offer patches or is there one that can be ordered (what co. please) or appropriatly used (BSA)? Thank you momandscout
  7. We try not to allow the plastic holders except for temporary patches because of how bad they tend to look. I have told (especially new) parents that any patch that has a designated place on the uniform should be sewn on. I will be offering to sew patches on for a small fee to our pack and to local the troop. Does anyone have suggestions for fees? My sons and my uniforms are as correct as I can make them, I want to be a good example. momandscout
  8. Can a boy earn a protestant (christian based) religous award when they do not have a formal church home and therefor not a pastor? The family is christian and they are looking for a church home but have yet to find one they like. Also, can the parents or leaders earn an award for going through the program with the boys? Thanks momandscout
  9. In working on the uniforming of the pack, we have run into a small problem within the leaders about inspctions and proper insignia placement. Some leaders feel that the placemet of patches is a close enough thing or at least they got it on the uniform. The placement of the temporary patch is the biggest thing. Some of our leaders have temp. patches above and on the right pocket and on their sons, when approached, they get really uptight about it. I understand the rule for the female leaders in Cubs wearing either uniform shirt can place a temp patch above the right pocket but can still wear o
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