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  1. VentureRobb

    Light Box

    This answer came from one of our past forums that I just came across so I take no credit I just wanted to help Robb One troop has a big 3 by 4 ft box with stained glass copy of the eagle badge. Then there is a light bulb behind each section of the badge and they turn each on as they describe the meaning of each part of the badge. Another posted: We have an oversized Eagle medal replica about 4-ft. tall that we hang center stage behind the Eagle Scouts chair. Then we have a set of 4 large flora delis candle holders that we use for a Scout Law ceremony. The Eagle was made by taking a clipart image of the Eagle medal enlarging it a little and printing it on a sheet of transparency film. then it was put on an overhead projector and projected onto a half sheet of 1/4 inch plywood and traced. We asked an art student at the local high school to paint it for us. She got a grade we got a great Eagle. She painted the Eagle and the banner with the knot. Then a parent sewed the ribbon section. The ring connecting the ribbon and Eagle was cut from plywood as well. I cut out the shape and traced it onto 1/4 plywood squares 12in X 12in. Then I used a band saw to cut out the shapes. A rectangular block of wood about 2in X 2in and 7 inches long with 3 holes drilled into it to receive candles was glued and nailed to the back. Then a simple base was attached and the whole thing sanded primed and then spray painted metallic gold. Attach a short length of 1 1/2 PVC pipe (with a cap on the top end) to the back of the banner. It can then be slid over a post in a flag stand. The candle holders I made. I took a scout emblem from the Internet blew it up to 10 3/4 inches tall, and printed it out on heavy paper stock. We use red, white and blue candles in them.
  2. VentureRobb

    Present for my wife

    Thank you Trevorum for the link and I do have some patches to trade unfutunutly I do not have 50 CSP to trade there are other patch from both council and Killbuck district events I also did figure for the time thing my anniversery is not till Oct so I will be working hard on this till then YIS Robb
  3. VentureRobb

    Present for my wife

    Hello My name is Robert McNeely and I was hoping you could help me out. My wife is a DE here in the Buckeye Council in Ohio and is a serious Patch person so I thought for our Anniversary I would like to get her a patch from each of the 50 states.If you have an extra patch or council strip that you could send me I would be grateful.If this is possible for you please E-mail me at rtmjam@highstream.net Thank you for your time Robert McNeely
  4. VentureRobb

    " translation from 'tongues' "

    where did all the clean silverwear go Translation DO the dishes your mother called Traslation she will not be visiting again
  5. VentureRobb

    BSA Trademark symbol use

    sorry fotoscout but this story is very true I don't know why but we are going to need to pay for this stuff and wait for national to approve our request (I wouldn't hold my breath on the 90 days)The best bet would be to plan on twice that because we all know the wheels turn very slow in this org.
  6. VentureRobb

    BSA Trademark symbol use

    This is what I was saying in my thread copyright rules about the venuring logo I'm willing to bet this has to do with the truck commercal that has been talked about before and while no BSA logos were used in the commercal they did come very close to stepping on BSA toes with the picture of the boy in uniform. I'm betting soon all Scouters will have a problem with trademarks
  7. VentureRobb

    copyright rules???

    The patch company will not print the logo without permission from national and my DE called Texas on this matter that is when I found out it would take 6 mos for all the companys to get the paperwork done.
  8. VentureRobb

    copyright rules???

    Thank you all for your advice on this matter and I understand where you guys are coming from but my situation is all patch companys do not have permition to use the logo. I have been infomed that this will take about 6 mos to correct.This is a new situation that most people do not know about.this also goes for t shirts also
  9. VentureRobb

    Parade death stuns Scouts, school

    I am sure the scout leader is beating himself up enough about what happened do we really need to quote the g2ss to beat him up more. this is a tragity and I pray for everyone involed including scouts,leaders and family of this scout and we should all think of real life situations that are out of our control before we just jump up and start reading to people from the holy g2ss it would probably help us all out.
  10. VentureRobb

    copyright rules???

    I am a little upset right now and I need to vent a little so please bear with me and please give me some thoughts on what you would do in this situation. I am chairing our Klondike derby with a venturing theme and yesterday I found out that we can not use the ventuing logo on the patches due to copyright rules. Now we have one week to do a patch for a venture themed event without using the venturing logo. How is it that a Venture crew can not use the venturing logo on something as simple as a patch. We decided to use venturing as the theme to get the program more notice now our main bit of advertisement per say has been taken away with 1 week till patches are due. Thank you for letting me vent a little and look forward to opions on this matter
  11. VentureRobb

    Smoking Scout

    I smoke away from the youth even though I'm sure they know I smoke because I don't want to advertise it if they don't see me they might not think of it. Most times they don't even know when I do it due to them doing activitys.
  12. VentureRobb

    Venturing numbers

    I've heard alot of cub scout and boy scouts talk about sceduing conflicts with there boys all I can say is try being a venture leader. My crew has 8 members registered of them 6 are in OA and 2 have aged out of scouts right into venturing (as a side note if you are a SM with boys about to age out please have them meet with a venturing leader in your district)but during the summer we had to take a break due to summer camp (OA needed to be there each week)and with football we could get 2-4 at meetings I have had campouts with 2 crew members now we went and had a great time with those 2 and 3 leaders.I know of a crew who had to put off a campout due to 2 crew members getting married and the whole crew went. I just don't know how to get these numbers up and more consitent. there is just so much in these young adults lives.any sugestions would be great.
  13. VentureRobb

    Smoking Scout

    thanks Eamonn I also was a bit insulted by the alcohol statement and adults smoking was not even the question I just wandered about a venturer smoking.
  14. VentureRobb

    Forum Upgrade??

    I kind of like this set up why must everything be instant in this world let's slow down and hear the scout storys
  15. VentureRobb

    Smoking Scout

    thanks for the replies I just don't see how to tell the youth not to smoke when several adults at all camp outs smoke.