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  1. The misinformation in the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge pamphlet regarding purification of wild water has found its way into the new Handbook. The 12th ed. states on page 267 that water can be made "safe for drinking" by boiling, commercial filters, or treatment with "water treatment tablets," illustrated by iodine and sodium hypochlorite tablets. Had the text merely said "safer," the shortcomings are less. As it is, the information is seriously misleading, even without regard to chemical pollution. Only one filter has been approved by the EPA to remove all biological thr
  2. No argument from me about the centrality of the Outdoor Program to Boy Scouting and Venturing. But Wood Badge is now for Cubbing leaders as well, and the outdoors does not seem as central to Varsity Scouting. In any case, there is an identification here of a void in training that is not being filed by the offerings at Philmont. That need can be filled by Districts and Councils. Some are already addressing the need. We can all be champions for advanced outdoor skills training wherever we are.
  3. "I think it tells a deeper story. One about the direction of BSA. Its away from creating well rounded, confident outdoorsmen and towards creating well rounded, confident managers." "Its not that I'm against WB. Far from it. My perception is that WB is the pinnacle training of an outdoor program, when it does not graduate outdoorsmen." Garn, I looked and looked. I went way back in Scouting literature. Here is what I did NOT find: "On my honor, I will do my best to become a well-rounded outdoorsman, . . . ." "A Scout is: . . . a well-rounded outdoorsman." To state t
  4. Both the second version of Wood Badge and the current version are heavy on modeling the Patrol Method. As noted, the pattern of explain and show, followed by application, is traditional Scouting - at least as old as 1954 from my personal experience. The first example of the "EDGE" approach to teaching in the current course is teaching use of a backpacking stove. That hardly seems like an especially "indoor" or "corporate" topic, unless we're talking about Coleman USA.
  5. "I can only speak of NY's laws, but most states are the same. Handling controlled drugs without being licensed is a class A Misd. and depending on circumstances a felony." Not sure if by "controlled drugs" you mean "controlled substances," "prescription substances," or both. Those who buy drugs prescribed by ther physician possess them without a license. That's millions and millions of folks. So there must be an exception for possessing drugs prescribed to them. Parents who possess drugs prescibed for their children? Is there an exception for parents possessing drugs for the
  6. For purposes of discussion, but with serious intent, what about the Troop meeting once a month and the Patrols every week? Maybe supplemented by a lengthy PLC meeting once a month?
  7. I too have complaints about he quality, substance, and practicality of most BSA syllabii. Times allocated are often barely enough to read through the text and far to short for an "interactive discussion." Aims and Methods in one syllabus manages to never list the three Aims of Scouting, perhaps because only 15 minutes are allocated to the topic. Many sections seem written by folks who simply do not understand the material very well. But why decide the extent to which the Scoutmaster SA Specific Training syllabus supports or weakens the Patrol Method by deliberately ignoring most of the
  8. Frank Clark observed that being among those who don't agree with us is a growth opportunity. If you were not to steadfast in your opposition to so much of what I find satisfying in Scouting, I would not have devoted nearly so much time to thinking about how we agree and disagree -- and why. Rick, you have said, Trustworthy deals with facts that can be verified. That is my reason for participating in public discussions. Yet, you repeatedly quote the website of White Stag (Of whose devotees it is fair to say, "He loves them not.") for a quote from a third party, Larson (equally in bad fl
  9. There is no dispute that the shift away from Scoutcraft from 1972 to 2001 leaves far, far less outdoor skills training than was part of the "official" training sequence under the original course -- or even in the second course. We have IOLS and whatever "intermediate" training finds it's way into Baden-Powell Institute, University of Scouting, or whatever you call annual intermeniate training days in your Council. Worse in my Council, our former SE pushed one-day, indoor IOLS. He's gone, and the pretend IOLS with him. Thsoe who needed training the most got it the least. Because t
  10. Rick ("Kudu") posted: "Trustworthy deals with facts that can be verified. That is my reason for participating in public discussions." . . . "White Stag Wood Badge killed Patrol Leader Training in 1972: Sorry no more position-specific training for Patrol Leaders." The topic is changes in training, and the BSA model for training of Patrol leaders has changed over the years. One thing has remained consistent: training of Patrol Leaders, by that specific position title, has been described as the responsibility of the Scoutmaster in every edition of the Scoutmaster's or Scoutmaster Han
  11. I am engaged in a civilized discussion with individuals at National Council about problems I see with the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge pamphlet and new Handbook. We shall see. Although my last "issue" -- safe dishwashing -- went uncorrected for twenty-four years, I never thought it was the result of a conspiracy. Much less do I claim any credit for the change. I know for a fact, among other factors miliating change, that others also repeatedly pointed out the problem -- and did so without ascribing dishonorable motives. A diatribe is "a bitter, abusive criticism or denunciation."
  12. Kudu posted: "More recently the "Patrol Method" session of Scoutmaster ASM Specific Training: 1) No longer includes ANY mention of a Patrol Leader. 2) Gives an example of the Patrol Method as adults telling random Scouts when it is time to put out the campfire. 3) Strongly emphasises at every mention of the word "Patrol," that the word "Patrol" means exactly the same as "Troop" or any other "group," as in "patrol/troop/group." ALL [sic] Holders of the Wood Badge are grossly incompetent because they see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Course Directors are the wo
  13. $78.00 plus tax seem like a lot for the hardbound version. The regular bound copies came in. They are $9.76 here with our 7.75% sales tax.
