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  1. Shooting marbles is a good cheap way to have fun for info go to marbles.net all you need is a 4' by 4' piece of commercial carpet draw a 42 inch circle in the center of the circle put thirteen marbles in the shape of a [X] the two players take turns shooting to knock marbles out of the ring who gets seven marbles out first wins or whoever is ahead after seven innings.When a player shoots and misses his turn is over if he knocks a marble out and his shooter goes out his turn is over but if he knocks a marble out and his shooter stays in he continues to shoot. if you are interested and need m
  2. If you have time look at Gauley Bridge topix Whipkeys leaving Gauley Bridge police department, the Charleston Gazette has a couple of stories Gauley Bridge Speed trap, and Steve Korris-Statehouse Bureau Prosecutor feels like bull in bullfight before Justices. This town of 750 people issue more speeding tickets than any other city or town in WV. This might save a little money
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