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  1. We earned that award last year. I knew it was going to be a challenge this year, for the same reason; having each scout earn one of those badges. WIth some scouts almost done, and a whole scad of new scouts, this is the wrong year to try to push 52 merit badges.


    At the first of the year, I put it to the PLC and told them if they wanted it, they had to go get it.



  2. Why would you not want to use them? They serve a function; they allow the AC to assign a MBC to the scout and

    they notify the SM that Johnny Scout has opened the badge.


    Far from being a pain, my unit finds them quite useful. Our AC can get me a list of all scouts with this or that badge open.


    Scouts need to know who their MBC is, and meet with them, in order to properly work on the requirements. Some requirements require a meeting before work is started (Personal fitness, for one).


    Starting a badge without speaking with the MBC is not a great idea, IMO.


    Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.

  3. Part of your question was answered at Wood Badge. In dealing with change, (that's what you're talking about) there will be people that will move with you, people that will resist and then come around, and some that won't move at all. These get left behind. If your BB's won't move, leave them. Their loss, and your gain.


    The training is there, but as JBlake says, experience is the best teacher. It'll be great if you could find an old scoutmaster to serve as your mentor.


    All of the training that is available out there is good stuff. Take it all, and soak it all up. You'll use what you need to and discard or forget the rest.


    Develop friends in other units. Go to camporees and invite other leaders over for coffee. Pick their brains, find out what they do that works.


    You can change the culture in your unit. Don't give out leadership positions until they are fully trained. Push training. Be an example of why they need to be trained. Recognize those leaders that have taken the time and expense to get trained.(This message has been edited by second class)

  4. " But the idea is "splitting" an existing troop is a bad one. "


    This is not always the case. In our case, we had the CO's approval to start a unit, however our Youth Minister (and Eagle scout) didn't want us to raid other troops for start up scouts. Having a large unit split up gave us the initial boys to start our troop, and gave us a couple of years to get our act together and start a recruiting program.


    We are nearly double the size of the troop we came from. It can work, and is not always a bad thing.

  5. Good luck. Being the scoutmaster, and having a son in leadership in the troop, get ready for the rotten tomatoes and the calls of unfairness. It just happens.


    These two scouts have known each other for a long time. As you've implied, there is a lack of mutual respect between them.

    Have either been to NYLT? Some here would disagree as to its value, but they introduce the concept of Servant Leadership in the course.


    If you could speak to these two scouts, Scoutmaster to Scout leader, you could challenge them to push their feelings about each other aside, and work for the good of the troop. This would include being polite and respectful to the SPL. They have to lead by example. If you son can't or won't do that, he may not be ready to be SPL. You reap what you sow.


    The leadership style of the SPL is another matter alltogether, separate and apart from these two not working together.


    He might need some one on one mentoring lessons from you or a ASM.





  6. So I pulled out the JTE sheet and decided to do a quick run through. With low estimates on each line I was unsure of, our number was 1,650. Gold. With a little research effort, I'm pretty sure we could get into the high 2,000's.


    Might be a good tool for some, and I'm sure it is. But for us, not so much.


    I'll turn it in, regardlesss.

  7. Yes, Frank, that's exactly right.


    For the SCOUT to define what he will do. This way when Johnny Scout's mom comes to me to find out why he didn't get credit, I can show him HIS handwriting about what HE chose to do, Or not.


  8. The new guide to advancement says it pretty well: to earn the time served, the scout must DO SOMETHING.


    So I've asked each scout in a POR to get with their ASPL and define what they will do during their tenure. That's what they will be held to. I'm afraid some won't meet what they have written down.

  9. Raisenrigth, the scouts that age out should not be counted against you. Somebody didn't read the form right.


    I'm all for goal setting; I do it every year for myself, for my troop and for my family.


    A high performing troop struggles to "improve", given the way JTE is structured.

  10. My troop is in a similar position. We don't have a feeder pack. Two and three years ago we got zero new interested adults.

