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  1. Could the ceremony in question possibly been the Pre-Ordeal ceremony? That ceremony is open to all to witness.
  2. Boy Scouts (Arrowmen) are giving service to our nation at this very moment with Arrow Corps 5. This is the largest service project by boy scouts since World War II. I participated at the Mark Twain National Forest location from June 7 - 14th. The work we did was very well received by the U.S. Forest Service.
  3. AnaMaria, inside the back cover of the annual requirements book is a listing that shows the most up to date publish date year for all merit badge books. I think that this is what you are asking. There are not individual rank books.
  4. Amangi Mizin, Life membership in the Order of the Arrow is prohibited per the Guide for Officers and Advisers, page 21.
  5. hops scout, What is a sticky slope situation? Is that the opposite of a slippery slope situation?
  6. Ummmm, Who owns the gym? Does that private owner have the right to do what they want with that gym? Is this any of our business?
  7. Oak Tree, if a youth is a registered member of the troop then he has a right to vote in the election. If a troop is worried about new scouts not knowing the people on the ballot then the troop should schedule the election in January of later in the year.
  8. Voltaire said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." It sounds as though that Mr. O'Reilly believes the exact opposite.
  9. My DE advised me that the rebate will have the best chance of achieving the desired economic stimulus if I write a check for the full amount to the FOS campaign.
  10. I would pick Pete Rose. I do not care for his personality and his lack of integrity. He was a big part of one of the best teams in baseball, the Big Red Machine. If Joe Jackson had a lifetime ban from baseball and if he is no longer alive then why is he still banned from consideration from the hall of fame? BrentAllen, I too am a highpower shooter, master and long range master. I agree with your analogy to conversations in the pits!
  11. If you want the best red jac-shirt that is 100% wool and has extra pockets to but your hands in and has the BSA patch already sewn on the left chest pocket then go here: http://www.bemidjiwoolenmills.com/details.php?id=voyscout (This message has been edited by Region 7 Voyageur)(This message has been edited by Region 7 Voyageur)
  12. Tonight I had a scout show up that had not been at a troop meeting for 6 months. I could see a look of apprehension on his face as I approached to greet him. He looked relieved when all I said was "It is great to see you again". As he left the meeting tonight he gave me the thumbs up sign. I came home tonight after the troop meeting and I decided to unwind by reading the Scouter Forums. It was good to see an scouter here that I have not seen in a few years. Welcome back Bob White!
  13. There is some weird stuff going on here. On November 24th someone called TRUTH2 posted an identical post as TRUTH2 posted here on December 8th. Here is a link to the other post: http://forums.floridatoday.com/viewtopic.php?t=60058&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=30&sid=bded6d984950202b77a48def1b5dc3d0 So who is TRUTH2 talking to? The posters at Florida Today or us here at Scouter.com?
  14. #20 George Meaney AFL-CIO Award Blue knot on a split red/white background.
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