  14. "Haven't seen it but heard there are minimal reference to merit badges & EDGE heavy." Page 53 ("Teaching Edge") plus 57 words on p. 59. The Teaching Edge sounds like a new label for fairly classic active learning - making it clear that the Scout learns by application to the end that he can do it himself, independently. And I just noticed that the water purification section (p. 267) is off base. The new Sawyer filter aside, filtering MAY "make water safe for drinking" IF no dangerous vuruses are present. (And the illustration of a filter isn't a filter.) The illustrated sodium
  15. So what do all y'all think about the new 12th Edition Boy Scout Handbook? I like the reorganization of contents by topic. Good mix of text and illustrations. Much better index. I hope the spiral binding holds up. Over $16.00!! Well, pulp paperbacks are pushing $10.00. New chapter on "Leadership," which the Table of Contents puts under "Scoutcraft." Obvious origins in Wood Badge 21/NYLT. WOW! FINALY teaches dishwahing according to generally-accepted health and safety standards. Took what? Twenty-four years. Assumes all pocket knives are stainless stee
  16. "'Because you said that all Wood Badgers, especially Course Directors for some reason, are grossly incompetent for "see[ing] nothing wrong" with YOUR view of the SMST syllabus, that charge awaits proof that: 1) all Wood Badgers know of the supposed language, in context... I can see the weasel wheels turning at top speed already: You can prove ANYTHING through 'context.'" "weasel wheels": Good alliteration, Rick. Rick, there are many "bad" words in the Bible. I feel its almost insulting to say it to an adult, but context is rather inportant, in the Bible and elsewhere.
  17. Rick, The Training Chairman from another district is going to loan me his syllabus. Ours TC is on vacation. I still cannot believe that the language you have quoted does not have a different message in context than that which you attribute to BSA. That is, I honestly can't see National Counsel subverting the concept of Patrols as separate entities with their own activities independent of the troop when National Council puts directly contrary language on the BSA Website, BSHB, and SMHB. or you may be giving sinister intent to mere bungling, of which humans are capable in full measure.
  18. Rick, So you are the only one who has noticed this language and so you make a point of pointing it out to the trainees - probably phrased something like your posts here? And if you are the only one who noticed, all the other trainers are like me - continuting to teach that the patrol has a separate identify and activities, led by the PL? Pardon me, but I see a practical solution to the problem. Stop what you're doing. As for the quote you brush off, I only cited it as relevant to your claim that BSA is teaching the patrol and troop are the same thing. Clearly, BSA is not
  19. Rick, If you are, as you claim, the only person to have read the offending langauge, how is that language damaging the training process? Why are you publicising the offending language? I admit that I have not read the Scoutmaster/SA speficic syllabus in years. I have used my notes. I will get a copy. Pardon me if I suspect there may be a context issue with your claims. For now, the very Heart of Darkness in your world, National Council, says this about the Patrol Method: Patrol Leader "The patrol system is not one method in which Scouting for boys can be carri
  20. Rick (as in Kudu), you are doubtless a fine fellow in many ways. But crying "ad hominem" is not worthy of you. I merely said: "Then we have Kudu, who is not Bill. Kudu supports an alternative youth program and appears here to bash Scouting on the basis of imagined facts - and to denounce all of those who wear the Wood Badge." You are not Bill. You support an alternative youth program, "Traditional Scouting" that YOU make a point of distinguishing form Scouting in the U.S. for generations. Fairly few Traditional Scouting units, though. You appear here primarily to do what
  21. I don't expect to get a vote on what's in the MBP, but when I point out that the advice on water purification is contrary to the advice of the Centers for Disease Control, American Red Cross, USEPA, Wilderness Medical Society, and U.S. military, I expect something other than six years of silence and a new edition with the same errors. And that's only one example. Seems simply unwise. Today, I was supplied with an actual name and email address at National Council. I have sent off an eletter this evening. Time will tell. "Best path to a response is a friendly cup of coffee with your
  22. The draft MBP has been revised (I hope improved) with the input of several here and suggestions from other MB Counselors. Anyone else wishing to give it a look and express your opinions send me your email address. It's now in pdf so much smaller attachment. (Thank you Frank 17.) My letter to National Council suggesting some improvements went out almost two months ago. No response.
  23. In my Counsel, District-level junior leader training was, of course, presented from my getting back into Scouting in 1982 until 2001. I was a Course Director. We used a a national syllabus. In 2001 (the thereabouts), the official "JLOW" syllabus was withdrawn until a new syllabus was to be issued. A new syllabus has been promised several times, but has not been forthcoming. Some of us are not waiting. We continue to offer JLOW using the old syllabus to supplement training of junior leaders at the unit level. Typically, after several generally-applicable sessions, we break out into se
  24. The NH statute gives the department that receives the "reimbursement" the sole discretion to determine liability (negligence) and the amount to be "reimbursed." There is no provision for appeal. The person ordered to pay the reimbursement has a limited time to pay his/her debt to the State. Absent payment, the debtor loses his/her driver's license and any license required to engage in employment and is subject to court action to collect the debt.
  25. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give both of them a try. Five takers thus far.
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