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  1. And in 2037 Soc. Sec. will still be taking in sufficient revenue to pay 70-75% of it's obligations, assuming the payrol tax stays the same and current methods of calculating annual increases stay the same. This is easily fixed simply by reducing the rate of annual increase and lifting the cap on earnings the payroll tax applies to which is currently at around $106K/yr. The combination of both of these with a slight increase in the retirement age is more than enough to keep Soc. Sec. funded, assuming the Govt. doesn't default on it's debt to Soc. Sec. Why a simple solution can't be done
  2. The Bush Tax cuts were proposed at a time when initially we were running a surplus and they were supposed to be temporary. Even so, at the time they were described as "irresponsible" by such noted big government liberals as John McCain, Warren Rudman and David Stockman. Short of a complete overhaul of the tax system, we can only hope the federal government remains this disfunctional when they are set to expire again and they are allowed to finally expire and some sort of fiscal sanity returns. I'm not holding my breath. Instead of the 1% maybe we should focus on the 536. SA
  3. This particular tax cut was a political move on the part of Democrats. It virtually erased any line between social security and the general fund. It also gave the bulk of the tax cut to those making less than $106K/year. Not defending it per se. But it did have the effect of putting more money in working people's pockets compared to a capital gains tax cut or even an income tax cut. But now the curtain has been pulled back and revealed, as all should have known, the social security IOUs are a general obligation of the US Government and need to be paid for out of the general tax fund.
  4. Pack, Your making the asumption that social "conservatives" and political "conservatives" are the same, when in fact they are not. True polical conservatives, would agree with the article and argue that unless there is a compelling interest of the government, the government should stay out of peoples private lives. As one Libertarian bumper sticker puts it, "Deliver the mail, defend our shores and otherwise stay the (mythical place) our of my life!" Social "conservatives" that expect the government to take an expanded role in regulating individual morality and limiting individua
  5. Somewhere, sometime there was probably an Eamon that said the same thing about the telephone. If they have something to say, why don't they just write me a letter. Way back when someone probably said something about the written word, why do they write it down? If they have something to say I'm right here they can tell me.
  6. Thank SP. Although as a recreational cruising sailor I agree with Pack. I'd rather not encourage the use of these machines on the water, but if they're going to do it should be done right. I'd rather this approach be applied to a sail training program than PWC's. I could envision a program that would involve three days of on the water instruction in 25 - 30 foot sailboats, capped by an overnight cruise on their own. Not too much different than what many charter companies do. Hmm, maybe I just described my own retirement gig. SA
  7. My wife is a teaching asst. at a Montesorri school. So far everything that has been said is pretty much right on the money. There overall philosophy is to teach independence. She was a TA in the pre-school and admitted one of the tougher things she had to do was to sit back and let the 3 year olds dress themselves before they went outside for recess. As a mom she was used to making sure her little ones were properly dressed before they went out incuding all the buttons and zippers, boots etc. In the Montesorri system these kids were expected to be able to do these things themselves after
  8. "Just for openers, what would you do if you were ten miles from your Scout Camp on a mile wide waterway and your PWC swamped and would no longer start or run? Suppose you are passing a rocky shore when the engine quits and you are being blown onto the rocks? By the way, it's starting to get dark and the wind is now kicking up white caps. Suddenly you are cold with incipient hypothermia and FEAR. Your teeth are chattering." This is why the program would need to be set up responsibly. This shouldn't happen if the program is run in accordance with the application. Note: No unsuper
  9. I'm reminded of the thread on movies appropriate for scouts. The film Master and Commander was recommended, particularly the scene where the captain had asked the young, one-armed midshipman, age around 13 - 14, to stay on the ship and not accompany the boarding party. The young lad was quite dissappointed until the captain explained he wanted the young mid-shipman to take command of the ship while the other officers were involved with the boarding party. Today we tend to coddle our youngsters and then complain they don't seem ready to take on the rigors of college, life or whatever. P
  10. Sure if we're going to compare ourselves to other countries for examples of economic mismanagement or economic growth, why not China? Where they have enjoyed some of the fastest economic growth and increases in the standards of living over the last decade. Where the government owns the means of production and centrally manages the economy. Wait that sounds like ...socialism. SA
  11. "as a governor from Taxachusetts he doesn't appeal to the anti-tax crowd, " Just BTW, this simply is not true. Relative to personal income Massachussetts ranks in the lower tier of states with respect to state and local taxes. http://www.newgeography.com/content/00754-local-and-state-tax-burden-maps SA
