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  1. I can understand the sentiment of not celibrating death. But I agree with OGE. This more than anything demonstrates US resolve. Should an ObL wannabee consider future actions against the US, they should know full well they will be found, no matter how long it takes and what the consequences will be. Would have been nice if he could have been taken alive. I would have loved to been able to broadcast to the world ObL shuffling in chains, wearing an orange jumpsuit in front of US justice, civilian or military. But I certainly don't feel sad at his death. SA
  2. Suggest some folks check the date on the news story that broke the Barry S. story. April 1, 2009. SA http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/occidental.asp
  3. I have to put my faith in the so called, "Republican Dirty Tricksters" or whatever they are called these days. If there was a shred of made up evidence that Obama was not a legitamate candidate, I have to believe there would be a movie about it. Websites don't count. And that doesn't even give credit to the Clintons, who I have no doubt would have put the issue to the courts if they could have during the primaries. SA
  4. "Apparently, you have to be a little bit weird to win in Minnesota, and I wonder in what way Pawlenty meets that standard. " Would one also apply that standard to Rep. Bachman as well? Another one who didn't make the list. SA
  5. "Major spending reform is going to involve a grand compromise involving both political parties in which both defense cuts and entitlement reform will play their part. Democrats can't cut entitlements by themselves and Republicans are as likely to cut military spending. Together they can impose compromises on each other. That will probably include tax increases as well. " LOL. And what on what planet or alternate reality is any of the above likely to happen? I have to admit I'm with Pack. No one in government has gotten the "wake up call". The two major parties have had ample
  6. OGE, At this point the answer to all those questions seems to be, " Anybody other than Khadaffi." SA
  7. Sherm, I chew the fat with a lot of the construction trades in my business. Many of them grew up in Southie. (See "The Departed" ) They're generally good hardworking guys, but they would feel right at home with Pack's neighbor in SC that flies the Star and Bars in his front yard. To paraphrase GWB, they don't do nuance. Reminds me. Happy St. Pat's Day All. Off to the pub for a pint. SA
  8. "The Wisconsin Republicans have stirred up a hornet's nest, and that may be a political mistake." You can say that again, Scott Brown in Massachusetts was largely elected because of white, blue collar, predominantly union guys voting for him instead of the classic Massachusetts "elite" liberal. Without those votes he doesn't get re-elected. Prior to this, he'd be a shoe-in for re-election. This definately tips the scales a bit and put's that senate seat back up for grabs, depending on who the Dems would nominate. Saw the same thing happen back when Reagan fired all the air traffic con
  9. "Second, public service is not the place to become wealthy. " Agree with that 100%, which is why I don't think public employees should be vilified if other folks don't feel like their getting their fair share. "It is not the place of the government (i.e., the voter) to force the taxpayer to grant you what you failed to achieve on your own. " Agree with this as well. If you feel your not getting your fair share based on your efforts, doesn't mean you should take back the promises you made to public employees when you hired them. They signed on based on the market rate at t
  10. A Tea Party member, a Wall Street Banker and a Public Union employee walk into a coffee shop for coffee and share a dozed cookies. The Banker takes 11 and tells the Tea Party member to watch it, the Public Union worker wants a piece of his cookie. Virtually all wealth created in the last decade has been accumulated by those in the top 10% income. 70% of that wealth has been accumulated by the top 1%. In the mean time, middle class taxpayers, bicker with middle class public servants for scraps. Public emplyee unions are not the problem. Anyone that they are, probably also believes
  11. Fret not all. The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations have the same rights as people. I have no doubt they'll soon rule individuals will not be allowed to freely associate and bargain collectively. All workers will be evaluated individually by an all knowing and scrupulously fair and subjective supervisor/or manager. SA
  12. '72 Chevy Vega hatchback. 4 cylinder, aluminum block engine, 4 speed stick. Great on gas, but burned a quart of oil every 1K miles or so by the time I got rid of it. For car guys and non car folks, if you want a laugh check out Top Gear on BBC America some time. My kids turned my on to this show and it's a riot. My wife even likes it. SA
  13. Or f. It would work, Obama would take credit and get re-elected. The problem with the deficit commission plan is that it was too non-partisan. Too many sacred cows gored from both of the major parties of special interests. SA
  14. Mubarak must have read Beavah's post. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110211/ap_on_re_mi_ea/ml_egypt SA
  15. Unless congress extends the debt limit the issue will come forward in a manner of weeks. Even a partial shut down of government payments could result in the kind of rating change on US debt Beavah describes causing the house of cards to come down. SA
  16. "That's built in to da law when the fictional trust fund runs out." Keep in mind, when the trust fund runs out,(and that assumes the government makes good on all it's IOUs) if left as is Soc. Security will still be collecting 13% of the national payroll. This will be enought to pay some 70 - 75% of promised benifits. Small changes, like eliminating the cap on earnings as suggested, combined with limiting future increases to some fraction of the CPI and/or raising the retirement age would be enough to put Soc. Sec. back in the black for the foreseeable future. It's not rocket science.
