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  1. hmmmm, didn't I mention this in post #8 in this thread.



    I will only offer guidance if the spl asks, we train them and they go at their position. Some succeed and some fail. We mentor along the way....The PLC critics the success and failures.........


    The first cycle was horrible, it was a popularity contest........The boys learned very quickly, that billy can spin a story but can't plan a campout or event. It stressed some of the boys friendships, but it was a growing experience.


    This all gets confused by adults trying to jam their scout into positions needed for advancement.


    Initially it is a lot more work than just doing it myself.


    Asking the questions when needed, but trying not to do too much for them.......


    A balance I struggle with every event, outing and meeting.




    So another scout mom with an son who isn't motivated, popular, skill or fill in the blank..........is worried her scout will never fulfill the POR for his rank advancement......


    My best advice is patience and back off.....it will come if her scout really wants it.

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  2. I ranted more than a bit.


    So a scoutmaster tells a boy he will never be an eagle in his troop because he lacks the skills



    So the OP is looking to educate/extract revenge or some other agenda.



    I am currently dealing with a Cub parent who has called the council office, the CC and even the minister trying to get me removed because his son isn't advancing and I run a horrible program....


    It is so horrible that it has grown from 12 to 40 boys in two years.

  3. As SM we deal with unmotivated boys.


    I am repeatedly being confronted by a former Cub leader regarding his boy that is in our Troop.


    Lad is a bully, undermines youth leadership, is our troop sex expert and freely shares knowledge with anyone who will ask, He swears like a sailor and has been implicated in several thefts that have occurred in our unit.


    I have with held my recommendation when he recently asked for it to staff a council day camp and told him very specifically why. Which he failed to relay to dad and I had to explain to him why and then be called a liar by cub parent.



    Honestly I am tired of being beat up by parents because their scouts are not advancing quick enough for their liking. I have asked him on a couple of occasions for his next ranks SMC, he is apparently too busy for, Parent says I need to force him to do it.



    So some suggestion on how to deal with this parent.

  4. If the Scoutmaster looked the young man in the eye and said, YOU are a paper scout and will never earn eagle in my troop, then yes he is out of line.


    Now, If he let the young man work his way through the program, He failed to meet expectations as a patrol leader, despite having been trained and mentored, If he was not active in the program.


    I have a scout that has yet to build a fire, he cannot tie a square knot when asked, He is currently failing as PL and is being recalled by his patrol tonight.


    What am I supposed to do with him?


    He was a patrol leader for 3 months, a dictator and bossy lad, he is being removed by his patrol for his effort tonight.


    A couple of lad had came to the SPL complaining and he asked me for advice what to do.........Well a bit of research, they can recall him just like we do in our goverment. So a recall election this week and next week a new election.


    Yes there will be drama, hurt feelings. But Big pants could have been dealt with old school and got his butt thrashed behind the CO.


    I am planning on asking the lad for a moment of his time after he is removed by the patrol membership. SMC


    So, what happened tonight?

    Why do you think it happened?

    Why do you think the patrol reacted the way they did?

    How do you think you may have been a better leader?



  5. Not everyone said he needs to politic.


    I think begging, asking or pleading for votes is very contrary for what the OA is supposed to stand for.



    This lad and more to the point his mom is all about check marks. Well he has earned all of the merit badges but one for eagle, he had gone to the jamboree, he spends an extra week at summer camp.



    So he will do what most boys do in the OA.......Sash and Dash, line complete check mark

  6. awwweee you didn't like my post.



    So I reread your posts all of them.....


    So your boy is 4 years into the troop, he has every merit badge but one to get his eagle, he attended Jamboree.


    He will help anyone do anything when he is asked.



    That is the problem. At 4 years into the troop a lad should know how the troop operates, especially one that has attended all of the outings but one and most of the meeting.


    So As SM my expectation of a 4 year scout is understanding how we setup our camp, how we tear down our camp and how the stuff gets loaded into the van.


    So if your scout is standing around waiting to be asked, sure the boys are mad at him for not pulling his weight.



    Far as the boys making speeches before the vote....why would you do that????? A flowery speech isn't gonna change a bad scout to a good scout....A statement of fact, some of the worst scouts I have met could BS the pope out of his rosary. Serves no purpose in my book.

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  7. Just say No Alex,


    Unless I missed something........


    So your promoting yourself to enter an organization whose base principle is Selfless service?????????



    If I caught a boy lobbying for votes I would immediately remove his name from the ballot.........



    .If your that unsure about getting elected, then I guess you shouldn't have hid in the outhouse during camp tear down, or put a way the dishes dirty, or failed to get the grub right......




  8. Shakin my head here.....


    Just as I said in the other thread a mom pushing her cub scout to the front of the line.


    You using the excuse of schools, my boys come from 4 different middle schools and two different high schools....so your argument isn't valid




    If he was the only one on the ballot and still not elected you have to ask why? I have had a solo scout not get 100% of the vote but still have enough to get in....


    Remove the mom glasses an look at your son honestly...........He has really made some boys angry to not elect him when he is the only choice. Or could he be a wimp, slacker, no skill, book smart no practical skills, brown nose, bully or Low Drag high speed Eagle sort. Bottom line is I think your view of your son is jaded.


    No idea how the election was held, did OA reps come in and hold the election or did the troop leadership. How was it presented???? National Honor Society for scouting???? Maybe his peers don't view him as a high quality of scout.




    As Scoutmaster, before I recommend a lad for election I will hold an SMC with him and ask him if he is interested and if he is going to commit more than a Sash and Dash to the OA. The OA is about more than just a lodge Flap.




    Your not gonna listen, but you really need to butt out of the troop. you have no business meddling in position of responsibility or troop OA elections.

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  9. I know Barry.


    The stuff I read here and over at Bryan.............Just makes my blood boil.


    The boy doesn't know the skill he doesn't get it signed off......just that simple. The boy didn't have enough fore thought or interest to volunteer for a POR or get elected......Well no Eagle for you.


    Ya I was a little hard on new scout mom.......but she pushed a button after facing her evil twin here locally.....who know she could be that very same mom........


    The BSA and scouting has a serious public image problem right now, from the gay debacle to untrained unskilled ill mannered scouters ruining our reputation in the outdoors and begging for hand outs from the community.


    Being in scouting does not entitle you to ask or beg for handouts.


  10. I am hoping that this sort of thing will return the BSA to it's roots. Without huge financial donations the kingdom we call the BSA cannot exist.



    I look at the summit and think how we have lost our way. A weekend of camping for $200. or a jamboree for multiple thousands of dollars. High dollar trips.....



    I hope someday we will return to Lem's scouting and hope that as corporate America bows to the pressure of social media and vocal minority we will see it happen.

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