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  1. Thanks to everyone who has responded. This is a young scout (I call him Bill) who transferred from a troop that folded. There were MANY problems with the other troop (I know because my son was with that troop for about a year). Due to the fact that Bill was in the other troop for approx 2.5 years and there was poor if any record keeping, we allowed the scouts (mostly the parents) to tell us what they had completed with the prior troop. This was not taken lightly and a lecture was given about scouts being trustworthy. Of all the scouts that came from the other troop (they joined in approx
  2. We have a scout that forged an Eagle Required MB so that he could be advanced to the next rank. During his Life BOR and after much discussion he finally confessed. I need suggestions of how to handle this situation.
  3. OK but the following inforatmion was taken directly from the Jamboree web site. Representatives of 25 Countries Attend Jamboree The BSA's International Division extended an invitation to attend the 2005 National Scout Jamboree to all national Scout associations that are members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. Associations from 25 countries responded to the invitation and sent more than 180 Scouts and 50 leaders to Fort A.P. Hill.
  4. 9 A)Attend a World Jamboree. Could you not count National Jamboree for 9 B) Take part in an international event in your area since there were scouts from around the world there. If my memory is correct there was even an international day.
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied. I am not sure how this discussion has turned into worthiness of Eagle, however let me say that it is highly unlikely that he will ever earn it. My intension was to get advice about what I should do as a Scouter. I am taking nldscout advice and writing a letter of NON-Recommendation. Here is why! After he was identified, his ASM, mother, and I went with the police to discuss the matter. At that time I was leaning toward just letting him pay me back, and not have him charged. I know people make mistakes. His just happened to be a felony. I didnt want to jeop
  6. OK, let me give a little more information. He has appeared in court where he pled guilty. He was given 200 hours community service (the judge actually said I want blood, sweat, tears), none of which could be used for scouts, restitution to myself, no participation in scouts until Jan 31 when he must appear in court again when the case was deferred I think was the word they used. He has yet to appear in court of the theft. The evidence shows; him on surveillance tape using the card(s) and he made a sworn statement to the police admitting guilt. His troop knows about the incident as well as
  7. Yes, he was identified by an ASM in his home troop. Because he stole the cards in one county and used them in another he has multiple court appearance. His charges were: Felony Larceny, Felony Possession of Stolen Goods, and 2 counts of Financial Transaction Fraud. The DE is also aware of this as I reported it to him the day the boy was identified and subsequently charged. Nldscout thanks for your reply. Bob White I was only asking for guidance I guess I didnt come across that way. My son and I have been registered Scout/Scouter for less than two years and I was only wondering if like
  8. While attending a Scout function at a local Boy Scout Camp, my debit and credit cards were stolen. Through some diligent work on my part, I had the scout identified from surveillance tape, using my card, then called the police. At the time this scout was the SPL and close to Eagle. This boy is still in scouts. WHY? What part of the scout law has he not broken? I know the BSA is supposed to lead and guide boys into adulthood, but are we supposed to rehabilitate felons? If my son would have done this I would have been so embarrassed I would have removed him myself.
  9. Couldn't edit my previous message. I ment to say... He is extremely picky and wants his uniform to be perfect.
  10. My son joined Cub Scouts on September 1 2003. He crossed over to Boy Scouts on May 31, 2004. How would he correctly calculate the service star(s). Please note that being prior service I have been very picky with him about his uniform, my efforts in training him have been very successful. He is not extremely picky and wants his uniform to be perfect. He wants to be an example for the other youth in his Troop. Thanks for your help.
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