  17. "replaced with worthless IOUs." Well they are IOUs, backed by the US government. If one has no faith the government will pay back its bonds, don't let the Chinese know or anyone else that invests in savings bonds, or US treasury notes. Borrowed money is the only thing keeping the govt afloat these days. Back in the early 90's when Soc. Sec. was racking up large surpluses Democrat Patrick Moynihan suggested that the payroll tax be sigificantly reduced to avoid the surpluses and help boost the economy. President Bush pretty muched nixed that idea because it would have made the defi
  18. I think what interesting about the Tunisian uprising is that it seems to have truely bubbled up from the grass roots, similar to what we saw in Eastern Europe in the early 80's. It is not the same as the Iranian revolution where Islamists took advantage of the situation to sieze power and impose their own theocracy. And yes, seems like both parties have made their share of foreign policy blunders. If only they would at least learn from their own and each others mistakes. SA
  19. "The idea of President Palin, et al, scares the bejeezus out of liberals. " So true, but the idea of Presidential candidate Palin makes them smile. Head to head virtually every pole shows Obama beating Palin by double digits. Granted, it's still early and anything could happen. SA
  20. "start bar coding every child at birth" Except those of illegal immigrants. Only true citizens should get the bar codes. SA
  21. Lest anyone think this phenomenon is limited to the south or rural areas I can say I've seen an increase in traffic enforcement here in New England and in the urban areas of Cambridge and Boston. I have no illusions that a sudden interest by local law enforcement in public safety is the prime motivator for this activity. SA
  22. " Basic fireworks in states where they're legal (wouldn't yeh like to make sure kids learn to handle such things safely, since we know they're goin' to use 'em?) " Well that could be said about alot of things. What's wrong with "Just say no". But generally I agree with what others are saying. SA
  23. John, Given the current status of DADT, whats preventing the gay troop member that's currently in the infantry and not telling from reacting with more hormones than brains now? While I'm sure the response from an unwanted advance would be the same, given that gays are currently in the military, just not openly serving, why would one expect an increase in unwanted advances with open service allowed? SA
  24. I notice the list of moochers doesn't include bankers borrowing money from the Federal Reserve at near zero interest rates and lending it out to the US Government at 3 and 4% and giving themselves 7 figure bonuses for their incredible financial wizardry. Wonder how many big screen TVs, yachts, vacation houses etc. they own. Oh but maybe their OK. Don't see the wealthy that park assets in offshore accounts to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Wonder what they own. Don't see the politicians and "public" servants that game the system to double dip and increase their pensions wh
  25. Yes there are the moochers out there. But with an unemployment rate of nearly 10% there are millions of productive individuals out there that would jump at the chance to do productive work if it were available. I've seen good families who have done the right things pull their kids from college because they have lost their job through no fault of their own. Others are wondering day to day, week to week if they will be able to stay in the house they've lived in for the last 10 years. Are they starving in the streets? No, but these families are hurting. Sure had they been able to see into t
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