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    Federal ID cards

    Here's a topic I don't think we've tossed around before. What do you think of Government issued/mandated identity cards? On the one hand, it would seem to be a huge Government intrusion into privacy. OTOH, if done right, it might serve to facilitate immigration reform. I suspect that opinions on this issue will not line up with traditional political lines and it has the potential to divide TeaPartiers into different camps. (Advance request: please don't wander down a path that will take us to Godwin's Law...)
  2. Trevorum

    Romneycare vs. Obamacare

    I hear lots of rhetoric from the right about how Obamacare is a bad idea, but I've never really heard an assessment on how Romneycare (on which Obamabare is closely modeled) has affected the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Do we have anyone here who knows firsthand?
  3. Again with the FlavorAid? Pack, are you always this vigilant about trademarks in general, or is is just sugary drinks? I'm wondering if you get all riled when someone needs a "band-aid", or "vaseline" because they slipped on the "astroturf" while "rollerblading"...
  4. Trevorum

    Political trends

    Now on the look out, this morning I spotted two different "I'm proud of my Eagle Scout" stickers and an "I'm proud of my Cub Scout." Made me smile.
  5. Trevorum

    National Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Just to be clear, most of us pirate talkers are NOT pastafarians! (not that there's anything wrong with that...)
  6. Trevorum

    Political trends

    I counted on the way home from work today. Three stickers for Mr Obama and one for Mr, Romney. But I also saw seven fish plaques, one flying spaghetti monster, one yin yang, and one fish with legs plaque. However, the winner hands down was 21 Texas Longhorns stickers vs only five Texas Aggie stickers. I guess the message is, at least here in Texas, that football outvotes both politics AND religion.
  7. Trevorum

    Political trends

    OGE, good point. Maybe Facebook has replaced stickers. Makes me wonder what will be the political hula hoop of 2016, and beyond. Tokala, you're right. I remember seeing a LOT of stickers for Paul. Not so much anymore. I guess his grassroots campaign had browned a bit over the summer.
  8. A similar thing happened to my son some years ago while volunteering at a Venturing Crew car wash fund raiser at a WalMart parking lot. His response was along the lines of, "Yeah, I know. That whole thing really blows. But otherwise it's really awesome. So, want your car washed?"
  9. Trevorum

    National Talk Like a Pirate Day

    Arrrr... I actually had an email thread with a client in pirate-speak today. That was a new experience!
  10. Trevorum

    Did not know this eagle scout spoke at the DNC

    Zach is an eloquent speaker and clearly a leader. Regardless of politics, I predict he will go far.
  11. Trevorum

    Federal ID cards

    The only quibble I might have with our friends at Wikipedia is with the 15k BP date for peopling the New World. This is longstanding dogma, but it is now being increasingly questioned by the so-called "pre-Clovis" hypothesis. Some well dated deposits can't be aligned within a 15k year limit. One exciting possibility is that an early wave arrived from Europe, following arctic sea mammals.
  12. Trevorum

    Federal ID cards

    Skeptic, not sure of what you are referring to. Sounds like something which might have been mis-reported in the popular press (the goal of which is to make money, not be accurate) and then later misinterpreted. Archeological evidence of writing varies by location but dates back only a few thousand years. Maybe 10,000 years in the Near East using a very liberal definition of writing. Evidence of human self-awareness is more difficult to identify, but representational art and grave goods, including flowers, dates back a few tens of thousands of years, maybe 50,000. Our species, Homo Sapiens, biologically dates back perhaps 100,000 years. Some anthropologists push this to about 200,000. The DNA research is exciting. Sophisticated tool making dates back a few hundred thousand years. The use of fire may have become common about a million years ago. Paleontological fossils of the earliest humans (not H. Sapiens, but closely related species) date back a few millions of years. The earth was first visited by Xenu about 10,000,000 years ago (or, alternatively, in 1952). Just seeing if you're still paying attention.
  13. Trevorum

    Natural Law

    NJ, I have posted before about the hypothesis in evolutionary anthropology that homosexuality is an adaptive mechanism in human band level hunter gatherers, functioning so as to increase the number of effective hunters providing for the band, without further stressing the carrying capacity by creating more mouths to feed.
  14. Trevorum

    Questions of Sexuality

    I remember that particular thought experiment. And it is no better with Beavah this time .....
  15. Trevorum

    Augusta National Golf Club now admits women

    This thread had me go read about our 15th POTUS, James Buchannan. Did not know much about him (he is rather eclipsed by Lincoln). Fascinating.
  16. BSA's policy very clearly ignores the quality of a persons's character, their dedication to service, and the wishes of the chartering organization, in favor of a checkbox. Very sad.
  17. Basement, you must be an engineer, clearly not a collector. Most of the fun in assembling a collection is the process of actually trading with other Scouters.
  18. Trevorum

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned . . .

    Hahahahahahaha. ... (wipes tear from eye) ...
  19. Trevorum

    Almost fell off my chair

    Having just visited skullsunlimited dot com (a very cool place!), I was very dissappointed to see my targeted was merely for online web design.
  20. Trevorum

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned . . .

    Well, we've done it once and we can do it again. Let's get started, fellows.
  21. Trevorum

    Happy Blasphemy Day

    Oh, and by the way, I don't agree with your premise that Satan is a stupid religious idea. I don't believe in this mythical being of course, but for the record I think that Satan is (or, more accurately perhaps, was) a terrifically good religious idea. Very functional for promoting nice behavior among large groups of people living together who might not be related to each other. The carrot and the stick approach to early law making you know...
  22. Trevorum

    Happy Blasphemy Day

    OK, I'll bite. Yes, I think stupid religious ideas are in fact a special class of stupid ideas. Like it or not, we do give these ideas extra room in our societies (and, I suspect, most societies), not because they are any less stupid, but because they are a special type of stupid. For most types of stupid ideas, most people (not all, sigh) really are willing to change their thinking. Religious ideas on the other hand, whether stupid or inspired (and there are lots of examples of both), come from a fundamentally different way of perceiving the universe and are much less susceptible to normal changes in thinking. That in a nutshell is the essential conflict between religion and empiricism.
  23. Trevorum

    Happy Blasphemy Day

    I knew you would show up pretty soon! The followers of Asatru are quite sincere in their worship of Thor. They are mostly found in Norway and such like, but there are probably here in the US. Maybe even in BSA, I don't know. To be sure, I would not impugn the beliefs of anyone in a sacred setting such as a church, or even a secular setting with particular religious trappings such as a spaghetti dinner hosted by a church. It would be rude to insist upon ones own beliefs in such a setting. At camp, I say grace along with everyone else, out of respect and courtesy. However, I would have no problem standing up in a town meeting and stating and defending any of my beliefs that are different from others, ( e.g., that there is no great demon). I would expect no less of you.
  24. Trevorum

    Happy Blasphemy Day

    Do you mean from Beavah, or the Great Satan Hisself ?