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  1. The timing of this thread is eerily perfect as I'm heading out with our Webelos I den for a campout this weekend. It's going to be cooler (lows in the low- to mid-30s at night), so we'll definitely have the campfire roaring both evenings. As I read the comments from this thread and another thread that Beavah started this week, I started looking around and found some good stuff...I might give Purple Gorilla a try this weekend. I also got the Ray Harriot book, "Stories for Around the Campfire" a year or so ago from my wife...just now opened it up (let the flames commence for me waiting that l
  2. >>How, and why, did you play volleyball in a tent?
  3. Well, we're back, and I'm happy to report that we had 7 boys out there, and 7 came back (not sure if it's the same 7 or not...). It went well - I was dreading the worst, but it went over better than expected. We got out there and started getting everything set up. Some of the parents who had everything set up first helped set up the volleyball tent and got some of the boys out there practicing. After all the tents/equipment were set up, we did a short flag ceremony, and I then introduced the Scout sign/oath/law to them. We had a couple of volunteers (and parents) help out with s
  4. Thanks for all the replies and advice, everyone! I decided to drop the Readyman/First Aid stuff in lieu of a 1.5 mile hike (Tall Timber trail...sounds like a couple of you know of the park). I'm planning on the next campout to be a 2 nighter in Weldon Springs, then Comlara, Wildlife Prairie Park, etc...don't know if we'll get back to Moraine View, so it makes sense to get that hike in there now. When I created the schedule, I was trying to shuffle in the "fun" activities with the "learning" activities so it wouldn't seem like they were in school - doing the hike instead of the first
  5. I think I've planned as much as I can for our Web 1 campout, but I still feel like I'm going to forget everything and have the Earth implode because of it. Any funny/horror stories from your first campout with scouts that you'd like to share? Any advice that you might be willing to impart? Here's my itinerary (which I'm expecting to fall apart about 5 minutes after arriving): FRIDAY, 15 JUNE 4:15 Meet at Elementary School Parking Lot for Inspection/Briefing 4:30 Depart for campground 4:45 Arrive at campground (group camp 2) 4:45-5:30 Set up camp/tents 5:30-7:00 Prepare an
  6. Welcom wrobbel! I'm in the same boat (new Webelos leader), so we won't be going through this alone LOL. The Webelos Leader Guide is still being published and has been updated in the past 2-3 years. I also went to our district's scout store and picked up the BSA fieldbook and the Boy Scout Handbook so I can hopefully learn and then introduce the boys to the ways that they'll see/learn/teach when they cross over. Baloo's Bugle (located at http://usscouts.org/bbugle.asp) looks to have quite a bit of information in there, too. In our pack, I think the biggest problem with the Webelos leve
  7. Hi everyone! The name's Mush, and my older son just finished his Bear year and is starting the Webelos experience. I also have a younger son beginning the Wolf year, so I'll likely be involved for quite a while! I got involved more by accident than anything...along with another parent, I signed up as an assistant Tiger DL under a pretty experienced Leader. Because of a number of issues, the other parent and his son did not continue scouting past the first month. 3 months later, our DL took a new job in another state. Guess who that left as the new DL for a group of 8 first-grader
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