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  1. My oldest boy will have his eagle ceremony in Feb. and I'm looking for some good gift ideas--RM
  2. hunting, down hill skiing, natural science, fire dept, shooting sports,amateur radio, building and racing cars,4-wheeling, ice fishing and geology
  3. no one wants to get hurt-- accidents happen, no one plans to have an accident(unless they want to collect from thier ins. co.)--A LITTLE HUMOR--- they say hind sight is 20/20 they can look back and say they should have done this instead -- in a split second, something happens and you end up with a life long memory of regret or guilt.My good friend walked through a cloud of smoke fighting a strucure on a roof, fell 20ft to the ground (striking me on the way down) he broke his neck recovered months later--hind sight said never walk upright through smoke , we train on that reg. --a laps of common
  4. I started in cub scouts the same way-- the pack ran smoothly the way they wanted it to-- I found it lacking structure and direction, the cubmaster had all the support he needed, I met a friend that had a boy in boyscouts went to his adult meeting and was told about roundtable, I went, asked questions and started to suggest ideas to the pack committee-- things didn't happen fast and even flatly refused some stuff-- a chage in the members and cubmaster helped-- the out come to this is -- ever year it got better , yes I became part of the committee and ACM I'm still active with the pack as unit
  5. I just started reading regularly and gathering enough courage to reply a few times, and I hope to add knowledgeable comments -- Bob Whites reply is great -- our pack draws only from vary small area but we have a vary large % in cubs -- a good program ,trained active leaders, good draw at join scout night and activities to keep them happy-- If I had 500 kids to recruit from I wouldn't know what to do? Thanks for the good question -- I'm always impressed with all the great replies RM
  6. Pack checks are a must-- we go over the lists a week before, a practice run--no guarantees-- things get changed and they forget to replace the items--- all I can say is be prepared -- I bring some extra stuff with us just in case -- I don't tell the others ,I want them to be accountable -- but if somthing comes up, a nice pair of dry socks sure puts a smile on their face( priceless) RM
  7. BAH-HUMBUG Just use a plastic target bag,(you can't see through it) put your card and a bow on and presto your done --- RM
  8. I'm glad to see the scouts use the computer and using the worksheets, I beleive it gives the boys a format and a way to start the MB-- I find that if they use the book even if it's older most of the answers are still found in it( yes it is best to use the most current one)and the older books have better hands on stuff. I'm from a small troop, and I hold 7 MB topics (I have not been asked from another troop for help)I hear from some of our scouts that many times when they ask outside, that the MB counselor does not want to help if the boys are not from that troop or they just don't have the tim
  9. Our troop count the nights that we camp outside we don't cabin camp much-- it's about sending quality time with your troop RM
  10. Well it's still active in our council-- we receive the application with our recharter packet-- BSA #33690a -- It's called "our camping log" it lists all the awards for total days and nights of camping for the year---- ( unit, bronze, silver,and gold awards and lists all the #s to order the ribbons/ patches)call your council office--- RM
  11. Pat: You might want to talk to your DE, your commissonor or council bookstore
  12. In my high school I had several classes with a boy that made eagle and deaf -- he was several grades older-- and to this day I still remember his name Brain Sanders-- If he reads this I hope he replies-RM
  13. It's not to surprising how often scouting enters our lives -- enjoy the moment -- RM
  14. The troop should be commited, provide a good program and opportunity for the boys to work on rank advancements (at all of the camp outs) we use a jr. scout master and a ASM that watch over progerss -- we would like to see the boys get to first class that year -- but some take longer -- fun needs to happen along the way-- RM
  15. 26 years on the city fire/rescue department and a state cert. building official-- I'm on the councils camp crew for repairs ect.I'm afriad I'm left out of alot of the building projects because of code issuses -- who wants a sagging deck or roof on the gate lodge? RM
  16. As a MB counselor I have had boys that rec'd a partial card from another counselor that has retired or from a camp counselor that went back to school--if the scout calls me and explains what is needed (and of course if I'm approved MB counselor)I will set up a time to review his MB requirements and work with this scout and a buddy to complete his MB-- RM
  17. I would like to help out here but I'm not well read on the BSA -- DHS issue--help me out on that--I have 26yrs with the city's Fire/Rescue and Ispections Dept.Can you be more specific in your question on settig up a SAR team -- does the troop members make up this team, do you want to help as a volunteer group in a city EP plan, or who to contact to volunteer-- (SAR Team -- you can run into a lot of legal issues like liablity)
  18. Your troop had a boy that caused so much trouble at summer camp that every class leader that this boy had wanted to talk with me, they told me that they did not want him unless an adult came with-- ( a long week)-- this happens most of the times we camp out and in the troop meetings-- so to keep him in the troop we wanted one of his parents to come with him-- his parents didn't want to do this. It got to the point that other parents wanted to take their boys to another troop-- his parents didn't want to make the commitment
  19. Turkey today feathers tomarrow -- hope not!!!
  20. We go once a month except in August it's what we do sense I joined -- next year I will change this -- besides going every monthfor the weekend we take our feeder webelo dens out for a weekend -- other times we help out district and council events, long term camp (7 days 6 nights)sounds like about normal after reading the other entries
  21. Most metal once dented has been streched making repairing difficult (alum.) is the worst-- don't freeze it -- your may ruin it!
  22. not allowed to bring on any camp out-- the boys know this an so does the parants-- if found at camp we take it away and they get it back when mom or dad picks them up once we get back-- I guess the scouts thinks it's kind of a game to see if they get caught
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