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  1. Great pictures of the BWCA, I actually know both of those staff members, I worked staff at the base last year and this year and I worked with them last year.
  2. To my understanding, scouts aren't supposed to have knives that have a blade over three inches long, and they are supposed to have folding knives.
  3. I agree with eaglescout03. 11 year olds just can't lead other 11 year olds. They lack the leadership skills and experience that are neccessary to lead other scouts.
  4. One of the fundraisers that my troop has done was a car bash at the city fair. We asked a local salvage yard to donate a car (and they did)and we set up a little booth and charged people a buck a hit or five bucks for like 10 hits. If the person hitting knocked a hole in the car or knocked a piece of the car off, they got a free hit and they got to keep the piece if the wanted. Of course, we got an old school American car, so it was kinda hard to put a hole in it, even harder to knock a piece off. And of course saftey would be an issue, so we had to knock out all the glass before anybo
  5. My lodge does a call out. After the person has been called out, they take a couple steps forward run up to some brothers tell them their name, troop number and town, and then that brother announces it. After this information is announced, they run off to a secret location and go through their first ceremony.
  6. By the way, my troop is going to Northern Tier this year.
  7. Good choice going to the Boundry Waters, bad choice going through an outfitter. The only way to go is through Northern Tier. The outfitters don't even give you an emergency radio... how sucky. If anybody reading this plans to go to the Boundry Waters... go through Northern Tier.
  8. You make your troop sing? Isn't that considered cruel and unusual punishment? I personally would rather cut my fingers off with a dull butter knife then listen to my troop sing.
  9. It is your troop just as much as the sm's. If he doesn't like you questioning him, i say, tell him where to stick it.
  10. I feel that you should hold a special election to elect a temp. SPL for summer camp. After camp is over and if your current SPL does decide to take the summer off, just let the temp. SPL take over until your real SPL comes back or until your next election. But thats just me.
  11. I haven't done many applications yet (since I'm only 17), but I don't plan on ever taking Eagle Scout off of them. In fact, I'm planning on getting it on my tombstone. It will say someting along the lines of this: 'Here lies sexy eagle, he was one sexy man.' I'm still working on it a little. Still have a some time before that day comes.
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