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  1. " I doubt that the CIA issues ID cards to its operatives... " I was thinking the same thing reading this article. Nothing says "Abduct, torture and kill me..." like a CIA person wearing a uniform and carrying ID in a hostile/foreign country. I'm sure they probably have badges for facilities but I doubt they're easy to copy or like what's in this article. Kind of funny.
  2. I'd start by contacting your local lodge. If you were an ordeal or brotherhood member, the process should be pretty painless. They'll likely work with you to verify your membership as a youth and you may get asked a few questions. Most lodges have some sort of transfer of membership paperwork or reactivation paperwork...you pay your dues, get your new flap and you're good to go. You may be able to make the process easier by calling your original lodge to see if you can get soem membership data/information from them. Now, if you were a Vigil member, my experience is that most lodges wi
  3. I'll add my $.02 to what the others have stated here. I attended as a youth in 1993. I had my heart set on going after seeing the "older guys" in my troop come back with stories and pictures in 1989. My parents, like many of the others in this thread, agreed to subsidize a small amount of the $800 it cost back then. I was told, if I wanted to go, I'd have to earn the rest. Several of the guys in my troop and I spent the winter/spring of 1992/1993 working on the weekends at a local orchard pruning apple trees at $5-10 a tree. I know I appreciate the value of that hard work more twenty yea
  4. I hear ya. I run one of the largest paintball websites in the US and more than 99% of the accounts created daily are from spambots primarily originating from APNIC or Russia. I've gone to a manual confirmation which requires my moderator team to parse through more than 300 accounts a day. If we're lucky 5 of those are legit.
  5. There are also links in everyone's profile and on the top of the page that read: kmono > book ksoco > book
  6. You may want to inquire and see if the Smithsonian's facility in Culpeper VA has copies (digital or VHS) of the older films. My understanding is that they have the largest archive in the US of films.
  7. I've also noticed that a bot or some other malicious piece of software has gotten into the site and added: kmono.com >book and ksoco.com >book Throughout the site. They're undoubtedly spam links.
  8. I'll add to what the others have said here. The order should be a 50-50 mix of service and fellowship. I was fortunate enough to be inducted in the order 20 years ago into a lodge that operates like a well oiled machine. We didn't have a chapter system and the lodge was run by a well distributed mix of youth spread throughout the council. It was a wonderful chance to develop friends throughout the council. The advisers were also involved and did a great job keeping things on track. The lodge had three Conclaves a year, one in the spring, one in the fall and one in the winter. Our Ordeal
  9. Exactly. I couldn't agree more. It's about teaching the kids that there are thing in life that you have a right to do (like boo the President) and the right thing to do (which would be to show respect for the office of the president, despite your feelings, and behave in a Scout like manner) and that those two things are often in conflict with each other. It's easy to talk about engaging in civil discourse but putting it into practice can often be a tricky proposition. The earlier that you can learn to do that, the better off you'll be...especially as a leader.
  10. I personally think the "Patch of the day" idea was terrible. Of the contingents that I visited and the local kids that I knew, none of them were able to get the "Patch of the day" and none of them thought it was a good idea. Now as for the rest, I'll caveat this by saying I'm a minor trader. I collect one council and mostly OA from Western PA. That being said, I thought the trading was seriously out of hand. The scary thing was how cutthroat the kids were. The local guys were telling me some of the outrageous requests they were getting for what I would consider to be mediocre patches
  11. From what I've heard during my visits and on several online forums and FB, patch thefts occurred on a large scale. It's sad that there are some kids out there so greedy that they ruin the experience for others. On the other end, shame on the contingents for not requiring the kids to lock up their gear. I remember when I attended as a youth in 1993 that we were required to have footlockers and bring combination locks for them. I like one posters suggestion about having a secondary lock attach to a cot to make it even harder to just carry a locked footlocker away. It's disheartening to see
  12. I too thought that the gates opened at 9, and I woke up early and drove the 2 hours from my house to get there to find that they opened the gates early to park everyone. At 8:15AM, it was about a 90 minute wait in a line of cars to get to the visitor parking area. I'll toss up some pictures I took on my phone. The parking area was already ridiculously full at 9:45 and I was told by one of the money takers that they opened the gates at 6AM and it had been a steady stream since then. I can't imagine what it was like for people who came later. The Jamboree was just PACKED with people, especi
  13. I stopped in as a Visitor on Tuesday and was quite impressed with how smooth everything went. The check in at the base (car inspections by MP's, etc.) was quick and orderly and the TP's seemed well stocked (Both TP 2 and the one in the Visitor's parking lot). My iPhone had great 3G connectivity throughout the base, even in the stretch by the upper parts of Travis Lake. The WiFi was pretty good around the AT&T hotspots. Lots of youth and adults taking advantage of the Wireless charging and AT&T areas. I was quite impressed with the focus on hydration. Lots of water available, most
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