    This year however, we,have a group of what looks like 5 or 6 strong, young, interested dads. With the new Quality Unit penalizing troops for "untrained" ASM's (notwithstanding they may be an Eagle scout),

    we've taken the approach of get trained then get the patch. (allowing national to nudge us in their desired direction.). We will lose a few dads that won't get trained, and that will be too bad.


    New parents often see the jump to Boy Scouts as their out where they can dump and run. We tell prospective members that we need and want their involvement, and any interested parent will have a job if they want one.


    I have one new great dad that was a scout. He has been cracking on his son pretty good, because he wants him to do right and be a good scout. He reminds me of myself and my son. We had a chance to talk, and I told him a few stories of me and my son in scouts. I suggested he back off, and not correct his son unless it was "life and limb" situation. Let other uniformed adults do the correction.


    We have a functional PLC and this is a great vehicle to show the new dads that it can work. They need to learn to respect that, and let the scouts run the program. Not to say a gentle reminder isn't needed now and then.


    So perhaps you should identify the dads you see being a good ASM or SM, and go put your hand on them. Tell them they are needed, lay out the training requirements, and invite them to join you. Ask them what their goal is. Some want to be an ASM, a CM, and few want to be a SM. Find that guy and mentor him.

    You know there is a bus out there with your name on it. LOL


    Maybe you should reconsider stiff arming crossover parents. Move them into a committee position (low stress) and keep them involved, so you can identify the ones that "get it" and work with them.

  11. The fact that GOLD is the highest award instead if SILVER tells me that the corporate designers of this Quality Unit Award aren't scouters and never were scouts.


    Making GOLD the highest dumps 100 years of history... They responded to my letter that GOLD is easier to understand. (Forget teachable moments).


    My unit scored in the low 2800's last year. With a troop that has added 15 new scouts and camps 10 times a year, it is going to be difficult to "improve" on these metrics. This entire form is designed for small troops that camp twice a year, ran by one guy and his wife.


    Very discouraging. JMO


    And changing the name every three years is getting old, too. Rant off.


  12. "The only downside is that our Scout HQ doesnt have a TV licence, so its ilegal to use the Tv to watch lve broadcasts, which is why a sign has been placed on the back wrming users that thye will be liable for any fine for licence evasion if caught by a TV detector van/enforcement team"


    Is this how you keep the scouts away from the TV? That's a good one. How do you like your snipe cooked? :)


  13. After discussing it for three years, my troop finally dropped the hammer on an Epson projector. We've used it for IOLS, popcorn kickoff, and will be using it for our movie/game night in a few months. It was about $550.00. Expensive, but we're using it, and it is useful. And fun, too.

    We won't be taking it on next months backpack trip, and we didn't take it on last months 10 mile hike. :)

  14. This medical form issue has always been an ordeal for us. As stated, BCBS around here only allows one physical per year. Our families have been getting jammed up over time, to where now we get a huge number the week before camp. A real pain.


    My COR found us the "get out of jail free" card. There is a sentence in the guide that say "the medical form is good for the entire month it is signed/dated. This means the forms signed last June are good tip the end of June next year.


    I'll find the document number and post it.


    (Note: this isn't it, but explains the thought behind it.)



    Q. What is meant by Annual and valid for 12 calendar months?

    A. If you completed your record on March 9, 2012, it will be valid through March 31, 2013, but you must complete a new Annual Health and Medical Record by April 1, 2013. Please note that the next national Scout jamboree in 2013 will have a specific window when the record must be submitted.

    (This message has been edited by Second class)

  15. My troop is at least 1/3 home schooled scouts. The behavior you describe is not, in my opinion, related to his schooling. It's related to his raising!


    As a group, the home schoolers I've seen usually have these attributes:

    1) Proper manners at all times. Yes, sir. No, sir.

    2) Behavior and speach 2-4 years advanced for their age.

    3) Smart and well read. They HAVE read the book! (the handbook)

    4) Self motivated (not all, but most)

    5) able to stake out a campsite on Friday morning, ahead of the masses!!!

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