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  1. Thank you Kahuna, I wish I lived in Hawaii instead of upstate NY. It is very hard to sail when you have ice and snow to deal with. Eagle 63
  2. Can a Sea Scout Skipper earn the Advisor Award of Merit ?
  3. Hello everyone, I am sorry to say I disagree. The Leadership requirement states serve activly in a Leadership position for 6 months. Those that serve as Librian, Historian, Bugler, etc qualify. If you want to rewrite the requirements why don't you require for Eagle Leadership requirements only Patrol leader and Senior Patrol Count. Eagle 63
  4. Hello Scouters Some more information about my son. My son meet with his former Scoutmaster and had a good conversation. My son then had a follow up meeting with the SM, after this meeting the SM said my son did better answering questions however the SM felt he should show more leadership. After I heard this I blew up, I could not understand why my son was not told this at the last meeting. My son went to this second meeting with the anticipation of being able to go to the BOR if he was able to answer the questions. My son was heartbroken when he was again told that SM would not sign his appl
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but found the answers to other problems very helpful. My son has worked hard and has completed his requirements for Eagle. He just turn 14, has been very active (95% attendence at meetings and activities),has 49 merit badges( all required for eagle), been a Den Chief for almost 4 years, finished his Eagle Project ( a memorial to 9.11 and the Veterans at the American Legion Post), and has taken part in a Scoutmaster's Conference. Our problem now is that the Scoutmaster( an Eagle) will not sign his eagle Application, the SM says my son is not prepared bec
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