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  1. Council should follow National. National has actually said they prefer that Scouts not raise funds through fundraising, and some Councils say you must raise funds through fundraising. Makes no sense. My oldest son solicited funds through the beneficiary organization where he raised all money that way. There was a change in leadership at the beneficiary organization and when my youngest had a project approved by the same org, they said he would have to raise money differently. I really don't see why Go Fund Me is any different than soliciting checks from people. Actually provides be
  2. I have a Troop that is going on its third year of existence. That said, we got the boys involved in our local OA Chapter in the second year, and they wouldn't miss a meeting or especially a fellowship. Maybe from reading the posts, it appears that there is a lot of difference in the quality of the OA experience. Our Lodge is big, well led by the youth, and advised well. When I compare my youth experience in OA to the one my son is receiving, I see a lot more opportunity for leadership and participation on the part of him as a 14 year old than I had (it seemed as if the very senior boys and
  3. Won't hunt anymore because of the few crazies who ruin it. My dad and I were out hunting deer years ago, and I was always taught to wait until you had a CLEAR shot on an animal. By clear, meaning see the entire animal, not just a head. From about 150 yards, saw brown, white and antlers. I was lined up and waiting and then heard a "dont shoot". Turns out another hunter was had dressed up his wife with a brown jacket, white scarf and a set of antlers. No orange. Was supposedly trying to be a decoy for deer. Go figure. That was the end of that...
  4. At our local Council's summer camp, the new Scout program is known as the Green Bar Bill program. The shelter in which it is taught is known in that way as well. And by the way, none other than Dr. Goodman is buried within 30 miles of here and was an honorary member of our Lodge (#200) in his later years.
  5. It should be fun, and yes it can be overdone. I live in the South and was given a Yankee interpreter patch by the boys in my Troop (I'm from Boston) and I wear it proudly!
  6. I find that the reviews here for summer camp are about the only ones out there that are current. Here's my review of CBS in Rutherfordton, NC. We took 43 boys and 9 adults last week. Arrived early on Saturday as we came from FLA. Camp staff was very accomodating with the early arrival. PLUS Camp itself is beautiful. Really pretty and very well maintained Shooting sports and COPE extremely well run Waterfront staff very well run Dining hall very accomodating to our kids with food allergies and our vegetarians Equipment for camp in good repair and well maintained
  7. Had a weird situation at summer camp last year. Leaders guide said to have boys give the medications to the SM and that they would be brought to the medical lodge for distribution each day. When we brought them to the medical officer, he told us that they needed to be distributed by the adult leadership (only exception he made was a medication that needed temperature control). I discussed with camp director who said that it was the adult leadership's responsibility to make sure the kids took their medication. This didn't feel right to me, as parents had been told that this would be handled
  8. Hello All: Came across this, looks like it could be a good resource. Certainly active enough. Been a Scouter for 6 years, 4 as a Webelos leader, now 2 in a Troop I jointly founded last year. OA Brotherhood member (twice, long story) and very active. Am really looking for information on anyone who has been to Camp Bud Schiele. Have one point of reference from a few years ago, and we are going there next summer, but am hoping that we have made the right choice. Not a lot of information coming out of them at this point (maybe early, but last year, had a lot more information from our ca
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