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  1. Tomorrows' response is ~~hardly~~ persecution. Here's the quote he responded to:


    "May I ask a stupid question? What good is the jamboree, and why does anyone go?


    I would not know. I have been involved in scouting since the 1960's, and I have never been to one, and from what I have seen and read about them, I have no idea why anyone else goes to what is apparently a huge bore-fest when they could just go backpacking instead."


    What is most interesting to me is everyone who has been to a Jamboree has positive comments about it. Yes, it's expensive. Name one activity, done at a high level, that is NOT expensive.


    As for the quote above-I'd say that's some skill to get that much negativity in such a small space.



  2. Some Scouters take WB where IMHO it shouldn't be, near cult like. That's the elitism you mentioned I think.

    You have a good idea-hammer on your vision and what it can do for your unit. I look at my ticket every year and try to see how I can better live up to my vision.


    It can be an intense experience. If you go in with an open mind, and go for the right reason, you can't help but be successful and have a good time.

  3. Eamonn, you raise some good points, and some of the same issues I've seen. I am the guy that does the JTE paperwork. In all its tediousness. The unit is penalized for untrained leaders.


    I've been coping with a few untrained leaders, and wondering how to deal with it. I can't force them to take training. But what I can do is keep new parents as Scout Parents until such time as they get the required training to be an ASM or CM.


    If they want to wear the uniform, get trained, and we'll oblige.


    I wonder what the % is of scouters that stay in the program after their son/s leave? That would be an interesting factoid.

  4. Don't discount that your scouts will be looking to how you handle this inequitable situation. If this kid gets his way (dads way) it can have corrosive effect on the morale of your boys. They will continue to do what they will do to advance, but they will be disappointed in you for not doing what a leader should do.

    Which is to be fair and administer justice.



  5. Speak to the owner of the business. He's they guy you have to please.

    And he's the guy who decides who sets up outside.

    I'd not prostrat myself for an honest mistake.

    Apologize, which you have, and move on.


    I find the behavior you describe remarkable.


    Does he act like this all the time? What a bad example for scout leaders. His COR and CC might like to know about that.

  6. A few questions and comments. Just because the dad signed off the book means nothing. NOTHING. Did a leader sign the book, or an authorized appointee sign the book? Did he ask for and have a scoutmaster conferences? Did he pass his Tenderfoot Second Class, First Class, Star and Life Boards of review? Is that paperwork propery filed with National? What about all those merit badges for Star?


    Let dad buy an Eagle badge and show him the door.

    Been there, but nothing as extreme as this.

    Hate to say it, but this is making a case for restricted merchandise.



    Callooh! Callay!, I didnt read any prejudice in stating a fact that the boy (scout?) is home schooled. Half my troop is home schooled, and they are all good scouts.

    (This message has been edited by Second class)

  7. That's how it works in most areas that I'm familiar with. My District had some dedicated volunteers work literally for years on the District merit badge councilor book.


    I signed up for a bunch. In three years the book was published, I got ZERO calls from non-troop related scouts. ZERO.


    Had a conference with a MBC last night. The marching orders are No More, No Less. He had turned a scout down for sloppy, lick and a promise effort. He told me that the scouts dad told him that was the best thing he could have done, because approving sloppy work would have proven to the dads son that scouts was a joke and merit badges were free.

  8. Having been through the trauma of changing troops, I'd fully concur in this case, that should be the last option. (And trauma is NOT to strong a word).


    Moving him to another troop would take him from the group of friends he knows, and places him in a group of total strangers. What motivation would THEY have to encourage your son to go on the next campout, or hike, or whatever.


    The club your son is in probably meets 1/2 the year, and then not every week. He may find that when the planning for an event he's interested in happens, that meeting isn't so critical now.


    Let him do the talking at the troop meeting, when he announces he'll be stepping back for a while. It isn't the end of the world, and doesn't have to be the end of the Eagle Trail.

  9. Bart,

    Please expand on HS-03.


    To what program areas does this apply? To what events? Summer camp?


    Dealing with masses of medical forms is a time consuming pain. If I could wave a wand and tell parents their kid had to be responsible for holding onto and delivering his medical form on demand would make my life easier. It would cost me half the troop, too, I expect.


    Then there is the minor point of not having access to the scouts medical form while in transit, accident, etc.

    Need some more info.


    "I know a lot of Republicans who don't want to put bumper stickers on their car, because they are afraid of vandalism"


    Having had the bed door of my truck kicked in last go round, yes, I don't use bumper stickers.

    I was parked the the local university, so it being a random event, nah, not so much.


  11. Lisabob, this scouts issues are not personality related but a matter of a serious lapse of ethics issue. That was the "problem" I wanted him to square with this Scoutmaster; his Scoutmaster told me he was not going to sign his Eagle project; I didn't want to be put in that position. Having boys change troops then ask for a BOR is bad enough!


    Advancement lady, changing troops for a reason such fine. We had a scout change for the same reason. It's always good to shop around for troops to see what program they offer and if it "fits" for you.

  12. I think it's past time to have a face to face with this woman.



    You and your son obviosly have needs and requirements that this pack can't and hasn't met, so we find it best to release your son to you to find the suitable pack. Your records are at the scout office ready for you to pick up and take to your new unit. Good day and good luck. Goodby.


    That would work.(This message has been edited by Second class)

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