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  1. As a new scout leader, I loved going to round table and getting snubbed by the Latin American Generals. I get they are catching up with their buds, but at least acknowledge the new guy.


    I agree with 90.


    Sometimes roundtable conflicts with life. I have missed the last year because of conflicts with my personal life. Honestly I can't say that I missed it.

  2. Yes this a rant. No Apologies.


    The old Troop Christmas party is this weekend, A night of bowling, movies, Pizza and such.


    Well the PLC planned it, and when the cost was announced, the Parents threw a fit. $30 for an overnight?


    Well bowling for a couple of hours with shoes $15,


    Movie with small popcorn and beverage $10, friday night midnight showing.


    Pizza and beverage at the Church $5


    Seems the era of scouting discounts and freebees is over. The boys asked and I followed up with the business owners/managers.


    I am already picking up the gas for the church vans, which always seem to be empty when we pick them up. So $100 in fuel out of my pocket.



    So one of the parents suggested and got support from the rest of the parents that the Scoutmaster, as a christmas gift to the boys, should pick up the tab for the christmas party. Let me see $30 per boy 40 boys is $1200 plus gas for the vans $1300. I cannot afford, nor do I spend that much on gifts for my family.



    So in an Email to the troop parents I asked if anyone of them could afford to Spend $1200 on Christmas gifts for people who are not family members. With the wife losing her job and some personal health issues I cannot do it. I was told the email was out of line and I was a rude and cruel person.


    The event is still on, the PLC has the option of continuing with the current plan, modifying it or simply canceling the event. I don't care one way or the other.




    Sick of entitled parents and the belief that the troop and scoutmaster have a bottomless pit of money. Can you say I am ready to be done with it. you bet your @55

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  3. Yep you can do your own thing using the tools google provides for free.


    The cost is the time invested to figure out how to make it work for you.


    Google drive provides all the spreadsheets, documents, you need to run a unit


    Google site or groups provides the website and google plus is the social media connection.


    gmail for group emails.


    $100 a year for Troopwebshost is a bargain over spending hours developing your own program.

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  4. Honestly the boys don't need recognized for every single thing they do.


    If you want to recognize them for the flag ceremony at the city council. Show the video at the pack meeting. They will love that more than a silly little patch that will never get sewn on anything.


    To me it is just another added expense and extra work tracking.

  5. That goes both ways Fred.


    I have had Atheist parents spoiling for a fight make it an issue, Just as I have had Bible thumping parents try to make Atheism an issue.



    But I caution, short cutting requirements as you are setting the stage for the future.




    So how can you complete the requirement that says you need to believe in a higher power of some sort when the definition is you dont believe in a higher power.



  6. Since this post and it being revived we have had 2 more DE's


    A fellow who did nothing and could not speak in public and was horribly timid and could not look you in the eye when speaking to him.....he was fired last summer.


    Now we have a young gal......Looks good so far. She has delivered on what has been asked and can look you in the eye when speaking to you. She will be promoted and we will be stuck with the second string again.

  7. What do the boys think?



    It is one thing to produce and play in a puppet play of your own creation, it is something else entirely to sit and be forced to watch one.



    The boys sit all day in school and told to be quite, not wiggle or fiddle around. The best pack meeting I ever had as CM were active ones, with dancing, singing and games ohhhh the games......minute to win it ones are the best.



    Matt man is sort of right, but WE need to remember that fun is different based on the age. Ages and Stages remember that one?

  8. Oh it is not a waste of money For those working the check list instead of the journey, it is the height of efficiency.


    A while ago on Bryan on scouting there was a link posted to a private website about getting your scout to eagle. It was absolutely tore to shreds by those who understand the program and praised by mom's looking for the short cuts. These sorts of camps, merit badge days and mock eagle board of reviews were all hailed as solid solutions. The traditionalist, saw and explained the flaws. The best part I believe it was a woodbadge ticket item



    So how do you want your eagle candidate? With very practiced schooled answers? or answering honestly and spontaneously from the heart?


    if you said practiced schooled answers, what are you afraid of? If you have any doubt then your BOY doesn't need to wear the patch.



