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  1. You bet we do. We don't recommend mess kits per se, but a kit of stuff purpose bought and stored in a gallon sized freezer bag. A metal plate; aluminum, stainless or titanium, whichever they can afford, a plastic cup, a metal bowl for boiling water and eating out of, a long handled metal spoon, pot holder and small green scrub pad. Use it for plop camping and hiking. It will last a lifetime, for just a few dollars more.

  2. This sure is a reality check on why those names on the charter are important. One way you can force his hand is by checking into insurance for your gear and trailer. You will soon find out that you can't get it, and your CO is responsible for providing the insurance coverage. In this case, it's your IH/COR. He's on the hook, personally, for any claims. When he discovers this he may change his turn, and help you all find a real Chartered Organization. This is a mess.

  3. We submitted for this two years ago and got it. It takes the place of another similar award. I didn't turn us in for it last year. The requirement to earn one merit badge relating to outdoors per scout is a hurdle when you have 1/3 16 and 17 year olds. I spoke to our UC about this, and he confirmed with National that that requirement is a cumulative count. We camp ten times per year. It's pretty hard to camp more than we do. I don't think this award means anything to our scouts. It didn't take long to fill out the form, so why not.

  4. Little more than two years ago, we had a 15 year old join us on a hiking weekend, he loved it and joined the next week. He was on fire for scouting. He decided then he wanted to make it to Eagle. I and the COR met with him, and laced out the difficult road in front of him. He charged into it. PL and SPL duties he did, summer camp twice, National Jamboree, and 30+ merit badges. He has his Eagle BOR tomorrow night. He's crammed more scouting in 2.5years than some scouts do in 7. Good kid. Proud of him.

  5. LeCastor, I have done that same thing, collect "stuff" and hold it until somebody asks me for it. We write the names on the edge of the handbook as well. As an aside, the quality of these current handbooks is abysmal. By First Class the pages are falling out. We encourage our scouts to keep it in. A zip lock bag with pen and pad. Most do. I've met with this boy twice. He brought a printout of the T-1st Class requirements from MeritBadge dot org. No book. I told him he had to replace his book before we'd start the rebuild process. I asked him about a few of the requirements, and as expected he had clear memory of some and "I can't remember" on others. This is going to be a root canal process, I can see.

  6. Absolutely. I credit WB with saving my troop. We spun off from another unit, and were in the death spiral of losing older scouts and no replacements. By implementing the patrol method, a PLC with authority, we were able to survive, grow, then thrive. It is a great resource, and the people you will meet are assets for future use. Go in with a closed mind, and you'll receive nothing.

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  7. How do you handle this situation: scout loses his book, and expects SM to "just re-sign" everything that the scout says he's completed. We allow older scouts to sign off, and we've no way of knowing for sure what had been earned. We do not record advancement in our troop until a rank or badge is earned. Keeping up with their paperwork and book is their responsibility.

  8. The tents were adequate. Not suitable for backpacking at all, hardly even for car camping. Too big for that. I could see some camps using these for the summer. They fit the cots well. Speaking of cots, they were comfortable, but the slats not terribly sturdy. We had two fail on us, one adult and one youth. The troop cooking gear set up was effective. I could see this for large OA events. Not how my troop cooks though. Not a lot that we could use.

  9. When I added to my comments, it deleted them.... New Balance came out with a 6E boot just before Jambo, a 11.5 EEEEEE is the most comfortable boot I've had since that steel toed work boot from Red Wing. (But surely no hiker boot). Still a tap tight at the widest part, but I'm hoping it will stretch out over time. It sure made Jambo nicer, with the 150+ miles of hiking / walking we did.

  10. There is NO hot water there. The showers are not ambient. Ambient would be 85 degrees. It's more like 58 degrees. Philmont is dry and dusty with low humidity. The Summit is wet, muddy and humid. There is a world of difference between the two. Mark my words, market forces will require hot water in showers.

  11. This has been a great experience. All my scouts have had a wonderful time, even with the changes caused by weather/lightning alerts/rain/mud.... The food has been terrific and bountiful. No complaints here. None! I bought one ice cream cone and one plate of food the entire time. The food is great. I hope they keep this model. The showers have to change. Ambient does not mean 55 degree well water. The lack of hot water will cripple expansion of the SBR. The shooting sports are first class. With 10% of the projected staff needs, they kept it flowing and scouts kept coming back over and over. Great stuff. The trap on the crest of the mountain is terrific. Scuba really took off these last few days. The water sports and obstacle courses were popular. The Garden Ground Trek is hard, but not undoable. It really is uphill both ways. Just remember that I told you so when you hike it. All the volunteers are super folks. And they have put up with a lot; long hours, walking to and from duty stations, cold showers like the rest of us. I've met some really neat folks. And caught up with some old ones. This, to quote one of my scouts, "This is EPIC".

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