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  1. MarkS- Wish it could be a pre-cursor of some sort--just not going to happen here. Sure, I'll move in a few years and then I will have the ability for a nice antenna farm. Can't put anything inside the pole however. Just won't work well if at all. There are better ways. Thanks for the shack comments. Been a ham op since 1973. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!
  2. Thank you everyone. I found the author thanks to Sue. To answer the confusion, yes, I am in a legal fight with my Homeowner's Association (Williamsburg Bluffs). They say my US Flag on a 20' mast is illegal. There are NO restrictions in the CC&Rs here regarding flag poles. They want to try to put in in the category of "structures". No, my pole is not permanent. It does stand 15' away from a permanently installed basetball hoop of my neighbors. Yes, it is tasteful and attractive. In Virginia, a law was put on the books in 2000 (Code of VA 55-513.1) which in summary says UNLES
  3. I was surprised (and honored) with someone who dropped off a custom plaque due to my fight in my neighborhood to flay the US flag. He left it with my wife so I had no time to thank him properly. Maybe someone here can help me? The patriotic poem named 'It's Just a Piece of Cloth' was "signed" by THE BEAVER PATROL SR-605. The back has a signature which reads MARK (or MATT) PHISSING. The last name may be read wrong. An internet search leads me to believe the Beaver Patrol is linked to the Scouts or American Legion; I just don't know. Can anyone help me with the author or the gro
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