    The link was taken down and the names of the authors removed within about 8 hours of being posted.


    I said it before and will say it again.



    Eagle is worthless as a measure of a boy or the quality of his scouting experience. Too many adults, either well meaning or otherwise involved in the program to make it anything but objective.

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  9. You guys are lucky to have a nice tidy clean law abiding parent pool to draw you ASM's from


    I cannot tell you how many adult apps I have handed out only to never see scout or parent again because the community I serve have criminal records.


    My understanding as explained to me by my DE is the only two disqualifiers are Violence and Sex crimes. the rest is up to the tolerance of the CO.


    So two of my three ASM's have had some run in's with the law at some point in their life. One losing a drivers license for a period of time. Both were approved by the council.




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  10. Scout activities are to be tobacco-free if Scouts are present..

    As for the double-entendre stuff, part of growing up is learning "appropriate" behavior. Not everyone grows up. Those that do not grow up need counseling. "Appropriate" is a social judgment. A Scout troop is not the neighborhood bar.[/font][/color]




    So does your merit badge day and summer camp have designated smoking areas????? How about that smoker dad on the campout?


    Smoking is still very acceptable based on your region.


    No point in arguing it. Right or wrong the local intermediate school has a designated smoking area for the students.

  11. I agree with blake.......100%



    This purely a short cut too eagle and a money making venture for your council.


    Sean have you actually read the merit badge program literature????? I invite you to do so.








    If you read the material, there is much more than simply working a check list. Time management, association with adults, on and on.



    If the merit badge has become nothing more than a check list or hurdle to be jumped. I feel pity for your scouts. It is an adventure and chalk full of new and interesting experiences.

  12. geezus blake fricken relax.


    I don't see anywhere in my musing that the SPL and PL are in trouble or getting heat for anything?????


    You statements are completely full of hot air. Puff your chest all ya want but it doesn't solve the issue and if you truly have a boy led and run troop this stuff will happen.


    So the boys arrive at camp friday night and get ready for cracker barrel and realize they have no food. Exactly what happens.


    The grubmaster goes to the PL with the "I forgot the food story". The brainstorm, point fingers a bit and then the PL realizes he needs help and goes to the SPL, That is what is supposed to happen, RIGHT? The SPL works the Problem and comes to the conclusion it is problably beyond something he can deal with so he comes to the SM with the issue. Chain of command right?????



    Or do you discourage your PL from going to the SPL or ASPL and asking for help when he needs it? Not how my unit works. the PL runs his patrol, if something is beyond his skill, knowledge or means to deal with he goes to the ASPL and the process repeats and if no resolution to the SPL and it repeats again.....The SM is the final stop.




    I am guessing that the grubmaster and assistant will go to town and get food for the campout.





    Again this was not my troop forgetting food. But simply a discusion of what if.


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  13. Everything above is heresay unless the police were involved and charges filed.


    I would give the other troops SM a call and let him know what you have first hand knowledge of and that is all. You may repeat what you have heard but make it very clear that you do not have first hand knowledge of it and should be taken by him with suspision.


    The boys safety is all of our responsibilities



    DUI's are not disqualifiers to being a scouting volunteer.

  14. Don't know? up to the SPL. He handles everything he can and when something is beyond his ability he approaches the SM, that is how it is supposed to work.


    I am not the Tyrant or Iron fisted scoutmaster, the boys have no problem approaching me to borrow gear or ask questions, heck more scouting takes place in my backyard than the CO any week. If the SPL failed I am sure one of the other boys would go over his head and come to me with it.


    I have never had a patrol forget food either.

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  15. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf


    section 7 is I think what he is refering too.



    But participating in a 5k is not a violation.



    I think scoutnut is reaching here......How is paying the Kiwianis $10 a head to run in their race any different than paying bobs canoe livery to rent canoes?


    You are not soliciting others for donations to the 5k, you are paying participants.


    I see no difference.

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