  12. Well when one tribe's stated No. 1 goal is to defeat the other tribe's candidate in the next election, some of those things move down the priority list. That's part of the answer to Lisa's initial question. For many Republicans it's more important to defeat Obama than to support a candidate that more closely reflects their values. SA
  13. Along those same lines, I think Mitt Romney would be an effective President. He's a proven executive that makes very pragmatic decisions. He's not an idealoge, but in terms of a moral compass, I don't think there is anything the guy wouldn't say if he thought it would help him get elected. I think he recently admitted though that he had a beer once and smoked a cigarette in his rebellious youth. In Massachusetts we went from Governor Romney, father of Romneycare, inspiration for Obamacare, to Governor Deval Patrick, Obama clone,(although I think Patrick is a better chief exec). If you
  14. "Essentially, our esteemed colleagues in H&S appear to have wholesale adopted da Department of Labor regulations for under-age workers into the scouting guidelines." Well now I'm aware of a rule so I stand corrected. SA
  15. I think the myth originates with labor laws in many states that prohibit employees below a certain age, in many cases 16, from using power tools in their job. Consequently it becomes a rule at many BSA camps, that youth staff can't use power tools. Scout volunteers are not employees and there is no legal or BSA rule that prohibits youth from using power tools, with the exception of chain saws, that I'm aware of. That said, power tools can be dangerous if used improperly, and anyone, youth or adult, should have intruction on how to use tools safely. Heck on a family farm it'
  16. Agree with Beav. Unless he's legally documented to live here I wouldn't submit an application for him. The helpful, courtious and kind thing to do would be, as Beav notes, to help him through the process to be able to stay here legally with his family. If his wife and son are citizens, unless he's on a watch list, or committed a crime, he should be able to get resident status. He just needs to go through the proper channels. SA
  17. "What laws were broken?" While banks claim to be victims in many mortgage fraud cases, in many others banks knowingly lent money on properties they knew or never bothered to check if they were worth the collateral stated to people they knew or never bothered to check if they could pay back the loan. Then package the mortages to sell to others as "mortgaged backed" securities and then never passed the mortgage note on to those they sold the loand to. Basically the system was rigged so banks could make not just risky loans, but loans they knew would never be paid so they could sell them to ot
  18. "why Obama makes a pretty big deal of rich people, why hasn't he said anything about these guys?" And that is the $3 Trillion question. I will happily vote for the Republican candidate that will aggessively pursue criminal charges against bank executives for their part in the massive mortgage fraud that signigicantly contributed to the financial meltdown that required the kind of bailouts initiated by the Bush Administration. However right now the only candidate collecting more $$ from Wall Street than Obama is Mitt Romney. One this front, I really don't expect much to change
  19. Just Curious if anyone has seen this campaign and other's thoughts. http://www.atlantabsa.org/openrosters/DocDownload.aspx?orgkey=1454&id=97452 SA
  20. I think a lot of folks are projecting or being told what the OWS crowd is for or against. Much of that is thier own fault because they havn't done a good job of communicating a specific message. SA
  21. Listened to a short reponse Barney Frank had on the OWS crowd. I can't quote it but to paraphrase it went something like; My colleagues in government could care less who or how many people campout some place and wave signs. They care about people that show up and vote. Until the OWS folks get that, they are excess noise. SA
  22. "Where is the anti-war crowd that drummed against Bush? Why aren't they drumming against the perpetuity of these wars when the current POTUS promised to get us out of them?" They're out there and having about as much success as they did when Bush decided to invade Iraq. SA
  23. "I do wonder, sometimes, with the way things are changing for other denominations, how those denominations reconcile the conflict. " Let's face it, most CO's just are not that involved with the program. Our own CO, is a welcoming Methodist church that includes gay members as well as gay married couples. I don't know what they would do if someone made a specific issue with respect to BSA's membership policies. In fact, out of some 30 scouts I think only one is an actual member of the Methodist Church. Most of our scouts are Catholic. I am aware of one local protestant congregatio
  24. "and UUA fellowships CAN charter units which follow THEIR beliefs." Not to mention various protestant groups that have determined the moral characteristics acceptable for their own leadership. SA
  25. I know we're beginning to mix threads here but I can't figure why China would import coal when they have large coal deposits of their own. Granted it's pretty dirty coal but then maybe that's why the Chinese are investing heavily into wind turbine production and solar cell production, which by the way is the major reason the domestic solar cell manufacturer's have gone belly up. It may have been a bad investment in the US, but the Chinese seem to think it's a good investment. At the rate we're going we'll be the ones riding bicycles in the smog with surgical masks. SA
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